Wednesday, 7 December 2011

OOTD: Not quite a Christmas Jumper!

New Look Jumper, City Chic Shorts & Leggings, Hungarian Leg Brace, Karrimor Sneakers.

Last week, Lauren and I hit up Westfield Stratford for some Christmas Shopping. I had a fabulous time, actually - Lauren and I spent HOURS together - we bought some clothing, presents for Christmas and then chatted. Chatted FABULOUSLY and EASILY for hours. It is amazing what the blogging world has given me, and friendships are a massive part of that!

For the Plus-Size shopper, Westfield is actually not great, but also - not too bad, Forever 21 has included its Plus Section instore and New Look has done the same with its Inspire range. We asked about BiB in H&M (not present) and I was sad to see no Evans store in the mall... Like many here in London, I am desperately waiting for Simply Be to arrive (I think we should twitter #simplybestorelondon). Also present were Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins and M&S.

Oh hells yeah.

I LOVE this jumper. I didn't try it on in-store (rather held it up to my body and demanded to know what Lauren thought), but brought it home to try. I adore it. For about three days after buying it, it was all I wore (don't you love items you can do that with because you LOVE them SO MUCH!). This is my first New Look item EVER and I am so pleased I decided to try it. I also got it at a BARGAIN price of £12 (it was half off!)... Sales are MENTAL at the moment, huh?

Apart from this awesome new jumper, I am wearing a pair of High-Waist Black City Chic shorts which I am OBSESSED with at the moment. I wear them out with black leggings and it almost looks like they are all in one... but they aren't and I love that. I've found that teaming the black shorts and leggings with a colourful top REALLY lets the colours up top pop(!!) and it looks really fab.

Rocking great clothing and some subtle panda eyes!

In Australia over Christmas, we NEVER wear jumpers (thank you SUMMER), so this year I have declared this my "Christmas Jumper"...

I am hoping to work up to a jumper next year with Reindeer on! Or at least an elf or something!

Just 17 days to go! xxx.

*EDIT: Apparently there IS an Evans in Westfield Stratford. I was there for hours and could not see it... Hmm. Maybe look at a map before you go there to get your fancy fashions ladies!!! Certainly, walking around, it was not (at all) obvious to find.


  1. I love this jumper, I very nearly picked it up for myself today but stopped myself as other things were needed more, but I may have to go get it now :) xxx

  2. Love that jumper. My Gisela Ramirez top came today. Thanks so much! x

  3. You'd be wearing jumpers at the moment! It's been about 15 degrees all week in Sydney!

  4. Gorgeous jumper - I can't see exactly where it comes down to on you though. Your tummy is gorgeous and flat but I need my clothes to come to mid thigh length before I feel comfy in them. I'm 5'2" though so things do tend to be longer on me. As for westfield stratford - there's an Evans and a Dotty P's in Stratford mall a short walk away. Agreed I'd like to see big flagships in there though.


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