Friday, 6 January 2012

The Novelty of a New Year!

I love the New Year. I know a lot of people let them pass as one year melts into another - but for me? New Years really do signify the start of something new. And I like to start as I mean to go on...

I've spent my first week of the new year feeling relaxed. I've spent time organising my house and life and also thinking about what I want to happen over the next twelve months. It is exciting to plan (mind you, I need to do a 2012 budget yet... YAWN!!). Oh yes, I'm also newly obsessed with Downton Abbey!

The end of the festive season saw Mr. Darcy and I pottering about London. I didn't take too many "fashion photos" but we did get a few pics in at the London Natural History Museum in South Kensington. So pretty, and at the right price (FREE), it makes for a lovely day out!


Seriously... what an AMAZING day and mostly - I wanted to look at Dinosaurs - so there we went!


It was pretty wonderful to be honest. I love Art Galleries and visit one every few months - but it's been ages since I was at a museum and I didn't realise how cool and accessible they are. I remember them being much more dreary when I was growing up.


Apart from your normal touristy shots, we also got in a couple of novelty poses... This one was my fave!


For my day out, I rocked a cropped City Chic jacket and an awesome H&M Scarf. I teamed them with a simple skirt and tights...


This is my favourite jacket right now - I love the colour and it's beyond comfortable. It's made of pleather and sits really nicely on my skin. I must say - the milder weather has been lovely this winter, as it's allowed me to mix up my wool coat with autumnal staples.


Loves - Em. x.


  1. you look very cool and relaxed! I really want to go to the natural history museum at some point, It looks awesome, I went to the V&A last year and spent ages in the diamond exhibit!

    Happy new year!
    w x

  2. You look pretty, I always feel a little lost on what to wear when I'm doing touristy like things because there is a compromise between comfort and style. I love this jacket, it is great caramel color.

    I love going to museums as well, I especially love the dinosaur exhibits. I haven't been to a museum in awhile.


  3. Glad you are on the right track for this year and taking the time to make things happen! Also glad you and Mr. Darcy are having fun outtings and sharing them with us!

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