Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great graphics of Beautiful Bodies.

This is just a quickie post to talk a little about some of the gorgeous art I'm seeing bouncing around at the moment.

Seriously - I LOVE amazing illustrations of Plus Size Women (hence my post about Eva Hannah a while back) and there's amazing talent for it out there... I like the images with boobs and hips and thighs and bums - because they're images I can relate to and smile at - because they feel familiar. Just a couple of my recent favourites include a couple of Georgina's recent images over at Cupcakes Clothes and pretty much everything over at Definatalie.

Meanwhile, Remi Ray, the owner over at Trapped In A Skinny World - sent me a T-Shirt with her amazing branding on it! Again - I loved the image and the vintage feel of the graphic - I had to share!

Me standing in sunlight, wearing a Trapped In a Skinny World top. I am fat and awesome. The top is beautifully illustrated.


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