Wednesday, 14 December 2011

By George! I'm in Party Mode!


The fabulous and delightfully inexpensive plus brand George contacted me a week or so ago, to see if I wanted to "create a holiday party look" using one of the George Evening Dresses. I immediately jumped at the chance. I don't have an Asda close to me and have never had the opportunity to see the brand close up. Well, as soon as I received my choice, The Zig-Zag Slinky Cowl Formal Dress (£14.00!!), I was really pleased with myself for saying yes! Really ladies, the word "yes" is amazing!

(ESPECIALLY when it comes to trying new styles and clothes... !!)

I have gone with "New Years" as my festive theme. Subtle and gorgeous, I took my George dress and paired it with a simple hair clip, classic earrings, a soft shrug, boots and a belt. To be honest, this dress has a delightful drape, thanks to the soft fabric and cowl neck, so looked equally as lovely without the belt.


I've been thinking a lot lately about my home back in Australia as well as the colour, vibrancy and sunshine associated with this time of year. Hopefully, I've created a look that captures a free spirited and festive feel. My goal here is to be pretty, fun and ready for a great meal and fabulous partying.


When I selected this dress, I browsed through the George Evening Wear and loved so many items. That being said, I am so pleased I've taken part in creating a party look using one of the George Dresses. Many of you know I look at a lot of designer wear here on my blog and it is great to showcase a gorgeous print, lots of colour and a festive style - all in a dress under £20.00! WOWSERS!

Em. xxx.

This dress has been gifted to me. 
Please also note that in doing this blog post, I am in with a chance to win some Asda shopping vouchers, although this is only a "chance" and not (at all) definite!


  1. A George Model! woohoo. Love the belt you added its create such a great shape:)

  2. Love the dress, love the belt (loved on the black dress too), love the shrug. :D And OMG the price!!


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