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Evans Change Room Post... February 2012.

So. While I was in Evans recently I did a change room stack and have a lovely post for you. I must say, I do continue to lament the fact that Evans insists on dual sizing. I didn't identify myself as a blogger (naughty) but asked one of the girls in Evans about the sizing and she told me that when the woman came in to discuss their new "shape strategy" they were informed that ALL garments that could be dual sized (mostly outfits made with stretch) would be dual sized from now on.


Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Leaf Print Dress

This is a LOVELY dress. It has a little stretch in it, thanks to the Viscose fabric and the feel of it is pretty lovely. The back ties help create shape and the three quarter sleeves will appeal to many. I loved this and I would say - at a size 18/20 it is a great fit for my body.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Leaf Print Dress
But not for my arm.

This lovely dress, for me, is where dual sizing falls down. You see, this dress is lovely and you can see the shape on my body that it is the right size bracket for me... If I was to go UP to the 22/24 (which I wouldn't have an issue with), the lovely shape and fit would disappear. Some of you may suggest stretching through the arm issue and waiting for the fabric to fit in this 18/20, but I don't feel I should be paying to stretch clothes. I just shouldn't. At the end of the day, this is a great dress, I really like it and recommend you give it a go; the shape is nice and as I mentioned - the back ties can cater to your body... But I couldn't buy this, not with my arm feeling so squished. 


Evans Abstract Print Tunic - £35

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Abstract Print Tunic Top

This is another fabulous tunic. I like the print,  I like the cut and again - it gives a great shape that I think would work on many different body types. The self-tie back is such a simple feature, but, like the above dress, makes this very accessible. I also think this print works really nicely and I kind of love how the patterning has a blatant lack of symmetry. I have this on in a size 20 but please note, dual sizing kicks in from a size 22/24.

This has been an ultra popular item, with only limited sizes available online.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Woven Print Stripe Top

I like this. In my picture, I am wearing a size 18 and found it a little baggy, so if you want a tighter fit, think about sizing down (this is not dual sized). The front of this top is striped while the back is simple black jersey. In fact - this whole top is simple but nice. I like the colours as well as the position of the print - I think the larger black stripes work well across my bust. Great top, slight sizing issue for me - but popular with lots of women. If you want it - GET IT! x.

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Pink Ribbed Pocket Top

I've popped this jumper on with my black shorts. This is a classic style piece that you could wear long or fold under, so it sits up on your waist. This jumper, in a size 18/20, comfortably covers the top of my bum and feels comfortable through the bust, sleeve and back. If I'm honest - this is a little plain for my taste - but I liked the 3/4 sleeves and found the fabric comfortable (non scratchy). I think Evans does basic knitwear simply, but well, and this is another good example of that.

Now. I don't know what happened next, but instinctively - I seemed to move toward all things stone. Seriously. Look:

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone Diamond Quilted Jacket

I love this. The photo does not do it justice, but seriously - it is great. I put it on and felt comfortable - immediately. I like the texture and the weight of it. This is a really lovely jacket that will see many women through Winter into Spring really comfortably. This is NOT a Winter Warmth Coat - rather something light that will look after you on cooler days, as the weather heats up. I thought this might come in small across my breasts, so have tried this in a 22. A 20 would've been fine. For those of you NOT a fan of lighter colours - this also comes in Navy. I am very tempted by this one!

Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone V Neck Knitted Top

This kind of took me by surprise. It's a wee bit scratchy, but I put it on and really liked it. You can see a sneak of my bra through the fabric, so some people may prefer to wear this with a cami underneath. I think the dual sizing is completely dodgy (I have an 18/20 on and feel an 18 or 16 would have been better as the 14/16 wasn't right either), but I like it. I only picked this up out of curiosity (it looked bland, on the hangar), but something about it made me think, "Yeah..." when I put it on. If the sizing had been right - I would've been well chuffed. But no...


Boombands Change Room Post. I am wearing: Evans Stone Cross Stitch Biker Jacket

YES. That's it. YES.

Many of you comment when I wear a Biker Jacket I bought from Evans two seasons ago (which I bought in purple and black)... This is a look Evans nails. 

I've tried this Jacket zipped up for my blog post, but it would also look great, half way done, or not at all. I picked up a 20 and it looks great. Unbelieveable. It comes in black as well. To anyone who compliments me when I wear my Biker Jacket - this is a very similar style. I love this, it is single sizing to a 24 and then dual acros 26/28 and 30/32.

I can not emphasise enough how much I love this jacket.

So that's it. An Evans round up. Last time I went into Evans and looked at the Collection pieces I was pretty impressed (The Autumn Collection is mostly on sale right now, both online & instore). Just like last time, I'm again liking quite a bit of what I'm seeing instore. I do think that the sizing remains an issue although find relief in the fact that some items (BIKER JACKET YO!), remain straight forward.

Evans is currently doing £10 off a £50 spend when you buy items from the Current Spring Collection.


And Finally... This weekend, I am off to Plus London Two

We'll start Saturday at the Anna Scholz Studios looking at her new collection pieces (meanwhile, Anna's sale is amazing and is STILL ON!!! - if you ever wanted an Anna Scholz bargain NOW is the time!). Before enjoying a lovely night chatting about blogging, fashion and meeting with plus magazines and different brands. I have a feeling it will be a great night (thank you Claire for organising it) and will report in next week.

Big loves for a lovely weekend!

Em. x.

PS - Thanks for letting me SWAMP you with posts this week! x.


  1. Great post Emma! We love the striped top and biker jacket on you. You may find an Evans treat in the Plus London Two goody bag :)

  2. Was very naughty and bought 3 pieces from the Anna Scholz sale. Was tempted to buy the 60s looking circle dress--and that prom dress! But showed some restraint. LOVE LOVE that biker jacket! Oooo and the stripes too!

  3. I'm too keen on Evans lately but the jacket is lovely. You really suit biker jackets, I wish they still sold the purple one though. The stripey top and the 1st dress are lovely, but I wish they hadn't gone back to the dual sizing.
    Can't wait to see your posts after Plus London Two x

  4. why do Evans insist on this dual sizing thing. It gets my goat and just seems lazy to me 'hey we'll cover two sizes in one item and save money'. Grr. I love the first dress on you and the stripey top really 'pops' out. Good finds.
    See you at PlusLondon2. xXx

  5. what a bummer about the arms! I loved that first dress on you!

    Can't wait to see your piccys from London 2!

  6. Hey there Em, love the biker jacket thats really me , not sure about the rest with the exception of the abstract print tunic.
    Lucky you getting to go to the Evans and Anna Scholz sounds amazing x


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