Friday, 30 December 2011

Looking Forward.

Some of my photos from 2011 featured here!

I have had an amazing blogging year, this year. And I am a big believer in taking time to stop... 

Stop, assess, make plans, say thank you... one might call it a reality pause!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this year.

Natural and Beautiful, Me in my bathers. Lovely curves, little belly, no makeup, messy hair. I am happy.
I have BIG plans for 2012. As mentioned in my last post... There will be LOTS more clothes for you gorgeous girls to look at. I have lined up interviews with Plus Models, as well as meetings with Designers. In February, I will be attending Plus London Two and chatting with other bloggers about the AMAZING world we write in and look at. I will continue my blogging for City Chic

Next year, I have decided to open up a little more. I occasionally write articles about things happening in the fashion world, well - I might (just every now and again) focus a little more on me and my issues with self acceptance and feeling okay about myself. I DO feel good about myself - but it hasn't always been an easy journey and I think some of you have told me this year - you see value in hearing some of my stories... I think it's important to talk about the things we can all relate to!

I have to thank everyone who has helped me with my blog this year for supporting me across another great and successful 365 days... Especially, the retailers, brands and designers who have worked with me. Thank you to the amazing new people I've met and the wonderful people who've invited me to try their clothes and work with them. Everyone at City Chic  - Phil, Steph, Carley, Vanessa. The lovely Charlotte. Anna, Cliff and the whole team. My fellow bloggers - from ALL OVER (LOVE!).

I get lots of support from my family and friends in doing this blog - but I also get LOADS from you lovelies who read my blog. I nearly quit blogging in June this year - and I am so pleased I changed my mind.


Mostly, for how much he helps me to do this blog, I have to thank my Mr. Darcy. He takes my photos, comes shopping with me, gives me honest opinions and HELPS me to keep blogging. Love him! (LOVE YOU DARCY).

For the start of 2012, I am planning to TRY and make a Bloggers Annual for the past year. An one-off online e-zine in which bloggers and readers can look at some of the best work from 2011. If you are a blogger (from ANYWHERE in the world) and want to be involved, effectively - find your ONE best/favourite post from 2011 and get ready to send me details. Just one post each - so choose well! I will write details of what I need exactly to try and make this happen in 2012!

Happy New Years my Gorgeous Friends.



  1. Happy new year to you! I am new to your blog but looking forward to reading more from you in the NY! x

  2. Thank you so much for being a true inspiration to me and helping me to look forward and be positive about myself and my body, I hope I have more opportunities to meet with you in the future, as your bloomin awesome in person :) xxxxx

  3. happy new year to you, and looking forward to reading many a fabulous post from you in the future!

  4. So excited to see what you are going to do this year! xoxoxo


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