Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another Bridal Option...

This is a super quickie post. I was in the Monsoon Flagship today and noticed - Bridal Wear!?! 

I asked one of the girls in-store at Monsoon and she told me the bridal range runs between sizes 18-22 in some of the dresses... Now, while I know that cuts accessibility to a significant number of my gorgeous readers - I still thought it was worth mentioning as a plus option. The dresses were quite simple, yet elegant... I liked 'em.

Now ladies - I got an immense response from my last post - and want to thank everyone who has helped me compile a good list of plus-size Wedding Dress Suppliers. I'm going to create an easy and accessible list for upcoming brides! 

So exciting.

More outfit posts soon... 

(As tempting as it was, I decided NOT to try the Monsoon Wedding Gowns!)

Smooch. x.

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  1. Those dresses are all gorgeous. Especially the gray. Perfect for Prom.


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