Thursday, 17 November 2011

Strides Forward here in the UK...

This last year has seen little leaps and bounds forward for plus size fashion. It is an exciting time to be involved in blogging as amazing things seem to be happening weekly.

Inside a NEW Simply Be store!

In recent months, Curvy Clothing Brand, Simply Be, opened its first stores in Liverpool and Bury. More are already planned. This is amazing for plus-size girls and at a time where so many stores from other brands are closing, these two openings mark quite a commitment and indeed, achievement, also. I haven't made it to a Simply Be store yet, but I am keen to go - I can see from bloggers, press and every day consumers, that they are amazing!!

Also over at Simply Be, the winner of their Model Search was announced with Abi Hill (left) becoming the new face of Simply Be. Abi is stunning and as someone who not only wears Simply Be, but also loves the brand, she is a very deserving (and beautiful) winner!

Meanwhile, over on twitter, I asked Evans if they were collaborating with Beth Ditto again soon, and was told that while there is nothing with Beth coming up, there IS another awesome collaboration coming along soon! Oh heck yeah! I can not wait for more information on that! GO EVANS.

Over at OneStopPlusUK they've done a survey of... 10,000  women asking who they thought was the sexiest celebrity of all time and whose body they most wished they had... You know who won? The amazing Marilyn Monroe. She was a total curvy delight and it is refreshing to know her body and image are what people aspire to... Beyonce was next in line followed by Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian.

By today's "fashion standards" Marilyn, while beautiful, would be considered quite the curvy celebrity, probably being about a size 8... which, while small, is still on the heavy curve side of current celebrity stylings...

Over at the Yours Clothing Blog, the amazing Lauren is posting look ideas, competition details and discounts on an almost daily basis. I swear, she must work 24 hours to cover all that content and  the Yours twitter and Facebook! Go Lauren! Lane Bryant is finally shipping to the UK and  ASOS Curve has some amazing deals going through in the lead up to Christmas (with things going on and off sale like some sort of mad!). Things are amazing right now!

Finally - tonight, I will be going to the Model of Diversity Curves in Couture Show. This show is being put on by a group of people passionate about catwalk diversity and the inclusion of all shapes, ages, races and sizes on the Catwalk.

Tonight - at the Curves in Couture Show, the emphasis will be Plus Size fashions.

I am actually really excited and was really lucky to be invited as a guest of Anna Scholz. Along with Anna, other designers on show will include Jill Alexander and Miss Lacey. Lizzie Miller will be on the catwalk, as will Robyn Lawley, Toccarra and Kelly Knox. Velvet d’Amour will be there, as will print media and TV Cameras. There are a few other bloggers going and there should be really amazing coverage come out of this event. This event, like all the other news listed above, is something for us to be excited about. 

I love sharing this stuff with you! x.

Em. x.
PS - My latest post is up, over at City Chic's Inside Chic Blog. Enjoy! x.


  1. Wish I could teleport myself there x Have fun!

  2. Very awesome! Bring it over to the other side of the pond!

  3. Such awesome developments in the plus sized world, for too long our fashion options were limited and I'm so glad the companies are finally coming around. I really hope a lot of the U.K based plus sized stores will open store fronts in the States as well. The plus sized clothing options are so limited here, we have Lane Bryant and limited amount of Torrids as the main ones. We need more, we are consumers too.

    Such beautiful models, Robyn Lawley is so gorgeous! I hope you have a great time at the event.



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