Monday, 23 January 2012

Company Magazine, River Island Casting Call...

(You need to read the tweet images for this post to make sense).

So. I always try and focus on the positive when I post... That positivity will come in this post - but not yet.

First - On twitter the other day, I saw Company Magazine's tweet (above) calling for "real girls" for the River Island Casting Call. I asked a few questions...

I followed that up - asking that if Company Magazine's definition of "real" - means "with curves" - was my size 20 body, too real? 

It was then pointed out by MrsBeBe that River Island only goes up to a size 18 - (one of the prizes is a photo shoot IN River Island clothes). 

Company Magazine responded saying "We just want you to have style, a quirky personality and a love of clothes. We've not put a size limit on it... If you have all those things then we'd get you clothes in whatever size".

Well. I have all those things. Style? Yup. Quirky Personality? Oh yeah... A love of clothes? Well, that's a no brainer. 

So I can enter. 

In fact - I am jumping up and down with excitement because 
LOTS of other plus-size girls have entered too. 

Girls who don't fit River Island Clothes. 

It's quite funny to be included and told we can enter - even though it's pretty unrealistic any of us will win... I mean - the prize is that the winners show off River Island clothes - which none of us can feasibly wear. But kudos to Company Magazine and River Island for giving us fat girls hope, huh? We sure can enter (even if we can't wear the clothes!).

Now, I don't have an issue with this competition being aimed at actual readers of Company Magazine... BUT I don't believe that a company or magazine should use the term "real women" to advertise something. A "real woman" surely constitutes "ALL women" - whether a size 00 or a size 36. "Real Women" and "Real Girl" are not good terms - because models are real women. And so are thin people and so are fat ones...

(I know some of you lovely readers - will see the term "Real Women" as a good thing and I am fine with people having a different opinion to mine... I just don't think company's should try and be inclusive, though being exclusive).

Georgina posted the image (below) to Facebook.
This image originated at the blog Whirligigagogo!  
There are lots more great images there to go and look at!

I love that. Because this is what I think:

I am a real woman. You are a real woman. But so is every other woman.
Size is not a requirement when it comes to being a real woman.

Just being a woman is.


SO back to the competition. I don't want to win the Company Casting Call, but I do want to make a showing for us girls. Here are a bunch of RIVER ISLAND ENTRIES... For YOU to vote for!

Please take the time to look at and "like" all of the following entries:

Boombands Em





(AND there are more to come!)


  1. Plus size girls taking over the world (well company magazine anyway!

    Toni x

  2. I have liked them all. Loving your tag of 'bollocks', by the way. The 'real women' tag is one that the Daily Fail use all the time and it pees me off no end. Endless kudos for saying the immortal line 'I have a vagina.' x

  3. "I have a vagina" - saves my day ;)
    great idea!

  4. Great post! I share you thoughts entirely regarding the term 'real women/girls'.

    I have voted for all the gorgeous girls you have'll be marvellous if one of them win. Might make these magazines and retailers sit up and take notice more! x

  5. You're inspirational. Wish I had some of your passion hun. And the vagina comments, priceless Em.

  6. Oh this just made me grin from ear to ear!! Your video is absolutely fantastic, especially the spinning bit!!

    And I couldn't agree more with the 'real' women tag - its utter nonsense.

    Keep up the fantastic work, you really are an inspiration.

  7. I've entered!

    Go us curvy girls!

  8. Yes! Thank you! I get so frustrated with the whole 'real woman' movement. Every female is a real woman! I applaud RI for allowing everyone to enter, maybe if a plus size lady wins, you'll just have to pose naked with some product placement (Do they do handbags!?) over some areas!


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