Wednesday, 9 November 2011

When it works... it works!

 An ASOS dress that has been featured on this blog before. I wore this lots in Budapest. 
When it works, it works!

Hi Gorgeous People.

This is just a quickie... I wrap my time on this film on Friday and will be back to blogging fabulousness early next week. Things have gone CHAOS-like as I finish up.

A giveaway will come then also. Oh hells yeah.

Meanwhile, someone emailed and asked what I weigh. I don't know for sure, so my answer is lots. More than some people, less than others. Possibly about average for a person who wears a size 20. I am 5'5" and a little bundle of fashionable fat, really. No bad thing.

And as I said about the image above - when it works - it works.

Certainly, me and all this chub... works.

Asos Floral Workwear Dress teamed with Last Season Evans Jacket. WORKS.


  1. I so wish I had been brave enough to buy this dress, you make it look amazing!!!!

  2. they asked you what you weigh??? Why do they care anyway? You look and feel fabulous and that is all that matters! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. Weight is a funny thing, I hate mentioning my weight and won't tell people what it is!! You can get two people of the same height, and exact same weight, but they can look completely different, one fat and roly, one bigger and toned!

    I think you are gorgeous, whatever your weight,
    and I wouldn't even class you as "fat", or even a "chub", even though I know you were a 20!!

    I ordered that dress when you got it, but I looked way too fat and roly for it, but you look amazing in it x

  4. First off, I think it's weird that anyone would ask what you weigh. People just don't have a realistic image of weight and body size. Weight means nothing.

    Secondly, that dress is awesome on you but you generally wear dresses well anyway. Love the pattern and how you paired it with the motorcycle jacket to give the flowers some edge.


  5. It kind of is an irrelevant question too, since two people can weigh exactly the same and be shaped so very differently!
    Em I love how you wear your dresses with leather jackets, I got one last winter and I love it but I'm not sure I rock the whole dress/leather jacket thing, but I'll give it another chance next autumm ;)

  6. Ladies, thank you for your compliments on this look.

    I think the question of weight is a funny one. You know. I never really think about it. I have effectively always been a "big" girl... I always felt pretty "fat" in my teens and still have fat days and can feel body down. But so can anyone.

    And ultimately - I am a fat girl. And I am "okay" with this. I don't see it as the end of my world. At all.

    I didn't really take offence when I was asked about my weight - I think (for the asker) it is more about their confidence than much to do with me. I wonder if it would make them feel better or worse to know I weigh more or less than them. There is such an emphasis on weight and size and shape. On my blog - as I think YOU all pick up - my emphasis is about feeling good about myself and yourself. Feeling positive and awesome and being okay. Having a positive space.

    One of my favourite bloggers, Lauren, of Pocket Rocket Fashion ( did a tumblr post a while back about how lovely our blogging environment is... how we can focus on feeling good about ourselves and just EMBRACE ourselves and our fashions. I had to write to her and say I LOVED what she wrote.

    I don't want my blog to be a sphere about weight and the like. I will occasionally post myself in my gym gear, because it is included in the fashion I wear - but it's only ever posted as an element of fashion - rather than a comment on health or even how I treat my body. Sometimes I will comment on how I find fashion and how it frustrates me. But ultimately - this is a positive space about just FEELING GREAT.

    I am glad you all see that so clearly. x.

  7. That dress is freaking amazing on you! Love it all alone and love it edged up a bit with the leather jacket! Kiah


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