Thursday, 24 November 2011

ASOS Curve Exclusive Colourblock Dress.



After yesterday's post and requests on my Facebook, I wanted to share this as fast as possible! So, instead of going out and taking action shots, you get my freshly blow-dried hair and fabulously odd socks. This dress is so lovely though and I think some shots out and about in this dress will ALSO have to be blogged here.

ASOS Curve Exclusive Colourblock Dress - £27 (reduced from £45)

The material is so light and gorgeous, I felt like I was touching something absolutely delicate when I pulled the dress from its packaging. The red trim button detailing is BEYOND feminine cute and the waist line is in the perfect place for a high empire line. From the waist, the dress falls in soft pleats BEAUTIFULLY over the hip and the red colour block is a stunning colour against the lighter fabric of the dress.

When I put this on, I was a little unsure and then, as I stood looking at myself in the mirror, I suddenly thought: YES.

I love this. I will take some more photos for you (I look a little top heavy above on the right there!), but just want to say that if you are one of the MANY women sitting on the fence about whether or not to get this dress - TRY IT. My photos also don't quite do the red justice - so I HAVE to get this outside for you. 

Bottom line? It is lovely. Well made and gorgeous.  ASOS Curve doesn't always get it right, but for me - this is SPOT ON. 

Smooches. Em.

PS. Isn't it funny how photos work? I think it's haircut time! (Or at least time for my hair growth to be rewarded with some styling! - YEAH!!)


  1. ooo its lovely! I want one! x

  2. this looks so lovely on you! perfect for warmer winter days and cooler springs? :)


  3. Ok, this is just utterly gorgeous, I love it, I need it in my life!!! It was so good to meet you today, you are so fabulous!!!

  4. Gorgeous! It looks amazing on you, and I find that seeing something look good on someone else is no better advertisment for something....I'd actually slightly disregarded it when I spied it on the website, but it looks amazing on. You wear it well!

  5. I love this dress, you look great! I absolutely love all the red trim and the red buttons.


  6. Oh golly I love this dress, I bought it, but its too small! It's the first time an ASOS item hasn't fitted & i'm rather gutted. You look fab in it!


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