Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To Wear, Or Not To Wear? That Is The Question...

I bought the gorgeous Damn You Alexis "Bandage" Dress last year during sales. It didn't fit me right... too tight in the thighs. I sent it back and received the next size up... and while I LOVE the dress - and I really do - it is beautiful - I am not sure it loves me. So, I would love your opinions.

The size now feels right. The grey base material is deliciously stretchy and lovely - while the grey mesh "over layer" is pretty unforgiving - it has very little stretch and you really do have to fit within the confines of that mesh... For me, there was a piece that swooped around the back, just below my bum, that fit me, but didn't fit me well. I untacked the piece at the back, swung it to the front and decided to shuffle the dress UP my body... In doing so, I have made it much less "chic" bandage style and much more of a top style fit. It works better on my body.

The obvious pulling you can see across my bust in these photos didn't exist when the dress was pulled down (as in being worn, the way it was made). It all sat nice and smoothly... I think the breast pull is MOSTLY what I need your input on. You see, it DOES fit, but the excess material (because I've pulled the dress up to become a top) between my breasts, now looks like the piece is straining across my boobs. Is it too much?

I don't mind form fitting or figure hugging but I'm not sure I can get away with this "strained" look. I LOVE the dress. In fact - I think Damn You Alexis is a pretty gorgeous, amazing brand - I just think I got the wrong dress for my body. The material feels beautiful against my skin and the garment is really nicely made, in fact,  I'll definitely try more from DYA in the future (especially since I bought TWO dresses from the Damn You Alexis for City Chic range and they were perfect).

But for now, tell me... is the red lipstick the ONLY thing rocking, about the top half of this look? I LOVE my black shorts, leggings and boots - I also love my little bolero. I'm just not sure this dress works as a top on my body... that being said, it IS a dress - so it doesn't have to work as a top either! I just wish it would. 

On the day I wore this - I felt confident at the start of the day - it was later in the afternoon, when I got home that I wondered if it wasn't quite right. 

Should I wear it again or "pass" in the future.

Thank you lovelies! Em. x.

PS. Without a doubt, buying this dress from Aussie based DYA and having it shipped to the UK could not have been easier. So painless - and so was the returns process. I was actually gobsmacked by the speed, ease and service! YEAH!!!


  1. I really like it as a top - the curve hugging nature of the top really flatters your shape.

    I can see what you mean about the straining across the chest, and all that does is draw attention to your assests. I'd say work it. For a casual / going out top it is a winner for me, but as a 'formal / workwear', I'd say stay clear.

    K x

  2. I can see what you're saying, but to me it just looks like that there is supposed to be a "crinkling" sort of pattern in the centre, and a tight fit over the bust. I don't think it looks like it is being pulled too much, or is causing to much strain on the material. It actually looks very flattering and shows off your figure really well, your waist is tiny!

  3. Only problem is its grey and London's grey enough. Im enjoying you rocking the bright happy colours :)

  4. I can see what you mean, however, your tits look amazing in it so why the hell not?!
    I would if it looked that good on me x

  5. I usually like what you wear - and particularly value your dress reviews. Sadly I have to say this dress as a top is a no go. While you've got great curves, the gathering across the bust is a bit too much. Maybe save it for going out rather than daytime.

  6. Thanks for the compliments ladies. I am still not sure. I love that one of you has written my "tits look amazing"... ACE.

    I do like that last option Michelle - night time option! Yes. Good advice. x.


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