Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Last Friday Night...

I didn't know what to wear. 

So I just threw a whole heap of black pieces together...



Cardigan & Cami: City Chic / Skirt: Carmakoma / Boots & Tights: Evans / Reflection: Mirror / Spirit: Feisty
(ALL in size 20 or equivalent) 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Animal Prints & Discount Code with Anna Scholz

Anna Scholz,Autumn,Winter,2011,2012,plus-size,dress,corset,tunic,AW,11-12,Black LabelFrom back in September,  some of you will recall this photo of myself, with Anna Scholz after I visited her studio...

You will recall, also, that I had a lovely time last month telling you a lot about her latest collections. Well - the dress I'm wearing in this image is now available online, so I thought I'd love to let you know what it's like.

AND - to anyone who loves the cut and/or look of Anna's Jersey Pleat Dress - this is another design to make your heart go WOW.

Jersey Gathered Panel Dress - £189.00

I LOVED this dress when I tried it with Anna. LOVED it. You know how sometimes you put something on and everything inside you screams YES!! This dress, for me, was like that.

And it's a funny thing. I've mentioned to you a lot recently, about how I've been re-trying clothes I would usually dismiss, or indeed, trying things I wouldn't usually - well, this dress is a little like that.

Animal Print!

ANIMAL PRINT is new for me.

I adore the abstract styling of the snake print on this dress and think the purple, taupe and white mix together and create something sexy, alluring and empowering.

This snake print totally charmed me! (I couldn't resist that pun).

This dress is made of lush jersey and the detailed ruching of this dress is just amazing. I put it on and it felt like a really soft glove. It fit like a dream, but wasn't clingy and I had room to move. I can't resist the tapering at the hem, the long sleeves and the sexy but discreet bust - all of it. I will wear this dress in the next couple of weeks, because I couldn't resist it - and it's living with me out in Budapest right now.

This post was actually inspired by an Anna Scholz email I got in the week featuring some of Anna's new prints... this aren't pieces I got to see when I went in to see Anna, and the pieces nearly blew my mind...

I am obsessed with Peacocks. I love Peacock statues, cards, prints and patterns. I think they're stunning and beautiful and effectively - I'm addicted to anything with a Peacock influence. I have to buy it...

So, when I got an email last week featuring the Jersey Gathered Panel Dress in a Peacock Print, my head almost exploded and I immediately bought one (which I won't see for three weeks until I get back home... BOO!). Love it. There is a blue version of the print also in different dress styles, but for me, deep pinks and fuchsias are my favourite and then teamed with a Peacock influence? Well, the choice was a no-brainer.

Do you want one? Well, because the good people at Anna Scholz are so lovely - I have a discount code for you.

This is probably the last Anna Scholz discount code I will have for a while, so if you want anything, I suggest you use it!

The code to cut and paste into your basket is: ASO10 and it will give you a 10% discount off all full priced stock until the 31st of October.

Seriously! Click HERE to go to Anna Scholz now!

THIS Wool Tulip Coat was just released in the last week too...


Smooch! xxx.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

City Chic post: A Quickie in Budapest!

Hey lovelies!

Just a quickie post to say hello and let you know I have my latest blog post up, over on the City Chic blog.

It's such a strange thing. I am so reliant on my Mr. Darcy to help me blog. He takes all my photos and then helps me select everything. Hmm. I miss him a lot at the moment, He might deserve a post to acknowledge just what he helps me with here. 

Or. Maybe I am being a little bit mushy because I haven't seen him for two weeks. Whatever it is, I miss him and posts over the next couple of weeks, may be distinctly mirror flavoured!

Smooches. x.

Monday, 17 October 2011

One Stop Plus UK: Tallissme Milano Knit Dress Review

When I was contacted by Brit Bloggers about reviewing an item for One Stop Plus UK, I was really excited. One Stop Plus UK is an online store that brings together a number of different plus size brands for women, in sizes 14-36. These brands include Carmakoma, La Redoute, Tallissme, Zizzi, Adidas and Sloggi - and there are also many, many more.

One of the great things about One Stop Plus is the price. Prices FOR an item are pretty "on par" with the item's price on it's "home site" but then there is also a big saving on shipping. The site also let's you access a range of brands and order in batches. Certainly worth a look!

PhotobucketTallissme Milano Knit Dress

This heavy knit dress by Tallissme is lovely and is a great dress for Winter. In this review I'm wearing my regular size and as you can see, this is quite a lovely piece that would be perfect for work, or a classy night out. That being said, if you like things a little more floaty - go one size up... I rekon that thanks to the nature of the curve hugging design,  you would still fit the piece in a larger size, but have a little more room to move.

Me? I like Body Con! And this is perfect!

One of the things that really appealed to me on first spotting this dress was the nature of it's colour blocking. I have a few bright colour block pieces and I love that this uses a current trend in a much more subtle way. I love the big panels of black and how well it works with the heavy grey and lighter brown colour.

PhotobucketThe dress has a high neckline, long sleeves and sits just under my knee (I am 5'5"). The fit of the dress, as mentioned above, is quite clingy, so if you like a drape from your bust or a little floatiness - keep that in mind. I like this dress. The heavy knit offers a good shape and I feel really comfortable wearing this!

This is a great piece; snug, pretty and well-made. I rekon that if you threw on a pair of tights and a lovely jacket (short and fitted OR chic and full length) you would feel toasty and ready to combat winter.

This dress retails for £45.00.

Smooch! Em. x.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Evans Collection: Change Room Reviews Continued...

One of the defining aspects of the latest Evans Collection is the attention Evans has paid to trousers. In my last Evans change room post I looked at the Collection's Rose Trousers. In today's post, I am going to give you the buzz on another pair of Collection trousers, a Collection skirt and a couple of Collection tops to boot. At the end, I have thrown in a dress from the wider Evans range.

Let's start with a top and pant combination from the Collection range...


Collection Wide Leg Trousers - £45.00

I LOVE these. Pretty much of everything I tried on, these really surprised me and were my favourites. You all know my aversion to Trousers... well - THESE have worked well to make me do a major rethink.

These are so comfortable. The Evans site describes them as "Super Wide Leg"... for me, what this means is that the drape is almost entirely from the hip. These are not pants that taper in, nor are they tailored to follow the line of your leg. The Evans Collection Wide Leg Trousers sit comfortably on your high hip, skim over your bottom and thighs and then fall, really beautifully and comfortably, to your feet. The feel of the material feels LOVELY on the skin and while I was a little iffy about the waist band, the elastic is comfortable yet secure. I LOVE how these sit and think the picture above shows the waist/hip line well.

These pants look fantastic and they made me feel great; the only reason I didn't buy them is because I have an anti-trouser situation in my head... I am very tempted though.

Collection Butterfly Kimono - £55.00

Hmm. This item, for me, is much better left OPEN. Undone, as you can see from the picture above, this Kimono Top looks kind of slinky. For me, doing this baby up isn't particularly functional - and it doesn't look particularly great:


This item is a weird one. I don't understand the construction. I understand the nature of a kimono, but as this top has been promoted tied up (right) - I wanted to share the reality... It doesn't quite work done up. It IS lovely, but the only thing you can use to fasten this top, is the silky high waist tie which matches the silky Kimono material. Let's just say all the silkiness creates a lot of slipperiness - so it doesn't quite hold tight.

Also, if like myself, you sport a lot of boobage, you really will need a singlet top under this one (done up or not).

I like the top and really adore the butterfly print, but if you want to wear it, it is better undone. It looks quite drapey and fashionable undone. If you do want to wear it done up - well as you can see, on a figure like mine, it looks boxy. I would also recommend that if you wear it done up you use a singlet top and safety pins to compliment the look.

I have tried this tunic on with the Wide Leg Trousers (from above) in this photo.

Collection Rose Tunic Top - £45.00

This is great. Floaty. Pretty. Ethereal. I put this tunic on and immediately liked it. I actually love its shape and movement, this is flowing and billowing and kind of sexy. The fabric is lovely and soft on the skin and I put this on and felt dreamy and light. This actually comes in the butterfly print from the Kimono Top, above, which would also be a lovely option. The little features on this piece are really lovely, I particularly adore the elastic arm bands with the little bow string ties, as well as the neckline.



Collection Pleat Skirt - £50.00

This is a fabulous skirt to wear and is comfortable. The elasticated waistline is simple and breathable and the high hip drape is lovely. As you can see from the image on the left (above), with the Rose Tunic tucked out, this skirt is especially lovely and the combination makes me look slightly taller thanks to all those long lines. I LIKE this look very much.

Tucked in.

I think with my breasts, I need a heavier construction to make this look work. For me, high waisted dresses are seamless and look lovely, BUT those looks have been constructed for me... I'm not sure if it's my gazungas or just my lack of ability, but I rarely make a high waisted skirt / tucked in top combination work (you know who does - VAL from Blog To Be Alive, she nails that look).

The promo materials (left) do make this look work though... so let's take a more detailed look at me anyway, because I know some of you will need a little more info. Mind you,  I think you can tell by the look on my face, I'm not sure I know what I am doing, here!

It IS pretty. BUT, it's not me. Maybe I needed to tuck the top out more? You can give me your thoughts on this one, if you like!

Now, one of my readers asked me to try on the Collection Pleat Trousers which are similar to this skirt. Unfortunately, I had taken these photos by the time that request came through. What I will say is that this skirt is lovely and the jersey material is supple and soft. Further from that, my two posts on the Evans Collection have BOTH featured trousers. I was completely impressed with both pairs.

I did take two other garments from the Collection Range into the change room... The Collection Stone Tunic Dress, which (in my usual size 20) I couldn't navigate over my boobs (although it was the right size, I was worried I would burst the beading) and the Collection Pleat Dress which was tight on my arms in the 18//20... Combined sizing irritates and frustrates me so I did not bother to try the piece in a size up. I HAVE heard from women who've bought the Collection Pleat Dress and LOVE it, so definitely keep it in mind!

And finally - from the wider Evans Range...


Spot Jersey Dress - £45.00

I picked this up on impulse on seeing it in-store. This is fabulous. I love the shape, the fabric is a nice soft jersey and the print is a refreshing take on a regular spot dress.

The construct of this dress is my favourite kind, with the drape coming from right under the bust at the empire-line waist. This dress is great for any bust size, really, but if you're like me and have a large chest, this dress accomodates them, but also - keeps them a little discreet, even with the cross-over neckline. The skirted area of the dress is slightly pleated and falls really lovingly down the curve of your hip, bottom and thigh.

I love this one and while I find it frustrating that Evans sizing seems to be heading more and more towards combination sizing (14/16, 18/20, 22/24 etc.) this was a great fit in the 18/20. Great fit comes down to great design and THIS is great design.

I am so chuffed that I have taken some time with Evans clothing lately. It has been a while and I certainly noticed in-store that things were looking good and there were some really lovely pieces to try. 

The Evans Collection is an absolute delight. I enjoyed trying the clothes, wearing them and I liked LOOKING at myself in them. Go take a look.

Smooch - Em. x.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's cold in Budapest!



Jacket: Evans / Skirt: City Chic / Scarf: Gift / Attitude: Awesome

Monday, 10 October 2011

Evans Collection: Change Room Post & Reviews...

There seems to be none or perhaps, just little fanfare from Evans at the moment. As a blogger and fashion girl, I have noticed little noise from Evans in recent months. Even the latest, Evans Collection, was released without any real bang...

I tell you though. It's flipping fabulous. So. I am gonna try and create a little of my own BANG for Evans, right here.

When the last Evans Collection was released some months ago, I couldn't see much in it for me... so I didn't go in and check it out, for me, it was a little bland. But not this time!



Evans,Collection,Review,Reviews,Dress,Top,Pants,Palazzo,UK,Plus-Size,2011This is beautiful! When I put this on, I felt so comfortable and warm and fashionable... immediately. This is one of those items, you can wear through Winter, with many different items underneath and feel chic and sexy EVERY time!

The large hook-eye closure on the jacket is a little fiddly so it took me a couple of goes to get right - and then keep done up... But, once done up, the included belt wraps around you to keep you snug and happy. I love the position of the belt too - that it allows for a high empire waist, encouraging the bottom of the coat to fall from your high hip. Love this one!

Oh my gosh. I mean WOW. This dress blows my mind. I put this on and felt fabulous, immediately. The fabric is a lovely soft jersey, the detailing is cute and creates a sexy, feminine "Pirates of the Caribbean" feel. This dress ticks a whole heap of boxes.

I adore the neckline, puffed shoulders, breast rouching and detail, as well as the loose sleeves which are banded at the wrist. The fall of this dress, from the high waist creates a lovely, soft shape. I would wear this to work or out with my friends on the weekend,and I am sure, with the right heels and jewelry (maybe in deep green or blue), this would look beautiful on a night out.

Evans is ABSOLUTELY on to a winner with this dress.

In the photo below I am simply in a change room. Effortless. Not even a smile. I felt beautiful.


Now from absolute glamour to, well... The next photo shows one of those outfits that was good for me in THEORY. I'm looking at this photo now and can see fab clothes but really little of my usual style. I really just bashed these pieces together to grab a photo in the change-room. I don't think these items quite go together, I look okay, if a little ditsy... so because I know this pairing doesn't quite work - I'll just nip STRAIGHT to talking about the pieces themselves!

These Rose Trousers are lovely... Do they feel a little like silky pajamas? Yes. Are the much more fashionable, better tailored and sexy to wear? Well YEAH. I thought I would hate these when I put them on, but no - I found them comfortable and sexy. The elasticated waist, is comfortable and wide, meaning the pant sits nicely and the waist doesn't cut into your torso. The drape of the pant from just below the waist line (in the low hip area) is well slung and falls well, creating a lovely smooth shape... you can KIND of see these line distinctions in my photo above... the waist band cuts to the leg drape around my mid-crotch area from an attractive u line.

I left my leggings on under these pants and the wide leg fit means that in Winter, you WILL be able to layer them. This means you can look slinky - but not suffer due to how light the fabric is.

This cardigan, for me, isn't quite there. I wish Evans had had a white singlet top for me to wear under this so I could've tried the cardigan open...

Now, done all the way up, this cardigan made my F-Cups look like Gazungas, so I unbuttoned the top couple of buttons. It's okay. I imagine some of you will make this look amazing either done up OR with something subtle and slinky underneath - but to me, this is a tad bland. The construction of the knit is comfortable but not thick (unlike the Beth Ditto Collection Heart Cardi which was amazing). 

I do like the colour of this Collection Cardi and the texture does feel nice on the skin. I do want to give props to Evans for a cardi that DOES do up pretty well over my large bust. There was a little pull in the buttons, but nothing to fret (too much) about. ALL in all - a decent piece and I think it would have done better with me, if I'd been able to access a white singlet top to try it with, in-store.


This change room post was really enjoyable. I really like what Evans has done in their current Collection and was surprised by how nice every one of the garments looked and felt on my skin. I have tried a few more items from the Evans Collection and will post again towards the end of the week to share the rest of them with you. For me, this Collection is pretty special. I really think that it is worth you taking a look at.

More soon.

Em. x.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elena Miro's Milan Catwalk Spring Summer 2012

I always enjoy showcasing the latest from Elena Miro. In Milan the other week the Elena Miro Collection stormed the Milan fashion catwalks and was a flourish of red, pink, silver, bronze and gold (with a little black and white for good measure).

All these pictures are reproduced via Elle Online so that I could show you more of the beautiful plus-size fashions available by High End designers - if you want to see even more (and there are MANY more pieces) just head across to Elle!

Black and White 
(Classic Elegance).

One of the main prints Elena Miro is using in the current collection makes it look like there are petals floating across the fabric! I like these first two pieces as they take simple concepts (stripes, dots, sparkle) and blend them. 

I love the elegance on show!

Pink and Red 
(My absolute favourites).

This dress above, took my breath away. I like the look of the construction, the flowing fabric and the colours. Such colours! The one below is the same kind of breath taker! I adore boldness in fashion and not shying away from the beauty in colour. I LOVE these pieces!

This next dress isn't one I would wear myself, but is totally stunning. I love the vibrant energy of this...

The following dress is an example of what I meant about Petals seeming to float across the fabric. We can see the flowers on the top, while the skirt here seems a mess of petals and flowers in the wind. So lovely!

Bronze and Gold
(Make a Statement)

The dresses below in Golden and Broze fabrics from Elena Miro all seem like such statement pieces. There are some which were shown on the catwalk that could easily form part of a very stylish wardrobe, also... but the pieces I want to share - my favourites - all seem to make a statement. 

Look at me... I AM FIERCE!

You all know how much I love fashion. You all know how I love colour and print and construction and care. I have never worn Elena Miro, but I always like to showcase pieces from the Milan show. It is important for us to know, that as plus size and curvy women - we are not constrained within boxes or fashion rules.  Things are exciting for us, fashion wise.

How wonderful!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Latest at City Chic Blog: Inside Chic

PhotobucketThursday in Australia makes it my City Chic post day over at Inside Chic

Check out my latest post at the City Chic website, online now!

I am wearing the Diamond Monotone Longline Top with a hint of denim skirt, crop leggings and bolero. I actually LOVE this outfit, so please flick across to the post and let me know what you think!

To see all my posts over at City Chic, just click HERE!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Asos Curve Keep Post: Playsuit.

So clearly, I have just popped this on and taken a photo like I would in a Change Room style post. My blackberry has overexposed my pale skin on both pics, sorry!

Better ones, next time - Promise!

This is not a bad garment. It isn't a keeper though, so I'm not glamming it up and making it wild for you... Like my last ASOS post, I am trying this garment to see if I keep it, rather than putting it on to style and wear out (like I did here). I actually think I may start to do that sometimes...

I'll call them ASOS Curve Keep Posts!

This is the ASOS Curve Exclusive Playsuit In 40s Floral Print - RRP: £40.

I don't mind this... On sizing, there is a little too much room in the bust, and if I kept it, I would need to pin the cross-over section of fabric across my chest (I believe in the power of safety pins and so, am fine doing this). The fit across my bum and back is fine and there is a smidge of pull on the side of my hip. My roomy thighs have lots of room, and the fit on my arm is lovely. As you can see, there is a hint of belly at the front, but not bad. I adore the pattern and I love the fabric. Both are delightful, actually. I also think that just putting this Playsuit on, has sort of brought me round to the notion of Playsuits. This is a very pretty concept and it would look really perfect if the fit was a little better on me.

I know loads of girls have vented about the fit at ASOS lately. Last night - at the end of my last ASOS Curve post (which ASOS has read), Marie Denee asked me what I think the issue is... it MUST be fit model. Very publicly, a while back, ASOS called for curvy girls in the size 20 garment range to put up their hands and apply to be the fit model. I have no doubt that ASOS is aware there is a problem and are seeking to rectify it. Indeed, they are doing a "group call" trouser fit session in London, just next week (for ALL sizes they offer, not just Curve).

Two gorgeous women have recently written both here and on Facebook saying that they've had some great fitting clothes delivered by ASOS Curve lately; this is fab news. This playsuit isn't too bad, perhaps it just isn't for me.

Fingers crossed, things keep getting better... certainly with dresses like this ASOS Curve Lace Dress with Long Sleeves - (seen here, in RED) there is certainly stuff to keep buying!

Meanwhile... how hot is the model, Bree Warren, in this picture?

I mean, Zounds!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Anna Scholz Black Label Reviews AW 11-12 concludes! x.


This has been an amazing month. I LOVE sharing Anna Scholz fashion with you. It is lovely to be able to talk to a designer about her clothes and then have her let me "showcase" them on my blog. I am just a normal female, like most of you (ha ha, hello to any male readers!). I like that I can try all these pieces, talk about them and share how they feel on my skin, as well as how they make me feel. I bought a couple of pieces from the ones I've tried, but apart from those couple - it all gets packed up and sent back to Anna. That is such a sad day for me... giving up the beautiful fashions! I LOVE the beautiful fashions.

When I try the clothes, I try to look nice, but effectively, for me it is about the clothes doing the talking... they say a lot. 


I have read loads of feedback on Anna's facebook page from people wanting this Coat. It is lovely and warm and fashionable and snug!

PhotobucketThe button-down front consists of "popper" buttons and the cute bow adds a sweet little feature at the front. You can't quite see clearly by the way I am standing, but the Coat (on my 5'5" frame) hits on my knee and sits in a lovely swingy A-line. I like the retro feel of this coat.

Another perfect thing for me about this coat? It's interesting. I LOVE that it isn't just black, I love the grey colour block which adds style to the piece. The design of the colours on this coat feels very modern, but also has a lovely mod feel. This is the kind of coat you could wear every day, or on a Winter night out. Thanks to the beautiful simplicity in the colour lines - this would work with a black dress, colour block look or glaring prints underneath!

The make up of this coat sees it consist of 50% wool which means it will be LOVELY and warm in Winter, the lining feels lush on your skin and the pockets are lovely and warm.

Such a smart coat.

Anna Scholz Black Label Drawstring Cardi


I'm a bit of a stubborn mule when it comes to cardigans... I wear them short. I often actually look at other bloggers or plus size women on the street and feel curious about how they seem to nail longline cardigans. Like the shirt dress I tried in the last post - they are something I rarely even try these days... such a fool!

PhotobucketThis Drawstring Cardi by Anna Scholz is so soft and comfortable on the skin... it is easy on and felt lovely to wear. This specific cardi has gorgeous silver beads all over it, meaning it could easily glam up every day wear, or look sleek on top of a slinky dress.

You can see from the pictures I have worn it with my own cami, shorts and tights - so simple. And it works.

This cardigan has a drawstring at the front which allows you to wear it long (to the knee), or cinch it up as high as the neck line if you want. This is a clever garment - it will allow you to try shapes which makes it wonderful and versatile. The drawstring can also alter the look of the garment as it ruches the fabric together. Just lovely.

While I can't see this lovely cardi available on the Anna Scholz site right now - there are some other silk drawstring cardis in the Black Label Collection in Blush, Lime and Grey which are online for you to look at!


Okay. Okay. I admit it. I am SO BEYOND TOTALLY BIASED for this dress. Last season, I tried Anna's Jersey Digital Print Pleat Dress and had to have it. I was so excited to try this current style, with it's leopard print in red, black, white and grey colouring.

This dress has an asymmetrical neckline which is sexy and interesting. To be honest - this is one of the dresses you put on and think - I couldn't feel more like a WOMAN right now. Sexy, empowering, strong and confident are all things I feel when I put this on. This dress will hold your body in such a fabulous way. There is an off-centre line that runs from the asymmetrical neck down to the hem line - this is a serious design feature! Side pleating gathers into this line creating such a stunning shape that feels like it elongates your body. There is a centre line at the back of the dress that has this effect also. The clever, sexy tailoring of this dress creates a shape and feel that inspires confidence. It makes me feel EFFORTLESSLY beautiful.

I mentioned in a previous post that I adore the Anna Scholz Jersey Fabric. This stunning dress is created from that same Jersey fabric, so for me - again - this is a massive draw.


I can not emphasise enough how much I love this dress. The shape, fabric, style and print ALL appeal to me. I bet all of you could totally rock this one.

Truly. You would ROCK IT.

Thank you to everyone at Anna Scholz for the opportunity to look at and review the latest collections, as well as letting me come and visit your studio. I have had the most fabulous time!  

Em. x.