Thursday, 31 March 2011

How sexy is your arm?

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews


Okay. Lovers of coverage. Or, girls who want a little sexy on their biceps and triceps...

Meet the Black Label Lace Cropped Jacket by Anna Scholz.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

I don't even know how to write and do this piece justice. I mean that. This is light lace which crops just above the hip and is tailored to fit your body perfectly.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
You can wear this lace jacket done up or undone. You could wear it over dresses or over a plain little cami - like I have... The tailoring on this jacket is completely spot on and the detail in the lace is really delightful.

Put simply, this jacket is just a STUNNING piece of clothing. If you want coverage, want to feel feminine and need a piece that can transition between both class and sexiness...

THIS is the item.



You want more? Okay...

(Can you tell I'm having fun?!!)

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviewsYou know, when I initially asked for a sample of this shift dress, I requested the Aztec Paisley print... Winnie, one of my delightful contacts at Anna Scholz let me know my size was unavailable and so sent me this Parrot print instead.

These pictures are fabulous but do not quite capture the fact that in sunshine, this dress kind of glows. It radiates a vibrancy and energy of colour that literally made me keep looking down at my body and going, WOW.

I love this. I bet it's the Double Silk. Or maybe the fact that it hugs my curve, or perhaps because it has a drape that also let's my shape breathe. Maybe I love it because of the side pleats... pleats which let the material run flat, but flow from your high hip-line in a graceful, flattering fashion. Hmm.

I was very excited to try this dress. In fact, I was excited to try this shape. Last year, I put on a Classic Anna Scholz Wrap dress in Harrods and marveled with you at how precisely Anna designs her clothes with a curvy body in mind... Since then, I have tried many of her garments - but never one of her Double Silk Shift Dresses. This is a shape, that feels MADE FOR MY BODY. It caters to my breast, pulls in for a high waist and then flows from the hip. If you are new to Anna Scholz and want to jump straight in the deep end for style and class - this is the way to go!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Anna Scholz Print Jersey Band Top Reviewed!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
Hello, Gorgeous Pattern!

This Anna Scholz Black Label Print Jersey Band Top is lovely. I very rarely wear tops, so it is actually very strange for me to put them on. I really like this. It falls well from my shoulders, skims my breast and fits perfectly around my waist. You could wear this top two ways actually, I preferred it sitting on my hip, but the banding at the bottom of the top, means you could also wear it very long and look particularly hot in a pair of fitted pants or skinny jeans.

The fabric of this top is light... having tried Anna's winter collection a few months ago I am so impressed how the move between seasons doesn't alter the quality, cut or drape of garments.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

You can see the flattering baby pleats that run from the neckline down the body, again working with curves and shape. I have tried Anna Scholz tops and tunics before and just like those amazing items, this one fits well and looks pretty and feminine. I also really like the print - take a look at Anna's site - this print is also available on other really hot items including a Gathered Skirt, Maxi Dressand Racerback Vest.

Tune in tomorrow for an amazing Anna Scholz Shift dress and the most gorgeous Lace Cropped Jacketon sale at the moment!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Anna Scholz Digital Tunic Reviewed!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

This Anna Scholz tunic completely surprised me. I have said before that I LOVE a structured dress so I was unsure about this, BUT, this garment finds its line perfectly from the exquisite cut and elasticated emipre line which nips the garment in before it falls in a flattering A-line. I seriously think this is an EVERYONE dress - in that every single person - of every single shape - would look GORGEOUS in it.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews
I decided to take my photos outside for these posts as the vibrancy of the colours used are really delightfully emphasised in sunshine! And look, I was really lucky as the sun literally danced across the fiery colours found in this gorgeous White Label Digital Jersey Elasticated Tunic.

This is SO light. I wore this with leggings, but would also EASILY wear it with my bare legs on warmer days. This fabric feels floaty and almost weightless. You can also see my shape.  Look at the elasticated neck line, it matches the waist very well - and both have a light pleating running from under them... this pleating is an excellent way to flatter curves and it offers a loose, floaty fit that still shows off the feminine curve of your body.

I think that curves and patterns work and this dress is such an excellent illustration of that fact. When I popped this on, I went with minimal make-up, but rekon, it would look phenomonal with a beautiful bit of eyeliner.

LOVE it... BOUGHT it!!!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews



Monday, 28 March 2011

ANNA SCHOLZ WEEK Spring Summer 2011 - Reviews!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

Yeah! Welcome to Anna Scholz Week!!!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviewsThe Black Label Utility Button Dressby Anna Scholz is like a floaty dream. The fabric feels parachutey - it is light, airy and completely soft. It has a high waisted tie, which nips the dress in, emphasising a high-waist and the yellow piping is a really elegant touch. Under the waist, the dress falls in an A-line and with very subtle side pleating compliments the curve of your hip.

I put this dress on and could feel the quality in both the cut and the fabric. Another thing I love are the big buttons down the front of the dress... to be honest, I can't remember the last time I bought/owned a button-down garment and I love this one, there are no air-pockets created around the buttons - which sit straight.

Of all the garments I tried for this Anna Scholz week, this was my photographer/boyfriend's favorite outfit I tried. You can see it looks natural and really summery... despite my wearing a double layer, it is also VERY light.

Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Curves,Couture,Curvy,Plus-Size,Plussize,SS11,Spring,Summer,2011,dress,review,reviews

I paired this dress with the Black Label Lime Coloured Silk Cotton Fitted Shruginspired by how good this looks like on the Anna Scholz site. This shrug fit me like a dream. When I was ordering these clothes to sample, I requested a Large, but my size 20 body fit the Medium size sent to me - perfectly. I was actually fascinated by both the perfect cut AND the fabric. Silk Cotton feels GORGEOUS on the skin and is VERY light. This shrug, with its long sleeves will be no problem in Summer, it affords excellent coverage but is breathable and feels more like you're wearing air, than fabric!

Anna Scholz,Black Label,Button Utility Dress,Cotton Silk Shrug,Curvy,Plus-size
To be honest, this clothing combination is a little different for me. I wear prints, but rarely try colour combinations with such a light emphasis, this pairing looks great online and I think really works on my figure as well as my skin and hair.

 I love this as a dress for the season and think it pairs perfectly with the shrug.

The Utility Button Dress (£129)by Anna Scholz and the Lime Coloured Silk Cotton Fitted Shrug (£169) are online and available to buy now...

Remember to check back to my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY this week as I present a different look from the gorgeous Anna Scholz Black and White Label collections for Spring Summer 2011.

All items borrowed & returned to Anna Scholz fashions... despite me wanting to squirrel them away and keep them forever! xx
A huge thanks to Anna Scholz, Cliff and Winnie for allowing me to highlight the Anna Scholz designs this week.
**Please note that because these were loaned samples, ironing was not really an option... the creases in any garment this week represents folding lines only. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Anna Scholz,Stretch Tailoring Cut Out Dress,Black Label,White Label,Spring,Summer,2011


Every day next week on the Boombands Blog, thanks to Anna Scholz Fashions I'll be featuring a piece from the latest Spring/Summer collection. I was lucky enough to be lent some pieces to feature; there'll be items represented from across both the Black and White label collections here at Oh, The Places You'll Go - so check back for a look at something different every single day next week!

You know I love Anna Scholz here on my blog and I know you LOVE to see her clothes. 


Anna Scholz,Black Label,White Label,Spring,Summer,2011,SS11

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Asos Curve, Justine Legault and MY Hips.

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I had a reader post a comment under one of my previous posts... It told me to check out the curve Justine Legault is rocking in the ASOS Curve dress I am wearing in this post. I was instructed to specifically look at her hips in the catwalk video. You know what, I LOVE Justine Legault and when I clicked the link and looked at the video, I was like - WHOA.

And I thought, I HAVE hips. I CAN rock this dress. 

Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,ASOS,ASOS Curve,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

This is a great dress and I think it was specifically made with the Plus-size Hour Glass in mind. It is a definite form fitting dress (I am wearing a pair of SPANX in this one) and while I think most figures could work it, for me, with my heavy breast and round hip - this is a fabulous cut.

I have bought a few items from ASOS Curve but this is only the second item I have REALLY loved. The cut of the dress reminds me (very much) of the shape Anna Scholz found so easily in last season's Digital Print Jersey Dress (and that dress suited every single person who put it on - no matter their shape or size), in fact, the side pleating is highly reminiscent of that dress.

I love the print and colour of this dress... it is called The Floral Workwear Dress but I think this is really a Girls Night Out dress. I feel flipping fantastic and sexy AND I think the dress might give me a little wiggle while I walk.


Boombands,Em,Boombands Em,ASOS,ASOS Curve,Curve,Plus-SIze,Clothing,Fashion,Dress,Curvy,Girl,Curves

This baby is on sale and even though I bought it full price and it went on sale THE NEXT DAY, I don't feel like a sucker. I love it. Justine ROCKS this dress on the site. I ROCK this dress in real life.

PS - I am 5'5" - about 165cm. I think some people are seeing this come up short, so hopefully my height helps!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Looking Back: Alexander McQueen

:Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Last night, Darcy and I watched the documentary MCQUEEN and I. It is a look at the life of Lee McQueen, focusing primarily on his relationship with Isabella Blow.

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella BlowThe documentary itself was beautiful and sad, eerie and inspirational. I have never really known much about McQueen. I had never realised his humble beginings or his emotional vulnerability - not as a person (which was clearly evident in how he reacted to his mother's death), but as a designer. Many people in the documentary would discuss how he would often break down when criticised, or indeed - when his own pressure to design got to him.

The documentary had amazing footage from McQueen's underground shows as well as looked at the stark contrasts between McQueen's work with Givenchy and Gucci by comparison to the work he created under his own label.

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella BlowI thought I would share some McQueen here on my page. The documentary has really affected me and I am both startled and impressed. I knew McQueen was an excellent designer, I just never really thought about the fact he was such a soulful person through his life - not just at the end when it all got too much... but through his whole life.

If you ever have a chance to see this documentary, it is well worth your time!

(PS. For all you Beth Ditto lovers, I have included some images of her at the bottom of this post, wearing gorgeous McQueen creations!)

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

The theatricality of McQueen's shows was often startling and stunning - the next three images are particular favourites.

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

As promised! Beth Ditto wearing Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen,Beth Ditto,Fashion,Plus-Size,Blog,Isabella Blow

See the documentary, MCQUEEN AND I - it is AMAZING and a great reminder of the talent and life of Alexander McQueen.


All photos sourced from online magazines via Google.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Reasons I Blog...

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There are different reasons why I blog. Certainly, when I started it was a mix of things... boredom was a key aspect of why I started. As a freelancer, I have some considerable patches of downtime and I wanted to be able to be creative and expressive about something I loved. I read other fashion blogs and wanted to make my own. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been empowering and enabled me to be a part of this amazing sphere of bloggers, readers, designers and brands (not to mention the fact I can showcase "outfits to wear" while feeding Kangaroos!).

Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-size

These days, over a year later - I still blog, and I still do it primarily to fulfill this need to talk about fashion and being a woman with curves. One thing I never expected to gain though, was this feeling of trust and friendship that us bloggers and readers seem to share with each other. I trust you. And I love what you give me.

I sometimes get emails talking to me about fashion. Sometimes people ask me about London or what I suggest as an outfit for something. I can get quite profound emails too, emails which remind me of how lucky we are in this online world to be able to connect with each other.

Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-sizeRecently, I have started paying attention to bloggers finding their feet... exploring themselves and their love of fashion and how they feel about posting outfits and talking through their fashion choices. I have some absolute favourite blogs which I always study, but I like finding the new ones too. I like that we are different and have so any different things to say.

Late last week, I was reading Blogging for Joy. A new(ish) blog by a woman finding her feet as she talks fashion and works about accepting herself. This is a very honest blog and I found it, maybe a month ago when Joy linked to my site. Well, on Friday - Joy wrote a post for FBFF where she nominated blogs as regards particular headings... Joy nominated my blog, and although I am not part of the FBFF network I wanted to repost some of what Joy said about my site.

From Blogging for Joy:

Renaissance Woman/Man (best all around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle):. I nominate Em of "Oh, the Places You'll go." It's really the first fashion blog I went ga-ga over. Here's a woman whose blog radiates personality, beauty, style, confidence, knowledge about fashion... I should also mention that, "Oh the Places You'll Go" inspired me to pay more attention to my own style, which led to my renaissance -- my rebirth.

This was amazing to read and inspired me to write this post. I love our online presence and how we adore each other. I like that we are honest, embracing, friendly and without judgement.

We are so lucky.


Boombands Em,Australia,Kangaroo,Summer,City Chic,Dress,Plus-size
I am wearing:

Dress: City Chic French Garden Dress
Bolero: Lace City Chic Bolero (circa 2006)
Flip Flops: Havaiana Pink
Sunglasses: Santa Monica Pier
Handbag: Radley "Exclusive" Designs Collection.
(The latest "Exclusive" design Radley collection has just launched, with the "Port of Call" range).

The Kangaroos are wearing sharp claws and their own brand of cute. x.