Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fashionably Warm with Anna Scholz PLUS Fluvia Lacerda in City Chic!

Hey there lovelies,

So, I am getting hit with a very grim case of "Hello Winter" and am going to take the next few days to try and recoup. Before anyone asks - it's possibly a flu - let's hope not! EEK!!

I need to stay warm and snug, BUT - before I stop blogging for the rest of the week (because I feel down time, should be sleep time), I wanted to share these two quick photos with you...

I am so cheeky.

This is a hold-over from all my Anna Scholz preview pictures.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Review,AW 2010,Jacket,Velvet


This was an 18 that I tried on, and really - my boobies need my regular 20, but heck this is a lush piece of clothing! Made of velvet, this piece cuts just below the breast, emphasising a high waist and feminine form. The jacket, in a plum-purple colour would be a beautiful accent on any outfit - I mean, look at it! I didn't even use a flash in these photos and the colour is stunning!!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Review,AW 2010,Jacket,Velvet

Winter can be so dreary and filled with greys and blacks - this colour will lift so many winter looks as well as work just as well with brighter greens, pinks and yellows. This is a comfortable piece too and will allow you a top layer that is stylish and on-trend. I love the hint of puff in the top of the sleeve and - although a wee bit tight on me, the 18 did button-up over my size 20 body... I know that if I had tried this in my regular size - it would have been PERFECT. As with all Anna's clothes. LOVE.

And finally - if you haven't already seen it, get over to Plus Model Magazine to see the latest issue and spread of Fluvia Lacerda in City Chic. You all know my affiliation with the brand, but this amazing editorial is yet another testimony as to WHY I am so excited/pleased to be working with this amazing, beautiful and curve conscious company. Fluvia is such a sexy model already and these shots literally ooze sex appeal. How great is it when two gorgeous things combine?


Also - in this issue of the mag, there are details about the planned launch of City Chic internationally later in October. This launch will be great as it will make the brand much more accessible - City Chic, via Plus Model Magazine is also offering a 30% discount and free shipping when the launch occurs.

Until next time - if you're in the UK - stay warm!!!

Smooch. x.

*Please note all photos belong to the copyright holders, I totally pinched the first photo from Anna Scholz and the last photo from Plus Model Magazine. I acknowledge them here and encourage you to visit their sites!


  1. purple as has become my new favorite fall color. blazer looks great!

  2. Hey! I am meeting Anna Scholz team and maybe herself in Paris on saturday!!!!


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