Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WIN a Gisela Ramirez F#ck Flattering Crop Tee!

This is a photo from Gisela Ramirez's blog and can be seen HERE in it's original posting!

You all know this is a positive space. My tag line on this blog is "I have great curves and I know how to wear them". THIS IS TRUE.

But please note, my wearing my curves has nothing to do with any kind of fashion rule or style secrets. I wear the clothing that feels great on my body. The clothing that makes me feel like a rockstar. I WILL experiment and try new things, but the basic principles of my fashion look is - do I (emphasis on "I") LOVE this. Do I feel great? Will THIS match my strut and make me feel like a million dollars all day?

That all being said, I know may people DO prefer styles that flatter or "hide" things. I know women that swear by "rules of fashion"... and really? Those women always looks great too. Fashion though, for me, is about feeling happy and comfortable and feminine and sexy. Follow rules, don't follow rules - JUST FEEL GREAT.

Whatever fashion is about for you, I HOPE ultimately, it is about YOU.

Which brings me to my giveaway.

PhotobucketWhen the Gisela Ramirez F#ck Flattering top was released, I fell in love immediately. I liked the crop nature of the top, as well as the attitude and block white colour. Bright white crops aren't always associated with chubby girls... And while my personal style leans towards feminine with edge - I like how much this top just leans towards EDGE.

The Gisela crop can be worn a bunch of ways. You can tie it under your boobs for a little extra crop, go belly bare or stick a dress, singlet top or other garment underneath. The key to this top, is that with it's attitude and simple style - it really is UP TO YOU.

I bought a whole bunch of these tops in the sale a while back, in every single size. Do you want one? Just be a follower of the blog - (see right hand column, under "Followers of Fashion" - you can join via google, twitter, openID and more) and leave your size preference and email address below. I am giving away FOUR of them. One in every size (size chart HERE)!

Please enter by noon (GMT) on Sunday the 27th of November if you want a chance to win! And if you don't want to wait - note that the tee is on sale right now and can be bought with $15 (AUD) off!

I know this item may not be to EVERYONE's taste - that's okay... But I still want to share it, because when I got mine, I put it on and just felt cool. Like, really cool.



  1. LOVE IT!!! Medium, please!

  2. OMG Love this Tee, I would love the chance to win one, I am a size XL and my email is

  3. Is this open internationally? If so I'd love a chance to win and would love an XL. (Even if I have to pay my own postage).

    I love the fact it has f**k on it too, I love a good swear! x

  4. damn this so f**cking cool!
    would love on in L

  5. So Amazing Em, I love this giveaway <3

    I would like to have it in XL and my email is

  6. i wanted to own one of these since i first saw them online :)
    i'd need a size L and my email is

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  8. If it is international giveaway, it will be Medium size for my french body ^^

  9. I've really wanted a F*ck Flattering tshirt for ages, I hope I win!! *fingers crossed** I'd be a size M

  10. i want one, pretty please!!

    size: M

  11. I am so in love with this top. Love the style! Also, the message is awesome...!

    Size: L


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