Wednesday, 23 November 2011

ASOS Curve: Dresses with Lace - Reviews!

Here I am, makeupless and trying on TWO ASOS Curve dresses with you. 
There are exposure issues... but you have eyes so can see that well enough! 
Let's go!

A mirror reflection photo of me wearing ASOS Curve without make-up.

ASOS CURVE Lace Dress With Long Sleeve - £50

Well this is a LOVELY dress. I actually really liked this one when I tried it. It fits really nicely and is made of the same soft lace I adored so much on my favourite ASOS Curve dress that I posted about a while back...

The long sleeves are lovely and lush and the empire line sits in exactly the right place. The colour is beautiful. But...

I didn't keep it. 

I had two (albeit small) issues with this dress that made me realise I just wouldn't wear it much. Firstly... The lining. At the very bottom of the lining, to help the dress "puff out" the hem of the lining has a tulle style ruffle in order to make the dress fall out around your body. I prefer a much more natural line and although tulle can be great, I felt a little disappointed that it wasn't listed on the description on the site. The second issue was in the bust area. I put this on wearing a black bra and then changed to a deep red bra... Better? Yes, but still not fab. Here's why.

I am pointing at my bra...

Myself. My unmanicured nail. My cleavage.

Honestly? I can wear risquè, cleavage loving clothes and have my boobs on show... but I don't want to do that every day. One of the things that origially appealed to me about this dress was that I thought it looked so classy and kind of elegant. It is a beautiful dress that fits well and many of you could enjoy... but for me, it doesn't do what I want it to do, so it's a "no".

ASOS CURVE Jersey Dress with High Neck Lace - £30

If any of you wanted to see my belly rolls - this is the dress to see me in and if you click through the picture (it will get a little larger) you will see more of what I mean.

In ASOS Curve, I buy a size 22 to cater for my chest and the form fitting nature of the garments. Well. Here you can see my chest looks okay... but my belly? Well. Let's just say, for my style, it's a bit too big for this form fitting 22... It makes me wonder, is this deliberate? Is the size deliberately fitting like this? Is ASOS Curve trying to pioneer a new "Fat Belly" trend?

I don't know. What I do know is that this dress is beautiful. I LOVED it. Putting it on was easy, the jersey felt good, the neckline and lace are lovely... but seriously... What's with the fit? I COULD go up a size, but I rekon a 24 would still be way too tight in the gut... and a 26 would start to be too roomy in the boob. 

ARGH. ASOS, I love you, but you drive me insane. And this picture is polite. Thank goodness it's over exposed and I can control its published size. This dress is okay. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, in person - for my taste , the fit says "here's my belly button" and I just ain't into that.

Mind you, on a happier note I bought THIS dress... Flipping FABULOUS. Blog post soon!



  1. Shame the second dress doesn't feel so good on your tummy, i cant tell in the picture,but it does make your boobs look amazing!!!! the first dress was high on my list, but having seen how much cleavage is on show, I think I will give it a miss! xx

  2. I usually love ASOS, but once in a while I'm like "what were you thinking!!" re the sizing! I really want the pale pipping dress so I may have to buy it!! Even though I promised myself no more dress. I'm so WEAK!

  3. I agree entirely with your comments on the red lace dress - I have it in blue and also had issues with both the tulle and the boobs. I kept it though and wear it with a singlet vest underneath which works but always makes me a little irritated that I have to do that! I went back to look at the website description again and noticed that they have pinned the neckline so it doesn't look as revealing. I tried to do that with mine but it didn't quite work with big boobs!

    I do love it but I think the red especially can make the neckline a little too tarty.

    I'm STILL toying with the cream and pink / red dress so looking forward to your blog post about that!

    Keep up the good work. I have two skirts arriving from ASOS tomorrow... fingers crossed!

  4. you look so lovely in both dresses, but if you don´t feel good, your right - send them back. but you really rock the black dress :)

  5. Aww it's a shame you didn't feel comfortable as you do look completely lovely - and I thought your bra was part of the red dress!

    Funnily enough, there is a half joking movement on tumblr about the newest thing in fashion, the VBO - visible belly outline! ;) xx

  6. I love the first dress, it's gorgeous and the fit and shape are spot on for you. I thought that your bra was actually part of the dress!! If you hadn't said otherwise, I wouldn't have known! But I agree, I think is way to revealing, especially as your boobs would be completely out without the bra!! Would look nice with a fitted self coloured vest or cami underneath though, but then why should you have to do that with a dress like this?
    As for the black one, I couldn't see any roles in the photo, but it does look like it is supposed to be one of those skin tight clingy creations that would show even a skinny girl's belly button! I could never see the point in clothing that revelaing. But that said, in the photo here, your figure looks amazing in it x


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