Monday, 20 February 2012

Before and After.

Boombands Em. Before and After morning makeup application.

So. One of you wrote to me and asked about my makeup application. 
It was a lovely email, actually, which really complimented my skin.
I thought I would show all you my makeup before and after.

BOTH photos were taken on my Blackberry in a sunlit room. 


Boombands Em Before Morning Makeup Application.

I have JUST had a shower, washed my face and moisturised. I use Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Creams. As a 32 year old woman, I can see my wrinkles coming, particularly around my eyes and I use Clarins Flash Balm to look after that area. As a child I had bad rashes over my face due to hyper sensitive skin and nowadays, you can see a little blotchiness in my skin tone. Under my eyes, I have some freckles. You can see that without makeup, I look like myself - but a little less evenly toned and with a lack of definition around my eyes. I wear makeup most days, but if Darcy and I are at home, or mooching about - I like to moisturise and be natural.


Boombands Em After Morning Makeup Application.

This photo is taken STRAIGHT after makeup application. My makeup has not yet set on my skin in this shot, so my natural oils are not yet through. This all looks a little more natural after about thirty minutes of wear.

I use Bare Minerals Makeup. This is new for me, having been loyal to MAC these last five years - however, I like a lightish makeup that doesn't sit heavy on my skin and have decided to try something more naturally made... For me, this has been a good choice but I am still learning my Bare Minerals application process! Previously, I used Mac Tinted Moisturiser in Medium and Mineralize Skinfinish.

I use Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige and then follow with a little "warmth" through definition on my lower cheek bone and forehead. Occasionally I add blush (but not here). I wear Borjois Eyeliner, Mac Waterproof Mascara (my eyes can be a little moist) and use an eyebrow brush and clear gel to smooth my shape. To be honest, my eyebrow tidying is something I obsess over, I love them. I finish up with a Bare Minerals "Skin Veil" to set everything. On a night out, I might add eyeshadow, but I rarely wear it every day.

After this little ritual, I will usually dress and do my hair. Lipstick or gloss follows after I brush my teeth - one of the last things I do before leaving the house.

So. That's me. To be honest, I try and stay pretty easy with my whole makeup routine. I think it's important for me, not to go overboard. You've all seen my photos, so you know that once my makeup's been on for a little bit, it keeps me evenly toned (which, after so many problems as a child is very important to me). I think I also try for feminine and natural.

I wasn't always the girliest girl - and now that I am quite girly - I like it... But I've learned things quite late and certainly, LIQUID eyeliner has been a recent revelation thanks to my friend B and the amazing Lauren! I bought my first lot in DECEMBER.

In any case, the woman who wrote to me, didn't ask me to post any kind of "before & after" shots, but I wanted to. I take your emails, comments and friendships quite seriously, so feel free to keep them coming.

Unless my makeupless face has scared you off! Ha ha!

Smooch - Em. x.


  1. You are SO pretty - I didn't even see the difference between before and after on first look. :-) Thanks for sharing your routine and little beauty secrets.

    I never commented before, but read your lovely blog since month. And there is this one question that keeps bugging me: did you happen to be in Munich in december? There was this beautiful woman at the tram station of Munich airport. I had to hurry and jump into the (finally arriving) train, otherwise I would have asked if it is you. ;o)

  2. You look lovely with or without make up, and you definately still look like "you" with it on! I'm 36 and still haven't a clue about make up!! Foundation and mascara is my limit sadly! x

  3. Anna - Thank you so much! As for your question, I am surprised, but can answer - YES. I WAS in Munich in December. I went in the middle of the week to see the Christmas Markets. I am very surprised by your email... I hope if we interacted, I was nice to you! It would have been lovely to say hello! x.

    KayTee - Foundation and mascara are GOLD. x.

  4. I think you are so pretty and your make up looks really light and natural and not overwhelming your beauty. I personally like mine to be heavy and so on...but maybe I will do a post like this too, it is pretty interesting to see the difference :D

  5. The world appears to be pretty small sometimes, after all. My boyfriend and I travelled from the west of Germany to Munich to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt as well. I hope you had a lovely time. :-)
    I only catched a glimpse of you on the crowded platform. Then our train finally arrived and I lost sight. Next time I will take the chance!

  6. You are gorgeous and your make up routine is perfect. It looks really natural, it just highlights the natural beauty you have. I really need to get into moisturising and that, I think as i'm getting older is something I should start looking into. I'm one of those people that doesn't wear make up often. 9/10 days I wear no make up what so ever, it's only if i'm going out somewhere fancy or that I do the whole make up routine, otherwise it's mascara and maybe some pressed powder.

  7. You look exactly the same! Whereas I really dont sans makeup....but I dont care and dont wear it most of the time anyway!

    Such a great post, so I thank the person that asked you what your makeup routine was and thus inspired the post!


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