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Plus-Size Wedding Dresses? Options for Brides!

Recently, a gorgeous girl tweeted me and asked me what I know about Plus-Sized Wedding options and dresses... the answer is - not a lot.

As a wannabe fiance to Mr. Darcy (as opposed to ACTUAL fiance), I have no reason (YET) to be looking for dress options... BUT - that doesn't mean I can't blog on it.

When I sent out the question, via my twitter and facebook to find inspiration - it came flowing forward. So here are some links for any budding brides out there.

Firstly - Kiyonna have bridal options. The selection is relatively limited, but does provide a few really nice classic options with the Analisa Lace Dress (pictured right) being my favourite (and the cool thing about THIS dress is it has a picture of a real life curvy bride IN the dress to give you a great context for how it will fit!). This is a stunning, classic look!

Another suggestion from a couple of girls came in the form of Glamour Bridal - which has both an online store AND shop - which means for UK girls - a little trek to Bolton could help with choices.

Igigi by Yulia Raquel have a really pretty, if limited, collection - as well as some interesting options for if you want some colour in your dress! I also had someone send me the link to Light In The Box which looks like it has loads of options up to a USA size 26! And Brides In Love which caters up to an Australian size 30!

I have also found a couple of options for brides online which have shops you can go into here in the UK - Elderberry Brides Plus (Basingstoke based), Heavenly Bodies Bridal (London based), Priddi (Newark-On-Trent based) and The Big Day UK (Yorkshire based). Other online stores also include Wedding Dress Online Shop and Jorma Bridal. Please note though, that all of the stores mentioned in this paragraph were sourced via Google as opposed to word of mouth.

The most retro suggestion via both twitter and facebook came in the form of Dolly Couture -  a wedding dress site with shorter, vintage-inspired options. This site has set sizing, but also - will custom make your dress for you! I liked a lot of the options here - particularly, the Beverlywood dress (pictured).

I am sure there are more options and I would love people to comment below so I can expand this post. It would be nice if we could get some sort or resource together which makes a search like this easy... Finding "The Dress" should be fun and enjoyable - so let's help that along!

I would also suggest remembering that dressmakers/designers are always a really good option as you'll get exactly what you want tailor-made for you... That being said, dressmakers aren't always the most cost effective option - so BUYING a dress and getting it altered will also help it feel like your choice was made exactly for you.

Thinking outside the box could help too! I've been to a couple of fabulous weddings with brides in all different colours or even print! To be honest - I rekon when Darcy and I do eventually get hitched, I might be in something with colour... definitely lace somewhere too!

Whatever you're looking for, your wedding day belongs to you and your future partner! You want to look fabulous and you deserve to, also! You should be able to get what you want...  Make sure you can return anything you buy online so that if it's not right - you can send it back.

Please find below a list of links, as recommended by readers of this blog. This has been updated from the Comments listed under this post. THANK YOU to everyone for their suggestions. x.

Venus Women:


Ellie Bridal: 


The Big Day:

Bonny Bridal:

Callista Brides:

Mori Lee Bridal:

Someone has mentioned UNDERWEAR to me... and it is a good point. When going to try dresses, wear underwear that is lovely and supportive. If you know what you might wear on the big day - taking that along is a pretty good idea, but if not - make sure you wear something supportive and confidence building that might MATCH what you'd wear on the day. Give yourself the best chance of seeing your body IN the dress. Another person also suggested going with hair and makeup subtle, but looking nice. Obviously not overt - but doing your hair a little bit, as opposed to just rolling out of bed and going to the store, will ALSO help you picture yourself in your garment on your wedding day.

I LOVE how this post just keeps growing! x.

Also - a MASSIVE thank you to the girls who responded when I posed this question on twitter and facebook - your responses were very much appreciated. xxx.


  1. You need to go to some weddings with mr d. That'll get things moving.

    I'm getting married on 18th Feb and have yet to get my dress, but I'm not looking for a 'wedding' dress. Hence my proposed visit to Carolyn de la drapiere next week!

  2. I would also advise people to not just stick to bridal stores - I found my wedding dress at Simply Be. It was an evening gown, cost me £100 and looked AMAZING (if I do say so myself!). I hated the whole strapless gown affair so looking at evening gowns opened it up a bit. Plus I didn't have to deal with snobby wedding dress assistants who would tell me dresses only went up to a size 12!

  3. oooh great, i`m constantly looking for plus size bridal shops since years. its always good to know - we never know ... *giggle*

    you need to know that almost every bridaldesigner makes the dresses custom made with your measurements. even till up to sice 28/30.

    my favorite designers with special plus size range:
    venus women


  4. As wannabe bridesmaid to your wannabe bride that dolly couture dress is devine. Could definitely wear that again. I would like mine in navy x

  5. I really wish there were these options around when I got married 14 years ago. I couldn't find anything and ended up wearing the most hideous dark purple veloure tunic and trousers! I hated my outfit, and I hate seeing my pictures because of it. I may even have a vow renewal ceremony so that I can wear a pretty dress and have some nice pictures! x

  6. I know of a great online producer called Ellie Bridal that I have heard some great word of mouth reviews of. They will make dresses in any colour for you too! The vintage style options are especially beautiful!

  7. I've been engaged for a year, don't really have any immediate plans to get married, but I've browsed wedding dresses online a little and it is sad how limited us plus sized ladies are. I've spent time searching about on etsy, they have some custom dresses and almost anything wedding associated you can think of. I don't know specific shops off hand though. Thanks so much for sharing this, I'm going to bookmark this page for later. I really love the last dress, I think I might wear something like that, who knows :)


  8. Thank you everyone for all these comments - I am going to hyperlink them at the end of the post tomorrow, so we can always find these links easily...

    Finding the right dress should be easy and enjoyable for every bride and I am so pleased we can help curvier woman have a fun, easier time!

    Loves to you all! x.

  9. I just wanted to add my voice to the debate, I am getting married this July in Istanbul, and I went to ther Big Day in Castleford, not only do they have a fabulous selection but they also are the only store in the world to have Ian Stuart plus sizes especially amended so the designs are slightly altered to fit around curves rather than forcing your curves into the dress! I had a fitting yesterday and I absolutely cannot wait to wear my wedding dress where as when I got engaged I really thought I'd be dreading it not feeling like a princess...

    Just to follow up conservatory girls comments it is true that most bridal designers do go up to a size 28/30 however the majority of shops DO NOT stock bigger than a 16. If you are lucky they have one 18 in the shop usually in a ugly dated style.

    I had one dress shop tell me that I would have to lose weight to be able to try on her dresses as she only stocked size 12. Needless to say I did not go back. In other stores however helpful and friendly the shop assistants were it came down to the fact that all they could do was hold the dresses in front of me and say this would fit like this etc etc. I'm sorry but these dresses were from £600 to £2000 would you buy a car by just standing next to it??? It really made me feel angry, defeated and to be honest made me question whether marriage was worth it if I was made to feel so awful - these people are meant to be providing a service and I received a very poor service if one at all.

    Luckily that all changed when I went to the Big Day - I cannot recommend Paula enough, and thanks also to Em for highlighting this issue. Sorry for the rant ;-)

  10. Just to give a review of one of the stores. I got my dress from Heavenly Bodies Bridal. I looked at specialist plus rangEs, stores and straight ranges. I ended up going with a dress I saw at HB's. A lovely champagne vintage 40's glamour style. I would highly recommend Heavenly Bodies. They have a really good selection of styles and the staff and owner are amazing. Some ofvthe plus ranges seemed to verge on the stiff and matronly but they carry a very varied range They look after their customers and every bride is made to feel special and they will find the right dress for you. They also have a brilliant seamstress who makes sure things fit and can alter or make things you need. She made a lovely maribou shrug for me that made the outfit.

  11. I really wish I'd seen a post like this a year ago.

    I had such a bad experience looking for a dress in Perth (lots of stores trying to pressure me into buying a dress based on the size 12 version that I couldn't fit into), I ended up trying a custom dress from and it was a total disaster - it ended up going in the bin. I sorted something else out in the end at the VERY last minute, but it was quite a stressful experience!

  12. I've got my wedding dress from My Big Fat Gorgeous Wedding. They have a website and are also on Facebook. They go up to a size 30 and also do a free made to measure service. They have loads of styles and I can't wait to get my blimmin' dress now - less than 3 months to the big day now :) x


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