Monday, 28 November 2011

WINNERS: Gisela Ramirez F#ck Flattering Crop Tee!

The winners of the Gisela Ramirez Crop Tees (found using

No one commented asking for a small, so I will keep that in a drawer for another time! 

That being said, the shirts are ON SALE right now and at $35 (AUD) really are a good price for a unique item. The tee's message resonates with pretty much EVERYONE who sees it (Hells Yeah Gisela).

Image from Gisela Ramirez taken by Danimezza

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Simply Be's Anna Scholz 60s Print Dress


On my way to the dry cleaners to get something steamed, I like to spruce up my look with a leg brace, sneaker/boot combination and this EXCLUSIVE 60s Print Swirl Dress (£65), available only at Simply Be

This is a classic case of Anna Scholz tailoring, the gorgeous gathering at the front of the dress  is a beautiful feature that emphasises the breast and hip, while nipping in a wee bit at the waist. The gathering detail is mirrored in the back and the material is a stretchy jersey fabric which feels comfortable and sexy on my curves.  

I love this dress. the print and colours brighten my day every time I wear it, and the shape it gives me is just lovely.

This dress is part of the Anna Scholz range that is only available at Simply Be.

My blog name comes from a Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go"... and the tag under my header up there is "Find the Bright Places Where the Boombands are Playing".  If any of you have read the, "Oh, The Places You'll Go" book, you'll know that my line reference up there, specifically relates to seeking out joy, happiness, excitement and a life full of colourful experiences. This dress actually REMINDS me of those themes.



The winners of the Gisela Ramirez shirts will be announced tomorrow.

Friday, 25 November 2011


I just saw this on Facebook and it made my head explode!


Anna posted this on Facebook just an hour ago! 
Some items are so heavily reduced and you need to go take a look! 
Head to the ANNA SCHOLZ site and into the SALE section now!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

ASOS Curve Exclusive Colourblock Dress.



After yesterday's post and requests on my Facebook, I wanted to share this as fast as possible! So, instead of going out and taking action shots, you get my freshly blow-dried hair and fabulously odd socks. This dress is so lovely though and I think some shots out and about in this dress will ALSO have to be blogged here.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Colourblock Dress - £27 (reduced from £45)

The material is so light and gorgeous, I felt like I was touching something absolutely delicate when I pulled the dress from its packaging. The red trim button detailing is BEYOND feminine cute and the waist line is in the perfect place for a high empire line. From the waist, the dress falls in soft pleats BEAUTIFULLY over the hip and the red colour block is a stunning colour against the lighter fabric of the dress.

When I put this on, I was a little unsure and then, as I stood looking at myself in the mirror, I suddenly thought: YES.

I love this. I will take some more photos for you (I look a little top heavy above on the right there!), but just want to say that if you are one of the MANY women sitting on the fence about whether or not to get this dress - TRY IT. My photos also don't quite do the red justice - so I HAVE to get this outside for you. 

Bottom line? It is lovely. Well made and gorgeous.  ASOS Curve doesn't always get it right, but for me - this is SPOT ON. 

Smooches. Em.

PS. Isn't it funny how photos work? I think it's haircut time! (Or at least time for my hair growth to be rewarded with some styling! - YEAH!!)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

ASOS Curve: Dresses with Lace - Reviews!

Here I am, makeupless and trying on TWO ASOS Curve dresses with you. 
There are exposure issues... but you have eyes so can see that well enough! 
Let's go!

A mirror reflection photo of me wearing ASOS Curve without make-up.

ASOS CURVE Lace Dress With Long Sleeve - £50

Well this is a LOVELY dress. I actually really liked this one when I tried it. It fits really nicely and is made of the same soft lace I adored so much on my favourite ASOS Curve dress that I posted about a while back...

The long sleeves are lovely and lush and the empire line sits in exactly the right place. The colour is beautiful. But...

I didn't keep it. 

I had two (albeit small) issues with this dress that made me realise I just wouldn't wear it much. Firstly... The lining. At the very bottom of the lining, to help the dress "puff out" the hem of the lining has a tulle style ruffle in order to make the dress fall out around your body. I prefer a much more natural line and although tulle can be great, I felt a little disappointed that it wasn't listed on the description on the site. The second issue was in the bust area. I put this on wearing a black bra and then changed to a deep red bra... Better? Yes, but still not fab. Here's why.

I am pointing at my bra...

Myself. My unmanicured nail. My cleavage.

Honestly? I can wear risquè, cleavage loving clothes and have my boobs on show... but I don't want to do that every day. One of the things that origially appealed to me about this dress was that I thought it looked so classy and kind of elegant. It is a beautiful dress that fits well and many of you could enjoy... but for me, it doesn't do what I want it to do, so it's a "no".

ASOS CURVE Jersey Dress with High Neck Lace - £30

If any of you wanted to see my belly rolls - this is the dress to see me in and if you click through the picture (it will get a little larger) you will see more of what I mean.

In ASOS Curve, I buy a size 22 to cater for my chest and the form fitting nature of the garments. Well. Here you can see my chest looks okay... but my belly? Well. Let's just say, for my style, it's a bit too big for this form fitting 22... It makes me wonder, is this deliberate? Is the size deliberately fitting like this? Is ASOS Curve trying to pioneer a new "Fat Belly" trend?

I don't know. What I do know is that this dress is beautiful. I LOVED it. Putting it on was easy, the jersey felt good, the neckline and lace are lovely... but seriously... What's with the fit? I COULD go up a size, but I rekon a 24 would still be way too tight in the gut... and a 26 would start to be too roomy in the boob. 

ARGH. ASOS, I love you, but you drive me insane. And this picture is polite. Thank goodness it's over exposed and I can control its published size. This dress is okay. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, in person - for my taste , the fit says "here's my belly button" and I just ain't into that.

Mind you, on a happier note I bought THIS dress... Flipping FABULOUS. Blog post soon!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Curves in Couture.

Anna Scholz,Cliff Kaye,BoombandsEm,Curves In Couture,Plus-Size,Fashion,Couture
Anna Scholz, Cliff Kaye and I at Curves in Couture.

There is something so sexy about a little confidence, a wry smile and lots of spirit. Last Thursday at the Curves in Couture event in London - Notting Hill exploded with the sass and confidence of curvy fashion and let me tell you, it was pretty damn sexy.

Plus-size Bloggers
Lauren from Pocket Rocket, Rosie from A Rose Like This, Claire from Monkey Fatshionista.

As I walked the red carpet into Curves in Couture, I felt awash with anticipation. The bar was buzzing with celebrity, media, paparazzi, designers and (of course) fashion lovers from all over... As I entered, I was immediately grabbed by The Pocket Rocket and The Monkey Fatshionista, who - like myself - were excited with anticipation of what we were about to see; International Models taking the runway to showcase some of the best plus-size fashion in the world. WOW WOW WOW.

PhotobucketThe main room with the catwalk looked amazing. I had never been to The Tabernacle in London before, but it was a fantastic venue enabling excellent views of the catwalk from all angles. There was some time before the show started and I met Victoria from Fierce Fat and Fashionable, as well as Rosie from A Rose Like This. There was such a spirit in the air. It was positive and beautiful and exciting.

I made a beeline for Anna Scholz and her (BEYOND FABULOUS) crew to thank them for my invitation, as well as catch up on the planning and staging that goes into their participation in such an event. Anyone on facebook would've seen that the planning of Curves In Couture was a massive effort, done by volunteers, with proceeds going to The Advance Centre... it felt amazing to see it all coming together.

Velvet d'Amour
I swear, as Velvet d'Amour entered the room - it almost exploded with excitement. The press made for Velvet, then Velvet made for Anna, so with the Anna Scholz Fashion team (Winnie, Liz and Stefanie - LOVE), I found my seat.

The show was opened by Natalie Cassidy who introduced the Models of Diversity. MOD effectively put on the night's event,and is a group dedicated to bringing a more diverse range to the catwalk, without discrimination, or reference to age, race, size or (dis)ability. It was a beautiful opener for the show and a unique, positive way to start. There were a couple of models who came out - who literally gave me goose bumps - it drilled home, THIS WAS NO ORDINARY night!

Pamela Stephenson took the stage to introduce the "Curves in Couture" aspect of the show. You know how sometimes your body can brace with anticipation? Well, the WHOLE ROOM was like that. Universally, a breath was held, as Anna's show was announced and Robyn Lawley took the stage - I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest, it was beating so fast with excitement.


Ladies, let me tell you - it is an amazing thing to be in a room like that. Everyone was SO READY for the show. And suddenly, here we were. Robyn Lawley, Lizzie Miller, Tocarra Jones, Sophie Sheppard, Tanya Gervasi, Gina Swire, Marlous Van Zee, Mellissa Laycy, Harriet Coleman, Anoushka, Victoria Eisermann and model after model. SO MANY gorgeous models showcasing fashion I can wear. That YOU can wear.

Anna Scholz's show contained gorgeous clothing from her Spring Summer 2012 Collection. As mentioned, Robyn Lawley came out first, followed by Lizzie Miller and as the night started, it felt like us audience members were privy to something very special.



There were tunics, dresses, summery cover-ups for swimwear... all of it looked stunning, and whether form fitting or flowy, they were shaped with you and I in mind.




You know how I feel about Anna, her tailoring is supurb and it was fantastic to see the clothing on the different models as they walked the catwalk. As ever, when I saw the clothes, my heart leapt thanks to the colour and prints on show.




I love the femininity present in the collection - it was all just so female and curvy and beautiful. Seriously ladies. I can not wait for next year!



As the last model in the Anna Scholz range had walked the catwalk, it felt like time had passed too quickly - it was a great opener - as those of us watching NEEDED to see more. What a great way to start.

Up next was young designer Erin Lacey who had Robyn Lawley showcase one amazing dress from her range.


Erin is a new, young designer and her clothing looks innovative and sexy. Robyn took the catwalk by storm and although it was a pity we only got to see one dress - it did make me hungry; I can not wait to learn more! There was a tailoring aspect to the dress that let me know - Erin is one to watch.

Erin Lacey (left) with Robyn Lawley

Following Erin was Carolyn de la Drapière a London based designer creating clothes for every day women. I had not heard of Carolyn's designs previously and watched with bated breath...



There was some lovely colour, but what struck me immediately was the tailoring. The clothes looked beautiful and spirited - her wrap dress is something I must try and certainly, the shapes of the dresses, pants and tops that went down the catwalk were just lovely.



It was amazing actually. And as a fashion lover with some time off at the moment - I plan to go on a search and see what else I can find from this designer.

Carolyn de la Drapière (centre) on the Catwalk for the Finale!

Danielle Liane. WELL. Danielle is a student designer and the clothes she put down the catwalk were completely sexy. For those of you who love curve hugging, sheer fabrics - you have to get on board!



The dresses we saw were all beautiful, a little risquè and completely feminine. The collection was bejeweled, included jewel colours (rich bright green and blue) and then also had a degree of sublime sparkle.

Danielle Liane (left) for her finale walk.

Jill Alexander was the last curvy couture designer in the show. Just like Anna was the perfect way to start - Jill's Collection was a great way to end.


There was sass and spirit because AS SOON as the first model, Tocarra, came out and shimmied to the salsa style music, we knew were in for a treat.



This collection (Spring Summer 2012) is vibrant and full of energy. As with so many of Jill's amazing Collections her use of colour and print was ever present as we watched the dresses, playsuits and skirts go by.


Robyn Lawley looked stunning in block colours and Tanya Gervasi had the crowd whopping in Jill's wedding dress finale.



The Collection was exquisite and as the only designer showing from the United States it was special to know we were seeing a first and exclusive showing of the upcoming Collection.

Jill Alexander,Tanya Gervasi
Jill Alexander (left) with Tanya Gervasi.

After the Curvy Couture was completed, next down the catwalk were ten of the latest and innovative hats by milliner Ilda Di Vico. I am obsessed with peacocks, and the hats with peacock feathers were my favourites.


All were amazing though and the ones worn by Robyn and Lizzie were particularly mind blowing.

Following the Di Vico designs was one last garment by Renaissance and it was modeled by Kelly Knox. Kelly won the show "Britains Missing Top Model" and looked stunning in the Renaissance dress, this beautiful woman was a perfect way to remind the audience about diversity needed in fashion.


The finale went to the designers who took to the stage and walked with a model (in their design) down the catwalk. SUCH cheering.

This was a really amazing night and in the audience was Caroline Rush, the CEO of the British Fashion Council - it would be fantastic to think she might look at the night and consider inviting a plus designer to show at London Fashion Week. Also there was Zandra Rhodes, other international models, press, bloggers, supporters... The night had spirit and energy.

After the show I enjoyed a drink downstairs and chatted with people. EVERYONE had a great time, everyone felt excited. As an ex-pat Australian, I was proud to meet Robyn Lawley and Sophie Sheppard - both women were stunning and friendly and seemed to like chatting to someone from home. Hells yeah.

Robyn Lawley,Harriet Coleman,Sophie Sheppard
Harriet Coleman, Robyn Lawley and Sophie Sheppard.

I met the gorgeous model, Harriet Coleman, who I am sure is about to explode on the fashion scene and the stunning Gina Swire who I accosted for a photo. I looked in awe at Lizzie Miller, who for me, is a bit of a fashion goddess - the first model who made me think - I CAN BE INVOLVED thanks to her now infamous photo in Glamor. It was great to say hello to her too.

Harriet Coleman
Harriet Coleman and Anna Scholz with Lizzie Miller in Background Left.

Gina Swire,BoombandsEm
Myself with Gina Swire. Look at us WORK it!

What I am trying to say is that these amazing women were accessible. It was pretty stunning to see models go down a catwalk in clothes I can wear, and then lovely to be able to chat to them afterwards. A group shot was taken at the end of the night as we were walking through Notting Hill - and while I was invited to jump in for the shot, I am more pleased that I got the image (a few times!!) on my camera... It was fantastic and surreal - all at the same time.

Lizzie Miller,Anoushka
So cool... End of the night group shot. I took a couple for myself and some for the models too! Aw!

I ended my night with Anna, Liz (from Anna Scholz Fashion) and Gina. It was fun and lovely and I felt lucky to have been invited and indeed, included by everyone - so easily. I don't experience girlie nights out too often and this felt like an ULTIMATE girlie night out. I also learnt something about myself. I can be a bit shy.

I must say a massive congratulations to the Models Of Diversity team for putting on such a stunning event.

And again, to Anna, Cliff, Winnie, Stefanie, Liz and everyone else at Anna Scholz, thank you for my invitation - I had a fabulous night.

For more images from the night (all the images here were taken by me) as well as MORE write ups from the night - click through these great links (more will be added as people publish).

Smooches, Em. x.

With the exception of photos I am in, all photos in this post were taken by me. Please note you may only reproduce these photos as there were originally published (you may not edit them) and you must credit and link back to my site. Photo of Anna Scholz, Cliff Kaye and I was taken by Liz from Anna Scholz. Photo of Gina Swire and I was taken by Claire of Monkey Fashionista.