Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inspiration... Oh The Places You'll Go: Burning Man

Boombands Em Skydiving!, Boombands Em Skydiving!
Embracing Life - SkyDiving in New Zealand - in 1998!

This is not quite a fashion post, so much as a delightful share...

As many of you know - my blog is named for the AMAZING Dr. Seuss book, Oh The Places You'll Go! My tag line under my banner up there is a line from the book. "Find the bright places where the boombands are playing..." The book and that line are magical to me. Magical.

My blog has undergone a change since I started a few years ago. It isn't just about fashion. It's about fashion, but, it is also about having a beautiful time. Feeling good. Being wonderful. Having confidence - ENJOYING LIFE. In essence, FINDING the Boombands. That may all sound a little whimsical - but in many ways, I am. I can be very serious and I feel very passionate about things... but my heart - well, my heart has lots of room for smiles and sparkles! 

Boombands Em plays in Snow in Switzerland!, Boombands Em plays in Snow in Switzerland!
Crazy and Happy! Playing in the Snow on a Sledding Holiday in Switzerland, 2011!

I am not sure if many of you have heard of the Burning Man Festival - and I am sure that while some people might LOVE the concept - others may be a little less keen... However you feel - is okay by me. 

Recently though - The Burning Man Project produced a film at the Festival - that has made my week. It was posted on Facebook by one of my good friends (and fellow bloggers) and I am re-posting it for you. I know that some of you will LOVE it, while some of you won't - so please excuse a semi-off-topic post. 

I am a big believer in just loving life, embracing moments and finding bright places - as best we can. Life isn't always easy - so hopefully - this will ignite something in you... as it did in me!

A little disclaimer that the film is a little zany, fabulously original and anything but conservative... AND JUST LIKE the Dr. Seuss book - it has a wonderful message and really is just LOVELY!


  1. Oh I've read about that festival, and saw some amazing pictures! It looks like so much fun! It'd definitely be something I would love to experience one day!

  2. I MUST go to Burning Man before I die. I've heard so much about it. The video made me cry. Isn't being free and happy the biggest gift we can give ourselves? x

  3. Love the video!! So much joy in it!


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