Monday, 9 January 2012

We Love Colors Footless Tights Review in GREEN!


I love Leggings. I love that they are footless and easy and comfortable and stretchy...

A while ago, when I was contacted by We Love Colors to look at their Plus Size Fishnets I became obsessed with the site... Specifically - after that review, I was fascinated by the quality and accessibility of their tights for the plus-size leg. I've got quite a pair of thighs. The kind of thighs that might try and SQUEEZE into "straight XL sized tights", but can't ACTUALLY pull those tights up to the crotch... You know, because they get caught - mid-thigh.


I don't really wear stockings here in the UK. I've found "fancy" lace pairs at a few places - but deliciously coloured, comfortable, fitted stockings or tights? I haven't really found anything I LOVE - so, I HAD to try the We Love Colors Plus-Size Footless Tights.

We love colors, plus, footless, tights
Firstly - let me say, I love that they are footless. I like that they are cuffed neatly around my ankle - clinging to me, without cutting into me, so they don't ride up but still sit securely (all day). They are amazing. I love how luscious the colour is, as well as how comfortable they are. They have stretch. They feel soft. They are interesting!

I put these tights on, and like the We Love Colors Plus-Size Fishnets, they just felt right... immediately. I didn't have to reposition the tights on my leg, struggle to pull them up or feel like I was kidding myself in putting them on. They just felt easy, nice, right.

I have matched my tights for this review with a funky Carmakoma Dress (circa 2009), City Chic Bolero, Evans Boots and Craft Fair Necklace (also in Green and Black - HELLO co-ordination!). I love that the green adds something unique to this Block Black outfit without being sheer black or "nude" coloured. I love this look to be honest and it is one I feel comfortable and secure in.


The tights themselves were comfortable all day - and certainly something I recommend. We Love Colors DO have plus-size tights with the feet built in - but for me? I love the feel of wooly socks on my naked toes - FOOTLESS all the way! These tights are GOLD - Comfortable and Pretty.

YES Please!

Em. x.


  1. I've still yet to make the plunge at purchasing anything from we love colors, but I keep going back and eyeing the range. I think my main problem is deciding which style/colour to get, too many options!!


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