Friday, 30 September 2011

Anna Scholz Black Label Reviews AW 11-12 continued...


PhotobucketI don't own many straight down the line tunics. I think many of you know, I am partial to quite a heavy structure through my dresses and clothing. Lately, I have enjoyed clothes which are a little more flowy and roomy. I think it's working in the West End. The tube is a killer for heat and I like to feel a little more movement through my clothes at the moment.

Just like the Anna Scholz Cape Coat that I tried in the last post, the Ponte Jersey Frill Shift Tunic is a gorgeous, bright red. Red is such a stunning colour and through autumn and winter it will look just fab as the skies turn grey and people get out their black coats.

PhotobucketAs soon as I put this tunic on, I felt its immediate Ponte Jersey warmth! It was nice - not toasty, just warm and comforting. I like the drape from my chest and specifically enjoy how this garment just skims off my breast and then flows down my body. I could easily layer thermal underwear with this tunic OR belt it OR throw on a jacket... This is versatile!

The detailing on the neckline and cuffs is also pretty adorable and because the detailing is the same fabric as the body of the tunic, it kind of blends really well and then POPs to life as you get closer to the garment. Beautiful!


This shirt dress... honestly? I can rarely stand to try a shirt dress. It's the buttons. I feel like clothing that's done up over my breasts (42F and supported fabulously by the Gok Wan Banger Booster) will pop open and I'll be some sort of busty pirate wench...

NOT the case, here!

PhotobucketI am thrilled to report that for the first time in a LONG LONG time I have found the shirt dress to reboot my frame of mind. I put this dress on and looked at myself. In my USUAL size 20 - there was no pull across the bust, no strain on the buttons, no threat of popping... just a perfectly closed shirt dress, and there were my boobs, covered and safe, under a shirt dress that fit - just as it SHOULD.


My Mr. Darcy was like, "Buy It".

I love this. My new found love of shirt dresses aside, I like the shape created thanks to the waist-high belt, I like the 3/4 sleeves and I particularly enjoy the playful, yet strangely intriguing beetle pattern.

The material is crepe jersey meaning the garment floats on your skin, but is also soft and has a little stretch in it. So, SO comfortable.

This one really surprised me. I really thought that because of past experiences with shirt dresses, that I'd put this on and dismiss it. I was wrong. Anna Scholz has nailed this dress and style. AND it just goes to show me: as a fashion lover AND as a consumer, that trying new things every now and again - or indeed REtrying things previously dismissed, is well worth it.


I love this one.

More soon!

Em. x.

PS - IF you aren't quite into the beetle pattern, another Shirt Dress is also availble, in a different pattern - HERE!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Latest at City Chic Blog: Inside Chic

As many of you know, I am a blogger over at the Official City Chic blog. I have been doing this for a while now and absolutely love it. In a recent post at City Chic, I looked back at a dress that changed my life - and that post reflects really well - just some of the reasons why I love City Chic as a brand.

I was just on Twitter and someone private messaged me and asked that I do a quick pop-up on this blog when I have a new post over at City Chic. Officially, I post every Thursday (Australian time) to the blog, but will make sure a short reminder comes up here from now on! If I am honest, Danimezza suggested AGES AGO that I do a City Chic round up on this blog each month - so it's probably time I did something!

The latest post is "Hello Tiger!?" and is up NOW!

More Anna Scholz Black Label will appear here, on "Oh, The Places You Go!", on Friday. x.

Em. x.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Visiting Anna Scholz Studios to look at Black Label - Plus a Discount Code! x.

Anna Scholz,Autumn,Winter,2011,2012,plus-size,dress,corset,tunic,AW,11-12,Black Label
Anna and I. I am wearing the soon to be released Snake Gathered Siren Dress.

Last week, I was invited to the Anna Scholz studios to see some of the latest styles, meet her (AMAZING) team and chat about clothes and fashion.

The Anna Scholz Studios are light and airy. I felt so excited to be invited along and lucky to be able to try the Current Black Label Collection. I sat and chatted to Anna for a while and enjoyed our easy conversation. Anna LOVES fashion and clothes... We talked about current trends and styles, as well as her upcoming direction. I caught a sneak peek of her upcoming collections for Spring Summer 2012 and loved the vibrant tones and stunning designs. Anna loves Colour and Prints and seriously, the collections she creates - which combine rich blacks and block colours with diverse print choices, are amazing. I met Anna's fantastic team - a group of people who are dedicated and love what they do. Such a treat.

I always talk to you about how well fitting I find the clothes from Anna... well, I learnt more about the tailoring process, as well as how seriously they take fit sessions at Anna Scholz. The fit model is a size 18 and they work and work and work to ensure a great fit. It works!

Today and in a couple of posts over the coming weeks, I will look at more from the Black Label Collection. This Collection is beautiful and I am sure one of the reasons I get invited to try these clothes is so that the shapes can be seen on my plus size body... So let's get started.

The Anna Scholz Black Label Collection for 2011-2012 has sexy silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and interesting shapes. I will try a couple of pieces I wouldn't usually wear and talk to you about how the garments feel on my skin as well as how the pieces MAKE me feel when I wear them.

If you find something that tickles your fancy, I have an exclusive discount code for you: ANNAS10 will give you 10% off full priced items on the Anna Scholz website until September 30th!


When I put this dress on, I had to look at myself in the mirror a BUNCH of times. The black side panels of this dress, teamed with the spotted centre panel nip in at the waist and then follow the curve of your hip and leg down the line of your body. This dress made me pay real attention to my shape and I was surprised by how much the dress gave me a really smooth sleek-looking figure.

The ponte jersey material of this dress is lovely and thick while still feeling soft on the skin. This is a dress you can wear and feel confident in... it will keep shape well... the fabric and tailoring ensure it!

This is one of those "it" dresses you could buy for winter and wear on a gorgeous night out, but also wear for a "power day" at work. I found this garment really empowering and I like that it could be worn, subtly and sexily on a "normal life" day too - just to give you that extra "I'm awesome and sexy and female" kick. This is a really great dress and certainly - worth looking at very seriously!


I adore this. I have NEVER tried a cape on my body and have often looked at stores or blogs with Capes and thought - I wonder how I might look in one of those.


Well... in this Bright Red Black Label version - I'm going to say - I look pretty amazing. As you can see - even in this size 22 (which was the size I picked up, usually I am a 20) - this Coat is beautiful, tailored well and just such a stunning colour.


This coat is luxurious. The lining of the Cape is amazing and soft and I LOVE that it's the same vibrant red as the wool exterior. I put this on and felt warmth but also enjoyed the movement through the piece. The swing nature of this jacket is cinched in at the front by the belt which creates a lovely feminine shape.

I am very tempted to buy this Wool Cape Coat. It feels warm and pretty on my body, but is also unlike anything I own... I can just imagine this over my dresses in Winter keeping me warm but still allowing me lots of movement. Argh! Why are clothes so pretty and wonderful!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Simply Be Stores launching THIS WEEK...

This week, I was invited to attend the Liverpool Store opening of Simply Be.  Due to work (and living in London!), I am unable to get up there for the day. Although I am jealous of all you gorgeous Liverpudlians.

Because why?  Well...

At 1pm, on Friday the 23rd of September, Simply Be's FIRST EVER STORE opens in the Liverpool One Shopping Centre at 1pm. Seriously. Get there. Simply Be Fashions - available for you to TRY and then BUY. This is SO exciting.

Meanwhile, in Bury on the 7th October, you have your very OWN store opening at The Rock Shopping Centre.

Alan White, the CEO of N Brown (parent company to Simply Be) has stated...

"We wanted to have our first stores in the North West because all our managers and distributors are in the North West, so we can give the stores a lot of close attention. We want to open two or maybe three stores in September or October this year, then three or four next spring. Then we’ll evaluate it in 2012.*"

PhotobucketThis is such a fabulous week for plus fashion. It is amazing that another High Street retailer will exist, specifically aimed at plus-size women and fashion... So many of my readers from Australia come across to the UK and lament the fact that there aren't actually that many stores for them to walk into and buy clothes... Simply Be, in opening stores, is committing to another side of their business...  In the last year, they have opened "online" in the States and clearly, from what Alan White has said above, there is a strong commitment to open more stores here in the UK. Simply Be is one of my favourite places to shop... It is where I have got some of my favourite dresses (like the one pictured), most loved bras, sexy lingerie, gym gear and even winter boots. How exciting to think a store will open on Friday in Liverpool - or indeed, more stores will open in the future.

On behalf of plus-size curves: all the thighs and hips and bums and tits: Thank you Simply Be!

*Alan White quote taken from the Liverpool Daily Post.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Anna Scholz Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Reviews... Part THREE!

Okay. I love this... Anna has gone ahead, with her Double Silk Colour Black Panel Dress and created something which allows for a silhouette of black, matched with neck, cuff and hemline flourish!

This dress is pretty and absolutely feminine.

This is a gorgeous, floaty garment that is light and comfortable. The dress has a subtler print block style than many of Anna's clothes - but still maintains innovation and colour, mixed with the cut and drape I always rave about!

The structure of this dress is relatively simple with a self-tie back affording structure. The sleeves are lovely and long for the colder months and the slight pleating at the top of the cleavage give the dress a beautiful and natural fall down the front of your body.

You can see, in taking these photos, I have left my hair very simple, with a high silver necklace the only thing complimenting this look. This dress - with its beautiful blocks of print against rich black does a lot on its own to look elegant and beautiful - while still being edgy.


PhotobucketIf you haven't tried Anna Scholz before, this would be a great garment to start with. The dress is great for movement and allows you to indulge in Anna's stylish prints, with a hint of subtlety thrown in. I love Anna's shapes and while I will almost always err towards a more figure hugging choice, my Anna Scholz tunic, with its simple, high, elasticated waist - is perfect for days when I want a hint of form along with a more loose fitting, flowy look... I think this dress would also be absolutely perfect for those days.

Style AND movement? YES Please!

I almost just want to post pictures and say - this speaks for itself.


This dress is the epitome of class and feminine structure. Talk about gorgeous.

The Double Silk fabric fits perfectly to your body while still being ultra comfortable. I love the sweetheart neck, high empire line and 3/4 sleeves for winter. As ever, Anna Scholz's amazing tailoring is at work with side pleating to the high-hip line - this creates a shape that will make you look at yourself in this dress, and go WOW. Seriously.


Apart from myself and the model on the site, I have seen this dress on a couple of other people now. It is stunning and works for a variety of shapes... I mentioned in my post last week, that for me, this is a really striking, beautiful print - you can see, it looks killer!

And so does the dress...


You know, I get excited by being able to do these posts. It is no small thing, that I get to review these pieces and talk about them with you. One of the reasons I rave so easily about the Anna Scholz dresses is because they are so well crafted - these dresses represent the kind of care all plus-size designers and retailers should take when considering us and making garments for us.


As an aside - the ASOS Curve post I did on the weekend has had a strong response... thank you. 
ASOS Curve opened a discussion yesterday on their Facebook Friend page requesting suggestions of where to go next. Go tell 'em, Girls! xxx.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

ASOS Curve: Pussy Bow, Godet & Bow Collar Knitted Dress...

About a month ago, I ordered a few dresses from ASOS Curve and raved on this blog about one of those dresses: The Asos Curve Lace Waisted Dress...

Love Love Love.

At the same time as buying that lace dress, I bought a couple of others, which are now on sale; The Fan Print Tea Dress (too big and billowy) and the Summer Floral Dress (too tight in the chest)... At the time, I wondered about the difference in sizing, but let it go...

So. Erratic sizing. Asos Curve.

This week, I bought three dresses from Asos using the Fashion Week Code "happylfw" - all of them are going back. I have never bought dresses before, rejected them and the posted them here on my blog... BUT, due to the fact that I think there's a bit of a tailoring issue and we ladies can't try these clothes before we buy them, I've decided to post them.


I really like this dress and on the site it looks stunning on the model... unfortunately for me, it doesn't quite fit. It LOOKS like it fits okay in the picture, but it pulls uncomfortably across my chest. This is really unfortunate, especially since I should fit this size perfectly. That being said, the material is light and floaty, the high-waist is in the right spot and the neckline and pattern are really cute!

ASOS Curve Review,Pussy Bow Dress

I am sure that quite a few of you will look gorgeous in this Print Dress with its Pussy Bow and wish desperately my breasts fit the cut of the dress.

Godet Dress

I don't even know what to say. This is seriously one of the ugliest, most poorly fitting dresses I have worn in a long time. The very definition of Fat Lady Tent Wear - REALISED. I understand that sometimes a look needs work. HOWEVER, I inherently believe that clothing should fit from the get go. The chest is all wrong, the waist is sitting in an awkward location and there is nothing particularly pretty about any of this. I would never usually post a dress I dislike this much, but, something is up with this little number. If you own it, let me know. I would love to see how this works on other women. And if it works, does it work because it fits naturally? Or have you had to tailor it for your own shape? I am VERY interested!

Finally - I do appreciate that some of you may think this looks nice, but, because I think the "Godet Dress" looks bland, it is destined for Return.


This last dress is litreally a BEAUTIFUL colour. I took it out of the bag and was in awe of how vibrant the blue is. Style wise - I find that the waist and neckline aren't right on me. I have a real issue with the waist, to be honest, the slight cinching does little for the shape of the dress and it feels more like an afterthought than a structured feature.

Bow Knitted Dress

I find the dress droops to a waist line off the curve of my breast. I tried it with a belt, which improves it greatly...


I feel that with a belt this dress becomes a much nicer garment as regards both fit and style. The knit fabric is lovely and would be well worth your trying - it may fit you like a glove! It might just be awkward on me!

I am a big fan of ASOS Curve... I think the retailer does an amazing job at creating clothing for us which is interesting and pushes a few boundries as regards what's available for plus-size women. In fact - for the most part, the designers do a fabulous job. Lately, I have been a little disappointed. While quality remains high, the cut, tailoring and shape of the garments seems a little inconsistent at the moment and slightly slap dash. I am sure many of you Curvettes have opinions on this and I am curious for your take... so tell me?

Are the shapes working for you? Or are you having to work to get your shape?

Let me know.

PS - All dresses in this post were tried for my purchasing purposes. I took photos after putting the dresses on, immediately after checking for sizing. All dresses remain tagged and none have been worn "out".

PPS - My Anna Scholz Reviews continue this coming week, so see you soon! x.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Anna Scholz Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Reviews... Part TWO!

I am so excited by this post. Excited, because I am going to talk about one of the most stunning dresses I have ever worn...

AND - Excited, because I am going to share ANOTHER stunning dress with you, the one I just HAD to own!

You all know the Anna Scholz White Label Double Silk Cowl Neck Dress, in the Check Print. This is what I would almost classify as THE DRESS of the current collection. Model, Tanya Gervasi looks completely stunning in this dress as part of the "La Dolce Vita" campaign and her image has been displayed on many websites, helping to solidify the dress as a defining Autumn-Winter, White Label garment.

I had to request this dress to try... I rarely wear such full length dresses, or indeed similarly high (or indeed cowl) necklines, but - I had to see if I would look good in this dress... I wanted to know if my body would work in such a definitive piece.

It certainly does...


This dress is designed for beautiful, natural curves. I am wearing a UK size 22 in these photos and you can see my body looks absolutely gorgeous, with a defined breast, waist and hip line. This is an amazingly comfortable garment too... when I put it on, it immediately felt good and right and feminine.

I love that this dress has such a beautiful shape, the slightly ruched 3/4 length sleeves are lovely and for a little extra warmth through Winter, this dress could easily be worn with a layer of thermal underwear and beautifully tailored jacket. The shape of this garment sees the dress fall with off centre pleating from the high waist line, skimming the hip and then draping beautifully down the leg.

In looking at these photos, I am still gobsmacked by how pretty this Cowl Neck Dress is. I felt lovely in the double silk fabric and it also made me feel confident and held... That may seem like a funny word, held. But what I mean, is that I felt like this dress was made specifically for me - as opposed to being made for plus-size women, generally. I felt like this dress was literally made to hold on to MY body - it feels unique and special and designed with my curves in mind. That's amazing and it says loads about how Anna designs.



Before I even managed to get my little paws on this dress, I knew it was going to be something special. The pattern of this V-Dress, defined as "stained-glass" on the Anna Scholz website absolutely took my breath away - online and in person... I adore the muddied colours and to me, it looks almost like a jewel colour painting that someone has spilled water across. I adore this.

PhotobucketThis dress has an amazing shape, with pleats from the hip and across the breast, as well as a thick, high empire line which cuts into a tulip style skirt. The shape AND drape of this dress completely wooed me, and I had to buy it. You can see the neck line is a beautiful, slight cross-over v-shape and the skirt runs to just below my knee (I am 5'5").

I put this on and felt sexy. Feminine. READY for the world.

My OTHER draw for this dress was the fabric. I swear... all the good people at Anna Scholz have to do is say "Jersey" and I am there. Anna's Jersey material is of such a high quality, it feels soft and supple against the skin. I seriously love this fabric and I think it works so well for my (or your!!) plus sized figure.

In this dress, I opted to review a size 20 which I then ended up buying. I LOVE this one. x.

Tomorrow morning, I will be saying hello to Anna at her design studio... if you have any questions, or if there is anything you'd like to see from the Black Label collection, let me know asap!

Loves. x.

PS - Someone emailed me and asked how I manage to get such fabulous access to Anna Scholz's garments to review them... Well - about a year or so ago, this little fat girl walked into the (now defunct) plus-size section at Harrods and went fairytale crazy, trying on all the gorgeous Anna Scholz fashion.. I videotaped it and also posted photos to this blog. My enthusiasm seemed to strike a chord with Anna and Co and since then, I have occasionally been lucky enough to have access to the clothes, so I can show them to you on my enthused, plus-size figure! YEAH!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Anna Scholz Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Reviews... Part ONE!

Anna Scholz,Autumn,Winter,2011,2012,AW,Tunic,Dress

It is always a really special time here on the Boombands Blog, when I have my Anna Scholz weeks. Many of you are aware of the fact that Anna is my favourite high-end designer and that I love the innovative looks, prints and cuts she gives us - CONSISTENTLY with each new collection. These Anna Scholz previews are always a little dangerous for me too. I always fall in love with the pieces I am sent to review so returning them is HARD... Too hard! I'll show you why!


I was really looking forward to trying this item, last season when I tried the Digital Tunic, I was TRANSFIXED. I am so pleased that this season, the Double Silk Frill Tunic has taken my breath away.

Firstly though, as regards this collection - I have to mention the prints. I love Anna Scholz. I love the fact that she embraces and GIVES us interesting, vibrant and sexy prints. I love that her collections give us options for block colour, but also - and possibly MOST wonderfully - creates a situation where, as plus-size women, we can choose blues and pinks and oranges and purples that Anna has specifically worked at creating for our bodies. THIS was my favourite print when I saw it online. I loved the colours and how well the blues and oranges worked together. In real life, this print is JUST as vibrant as I wanted it to be.


The Double Silk Frill Tunic is light and floaty. Before Anna, I had never really worn tunics, I was unsure of how the shape would work for me, but she does this so well - I ADORE the empire line waist which is nipped in with a little line of elastic, it affords looseness but also shape - the neckline is both flattering and sexy and I love how loose the sleeves are. Looking through my photos, I can see how easily I could kick this up a gear with a thick black belt and some heavier eye makeup... That being said, I'm sure you can see from my photos that the colour, shape and vibrancy of this dress really works all on its own!


When I picked this item, I picked it for two reasons. Firstly, I thought it looked stunning on the model... Secondly. Well. I was curious. I have never worn anything like this dress, so I was really curious to see how it might suit my body and whether I could pull off the shape, cut and style. It really is lovely.

This dress is made of Anna's luxurious jersey material. I have several dresses (by Anna) in this fabric and I am always struck by how soft it feels on the skin. It is also a LOVING fabric... it holds your curves, but has generous movement to it. When I put this dress on, it was clear that it would be compatible with many different shapes thanks to the self tie belt that comes with it, as well as the stretch in the material.

This T-Shirt Maxi is actually a perfect Autumn/Winter dress thanks to the warm colours, maxi length, 3/4 length sleeves and high(ish) round neckline.


I never wear shapes like this. I've mentioned before how I love structure... but I appreciate the detailing here - how a simple belt can afford me structure. The neckline is also a smidge higher than I am used to - but it is flattering and would be lovely and warming through the season.

One final important detail about this dress: It is comfortable. Really comfortable. I don't wear t-shirts or tops too often, but when I put this on I was struck by how this garment is defined as a T-SHIRT Maxi dress... It felt soft and lush on my skin; REALLY comfortable and as Winter approaches, I can see that it would feel soft and deliciously warming under a coat, with a pair of tights and nice black heels.


My Anna Scholz Reviews will continue through next week as I showcase more from the White Label Collection. I am also catching up with Anna at her studio next week, so if you have any questions - send them through!

Big Smooches! Em. x.

All items in this post are a size 20 and were sent for review purposes only. 
Please note that the grainy nature of some of the shots is representative of my camera, only. xxx.

Monday, 5 September 2011

A question of confidence...

I get waxed. I love to get waxed. I have always loved it. I love the process, I love the feeling, I love the result and I mostly love how aftwerwards I feel all pampered. Truth be told? For me, waxing is a major stress release.

That all being said, waxing, is what I like. I know some ladies don't like waxing, or indeed shaving. But - for the sake of conversation in starting this post - it is relevant that I like getting waxed (and before anyone asks -  when I get waxed, it is something I do for myself).

A few weeks ago I was chatting to one of my good friends about the fact I wanted to get waxed but didn't feel I had any time. She asked me, where I go - so I told her... (to London's best Salon - Strip. Seriously - it is amazing). My friend, told me she doesn't wax... I asked her if she'd ever wanted to try it and she told me, yes, but that she didn't feel comfortable... 

That's fair enough. But you know, if you did ever want to try it, you could just get a little bit done to see how you feel. Like, maybe the lower half of your leg... below the knee, or your eyebrows! You don't have to get your bikini line done...

It's not that. It's not about my bikini line or them seeing my girlie bits. Or the pain. It's my thighs. What will they think of my thighs?


My friend, who I was talking to - is a size 12. Her leggy-pegs are much smaller than my size 18-20 pins. That being said, what she said, struck me.

Body confidence is such an important thing ladies. Feeling OKAY about your body, or even LOVING it -  as well as liking your personality is like LIFE MAGIC.
Body confidence is not something that came to me easily - I was very lucky though, in that I did have a good start... I grew up in a very loving environment where we were all taught we were beautiful and okay in our different bodies - indeed, with five kids - we were ALL different shapes and sizes... BUT positive start aside, like may of you, I did still struggle with myself and my image for quite a few years. Body confidence and the struggle to have body confidence is not something unique to plus size people - in fact, I think most people - at some stage - struggle with image.

An image from when I started blogging. It was not easy! And many of my photos were taken without me looking at the camera as I felt so shy. My blog has affirmed me... Thanks to YOUR positive feedback. x.

If you are someone who struggles with body confidence at the moment, all I can say is that you are not alone. These days, I personally feel good in my skin, but as your friend and as a fashion blogger, I want you to know, I do know how you feel if you don't feel so confident.

I hope that if you are struggling, you find confidence in the plus-size blogs you read and clothes that are available for you to buy. I personally believe in my personality and in my heart and I think both of those things helped me realise that I am okay as a size 20. There were moments as a younger woman where I wished for a smaller figure, but, that seemed to melt away as I realised I am allowed to feel good about myself. I am healthy and happy and I have a nice body that lets me do a bunch of stuff, like walk everywhere and wear fancy clothes and enjoy delicious foods. I LIKE my body - it lets me enjoy perfect snuggles(!) with Mr. Darcy,  hug my friends and it helps me catch my nephew when he runs all about.

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands EmI wrote a post a while back about body confidence and contextualising ugly days... I wrote about how even now - when I feel really great in my skin and happy and confident (almost 100% of the time) - I can still have bad days. We can all have bad days.

I DO hope that if you are one of the people who has very few days where you feel good about yourself, you can cut yourself a break. I think people are beautiful. Really beautiful. And I am sure you are too. I would also go odds on, that if you are having confidence woes, you are much harder on yourself than anyone else will ever be. Because I am confident, actually, that YOU ARE beautiful.

Now. I have a blog recommendation for you on this exact theme. One of my good friends, Danimezza has done one of the bravest things a girl could ever do. Ever. She has shown a confidence that I'm not sure that even I could achieve. Danimezza is a size 20. She is body confident and she has just posed NAKED in a national magazine. It is amazing, inspiring and I reccomend you get to her site and take a look.

Smooches my loves. Smooches and confidence.


PS - Last weekend, I had the good fortune to preview some of the Autumn Winter Collection Pieces by Anna Scholz for 2011-2012. YEAH YEAH YEAH! I am so pleased to let you know I will be blogging the collection towards the end of the week. x.