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ASOS Curve Model & International Runway Sensation: Bree Warren Interviewed!

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size
Bree Warren looking gorgeous in a photo by Natalie Wakeling.

You've quite recently become a full time model. When you made the leap, deciding to jump in and do modeling full time, what was it like to head to New York? 

New York has an incredible energy. At the time I really had no idea how it would pan out so it was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I think some people thought I was slightly mad to defer university before my last year, but I figured you can't wait for the perfect time as it might never happen.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,City ChicWhy did you choose to live in London?

I lived in London a few years ago and I feel comfortable here so it was a good place to start. London has the best vibe, anything goes and it's so easy to get around.

Tell us what it's like to be signed to a model agency?

Signing with an agency is great but it's really just the first step. You then need to actually book work!

How do you get a runway show? Are the casting sessions we see on TV accurate at all!!?

It's actually fairly accurate. It does vary a little bit depending on the designer and the show but it is generally the same at the casting - you walk in heels, they look at your book, take video/polaroids and then you might walk again in bigger heels.

Tell us about how you felt walking for Elena Miro in Milan?

I loved it! Elena Miro sets such a high standard and I felt privileged to do the show. A year ago I would never have expected to be doing all this.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,Elena Miro

And what did it feel like flying into Australia specifically to walk for City Chic?

Oh that was such a nice experience. I haven't worked for City Chic before and of course I love being able to go home so it all worked out perfectly. The Damn You Alexis collection is going to be big.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,City Chic

What type of preparation is involved for these runway shows?

Preparation is pretty standard for all jobs in that you arrive with clean hair, face and nails. Call times can be anywhere up to five hours before the show so that does sometimes mean really early starts and a bit of waiting around. Prior to the day, you might have a fitting or rehearsal.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,Elena Miro
Something I have always wondered  - is the energy before a runway show exciting or nerve racking?

Haha, it sounds odd but I think I like the pressure. There is this sort of exciting buzz in the air and it gets pretty hectic with everyone running around backstage.

And Bree, if I said to you, tomorrow, I need you on a runway in New York, or on a beach being photographed in Barbados, which would you choose?

Haha, my first thought was how long is the flight between the two?

If I really had to choose, I'm thinking Barbados. The weather would be lovely at this time of year.

You are a model for ASOS Curve. How does that feel and what is a normal day at ASOS HQ like?

I'm a big fan of Asos in general. Asos is the coolest kid on the block at the moment in terms of online shopping. Big operation, amazing clothes and a fun crew. Every day there are 6 studios with two models shooting in each and there is quite a lot to get through - it's a 9am to 5.30pm day usually.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,ASOS Curve

Do you ever look up the ASOS Curve page and think, "Yeah - that's me..."

Haha, I would be lying if I said I haven't had a look but it's more like "what on earth was I doing there!" The novelty wears off pretty quickly.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,Elena MiroI am definitely a plus size girl and while my focus on fashion is certainly on all things curvy, I do look at the more "straight size" fashion world too. What I have noticed is that models like yourself feel accessible but also seem to become very well known and loved very quickly. How do you find the attention you get because of what you do and the type of model you are?

I think a womanly figure is endearing and sexy but I try not to get caught up in all that because for every person who loves you there's another few that don't. It's out of my control! I think I have something positive to offer and I love what I do so it definitely makes everything a whole lot easier for me. At the same time though there is a lot of luck involved in modelling and who knows how long it will last. I'm just going with it!

A few quickies....

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-sizeHow do you look after your skin?

I'm low key with my skin regime. Not too much make up, always wash my face at night and I use a slightly excessive amount of moisturizer. I remember I never used to believe people who would tell me they can tell a lot about someone's lifestyle by looking at their skin but I have to say it's true! I notice a big difference when I have been super healthy. And if all else fails.....a swim at the beach should sort it out.

What is your personal fashion style?

Describing your own style is hard....I was asked this for the first time a few months ago and I kind of sat there with a total mind blank for a few minutes!

I like a bit of everything. I'm not a discriminatory shopper but I am loyal so if I like something I will buy it no matter where it comes from and I will probably go back there. At the moment I love clean lines, knitwear, fabrics that look expensive and I'm quite picky with prints. It's refreshing to see all the colour around at the moment as well.

I actually just asked one of my friends what she thought my style was and her response was 'classic with a grunge twist'. So I guess that's it then.

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size,Boombands EmWhat is your fashion advice for any girls reading?

I think the biggest mistake is that we spend so much time pouring over other peoples style that we forget to plan our own. You need to work out what you love, what you loathe and most of all what suits your shape. For staple pieces a really good shopping rule I try to ask myself is 'Will this look dated in a few years time? If the answer is yes dont buy it'! That being said though, this rule does need to be broken occasionally....

What self indulgences (fashion or beauty) do you allow yourself?

Does Gossip Girl count?

AND FINALLY - If you could be in a modeling campaign with any international celebrity (model, actor, writer, director etc.). Who would you choose and what would the campaign look like and be about?

Oh this is tough! I am living in London so my dream job would be for an iconic British label like Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Mulberry or even Agent Provocateur with someone like Daisy Lowe. She is such a babe!

Bree Warren,Model,Plus-size
Vivienne Westwood colours the world... 
This picture is entirely fabricated thanks to a little Boombands magic - Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite designers, hence my fabulously amateur photoshop work... I might pop Bree into another ad next week. 
Maybe not though!

For more info on Bree - please check out this amazing and insightful interview at Plus Size Models Unite or to see some current GORGEOUSNESS - head to the Ladies of the Manor Editorial and see Bree, as photographed by Natalie Wakeling (pics also feature Laura Wells and Kate Hislop).

From a personal perspective, my lovely readers -  I LOVED this chance to interview Bree... it was easy, to be honest! Bree has a relaxed and completely accessible nature. I feel like quite the lucky blogger! Next month, I have an interview lined up with another amazing model - but for now I just want to say...

Thank you Bree Warren!


Booking Bree:
Wilhelmina New York
Hughes Models London
Brigitte Models Germany
BGM Sydney

Some photos supplied by Bree Warren, or found online utilising google image search.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hey Gorgeous!

Hello there everyone!

I had a quick message on Facebook today asking what I have been up to... well! Work has been taking over lately. But! Check it out. I thought I would share my outfit from today... 

YES. It is THAT dress that I LOVED earlier this month. The Print Jersey Plait Strap dress by Anna Scholz! You can see I have teamed it with my City Chic Ruffle Sleeve Bolero, a combination that works FABULOUSLY. On my tootsies I have Pink Flip Flops and round my neck - a very sexy WORK PASS!

I am in a crazy mood and hope you don't mind the quick, low quality shots... I just wanted to send you loves and a quick hello.

It is going to be OVER 24 degrees in London today. 

Hello Sunshine!

I have a killer interview that will come up on the site in the next couple of days, so see you soon!

Smooches! xxx.

PS - This is a great "First Buy" dress from Anna Scholz and it's part of the current collection! I bought it after trying it for the blog earlier this month...  I am wearing a Size 20! xxx.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

Operation #Uplift

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

Oh no. It's The-Coveted-gate all over again. As much as I wish I could start this week's roundup with a glowing review of positivity, the sad truth is that the blogosphere is rife with accusations of trademark infringement, side-eye, competition, and bitchiness. Ladies and gents, it is time for this to stop.

I'll never understand why people feel the need to tear others down, or pass another's content—or identity—off as their own. Blogging dynamo Cece of LoveBrownSugar noted this week that she's had enough of the side-eye in fashion, and frankly, so have I. Last week, Cece issued an #Uplift Challenge: Find at least one female you don't know personally and tell her something that makes her feel beautiful. Don't get "#Uplift"? Be sure to read Beautifully Invisible's post—a Twitterless blogger is like Lady Gaga without a mic!

As you explore this week's list and head into the weekend, I leave you with this thought: "Women with wings," Sacramento, of Mis Papelicos, wrote, "use their wings not only to fly, but to cuddle, to shelter, to back, to push and to hug." What are you using your wings for?

Links à la Mode: April 14th

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  • Shoeperwoman: A warning to all bloggers: A first-hand account of when someone tries to take your brand/trademark.
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Shopbop Dresses: Black, Sundresses, Wrap, Print, Cocktail, White, Work, Jersey, by Lanston, Tucker, Shoshanna, Parker, & Obakki

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Seriously Great Links


There are so many fabulous blogs about. So many of us stunning girls sharing our fashions, thoughts and indeed, our fatshion thoughts... I wanted to start doing occasional blog round-ups. I don't always have time to surf about reading all the words and looking at all the pictures, but I've had time lately and feel so excited by so many of the posts I've seen. I've chosen EIGHT to share this week. The ones that took my breath away. Every couple of weeks - check back for my latest round-up. I plan to feature lots of different blogs!

There are so many other great ones. I have a blog roll, if you scroll down - on the right of this page, you'll find more links to click through. 
I am a big believer in our little fashion corner being curvy and beautiful, whether you are a reader or blogger - it would be great to hear WHO inspired YOU this week... 


PS - My latest post for City Chic went up on Thursday - check it out here: SEXY is the word!

All images in the banner of this blog were sourced from the links above... check them out!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

City Chic OWNS the Catwalk.

City Chic,Citychiconline,Boombands,Boombands Em,Fashion Week,Plus-SIze,LMFF,Curves,Bree Warren,Laura Wells,Courtney Maxwell,city chic,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,lmff,plus-size,curvy,fashion,boombands

Everyone knows I LOVE a runway. In recent months I have featured the looks of Elena Miro and the amazing Alexander McQueen... well - let's look at City Chic.

Most of you know (and were excited by) the fact the during L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival City Chic had a show in Federation Square as an OFFICIAL part of the show. This is amazing.

City Chic has long been my favourite brand. In the early Naughties, City Chic allowed me, as a chubby girl who wanted to avoid tent wear, to start looking chic and feeling sexy and feminine. City Chic is where I ventured BACK into colour after years of only ever wearing black... City Chic helped me create my current look - moving into dresses and feminine edge. I HONESTLY don't know what plus-size fashion in Australia would have been like without the emergence of City Chic - and for me, the brand was a revolution and a REVELATION. I STILL have items branded with the old logo and wear them with pride to this day. I LOVE them.

The clothing I buy from City Chic remains my favourite and so, I felt so proud to see the designs at LMFF featuring stunning models including the Australian International Plus Size Super Models Bree Warren and Laura Wells.


Laura Wells in the Showstopper.

city chic,city chic,citychiconline,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,fashion week,lmff,lmff,plus-size,plus-size,curvy,curvy,fashion,fashion,boombands,em,bree warren,laura wells,courtney maxwell
The show had the face of City Chic; the completely stunning and inspiring Courtney Maxwell.

BGM Model Sakina looks STUNNING

So many sexy models from BGM were on board - I mean, seriously - what stunning women. I LOVE Jessica (this model) AND am spellbound by the dress!

city chic,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,lmff,plus-size,curvy,fashion,boombands,em,bree warren,laura wells,courtney maxwell
American competition winners Lola and Sommer flew into Melbourne from the States and had blast. You can read their diary on the event at the Curvy Fashionista!

The fact is you can see from all these pictures - as well as the ones on the City Chic blog that these women have been styled, with curves in mind. City Chic is presenting clothing which is on-trend, but also completely innovative, sexy and empowering.

That really is one of the things I love most about the brand... it is empowering, and things like having models walk at fashion week - completely reflect that.

Bree Warren looking completely Va Va Voom in an upcoming dress from the Damn You Alexis range for City Chic.

To see more from City Chic at Fashion Week and watch the girls own the runway - head to the video on YouTube. And for an amazing write-up and comprehensive look at the fashion on show - head to Madison Plus!

What phenomenal, sexy and EMPOWERING stuff!

city chic,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,lmff,plus-size,curvy,fashion,boombands,em,bree warren,laura wells,courtney maxwell


Monday, 4 April 2011

Style me Sexy.

Haircut,Floral Workwear Dress,Biker Jacket,Beth Ditto

How hard is style sometimes? You all saw how AWESOME I rocked the ASOS CURVE Floral Workwear Dress, but honestly? I didn't find this the easiest dress to style with a Jacket. I have a couple of leather jackets, baby boleros, shrugs, cardigans... NONE of them were working. And then I had a thought.

Recently, via my facebook, I sold a brand new First Release Beth Ditto Piece - the Cropped Biker Jacket. On Sunday, I realised I had not seen MY version of that jacket in AGES (I originally bought two and sold the one I had not worn yet). So I hunted for it. Hunted and hunted.

FINDING the jacket was a triumph, in moving in with Mr. Darcy a while back I'd changed wardrobes, the jacket lay at the bottom of my closet - having fallen off its hanger in the early days of settling in. I have to say, the Beth Ditto Jacket looks KICK ARSE with the dress. Darcy wasn't around to take my pics - but you can see from the shot above, it works. I LOVE this jacket and had forgotten just how amazingly it was made (I seriously feel the First Ditto Collection kicked arse over most (but not all) of the second Collection).

And where did I go looking so fierce? Haircut! You all know I have been growing my hair, right? Well, Belinda - my hairdresser at The Painted Lady suggested a little softness and style now that the length is coming along. My first months of growing have seen me ache for length without too much regard form shape.

She gave me some shape. I LOVE IT.

Haircut,Floral Workwear Dress,Biker Jacket,Beth Ditto

Quickly - A big thank you to EVERYONE who gave me such positive feedback on my Anna Scholz posts last week. If you would like to refresh your memory and see the curvy, sexy styles I was rocking - head HERE!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Anna Scholz - THIS is IT!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

This is the one. This is THE dress. The Print Jersey Plait Strap Dress. THIS, for me, is IT. When I saw this dress and pattern come online on the Anna Scholz website, my brain nearly exploded. I was taken by the pattern AND the style... Do you remember this dress? It is the one that Kelsey Arif wore for her photoshoot in Las Vegas as part of the Curvy Revolution (left). I remember seeing it on Kelsey and thinking that I loved EVERYTHING about it. 

Now, let me tell you something. This dress is lined to perfection. You put this baby on and feel perfectly summery. This dress, isn't heavy and it isn't rigid with structure... BUT this dress holds shape and gives you a sexy curve thanks to it's cut and drape. 

No kidding. 

The centre drape of material that falls between the breasts creates a really comfortable weight that GIVES this dress structure. Material ALSO falls from underneath the bust area, such that you are given a really gorgeous silhouette.

I have bought a dress similar to this before and RAVED about it, look HERE. Yes. Another Anna Scholz dress. That one was the first Anna Scholz dress I ever bought and it was part of her Simply Be range. I still love that dress. And, I must say - THIS dress is part of her Black Label range and I love it even more; thanks to the extra luxurious fabric, gorgeous silky lining, the sexy/vibrant pattern and slightly heavier drape. 

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
This is so feminine and gorgeous. I mean, the print itself is funky and interesting and combined with the cut, this is easily going to be one of my favourite go-to dresses for Summer here in the UK. Can you see the straps underneath my little macrame shrug? They are plaited... I swear, it is these little bits of attention to detail which help define the CARE that goes into crafting this. 

I didn't just buy this dress, I scooped it up and ate it with icecream - it's THAT fantastic. 


PS. I BET I blog this dress again before Summer is out. LOVE IT!