Friday, 14 October 2011

Evans Collection: Change Room Reviews Continued...

One of the defining aspects of the latest Evans Collection is the attention Evans has paid to trousers. In my last Evans change room post I looked at the Collection's Rose Trousers. In today's post, I am going to give you the buzz on another pair of Collection trousers, a Collection skirt and a couple of Collection tops to boot. At the end, I have thrown in a dress from the wider Evans range.

Let's start with a top and pant combination from the Collection range...


Collection Wide Leg Trousers - £45.00

I LOVE these. Pretty much of everything I tried on, these really surprised me and were my favourites. You all know my aversion to Trousers... well - THESE have worked well to make me do a major rethink.

These are so comfortable. The Evans site describes them as "Super Wide Leg"... for me, what this means is that the drape is almost entirely from the hip. These are not pants that taper in, nor are they tailored to follow the line of your leg. The Evans Collection Wide Leg Trousers sit comfortably on your high hip, skim over your bottom and thighs and then fall, really beautifully and comfortably, to your feet. The feel of the material feels LOVELY on the skin and while I was a little iffy about the waist band, the elastic is comfortable yet secure. I LOVE how these sit and think the picture above shows the waist/hip line well.

These pants look fantastic and they made me feel great; the only reason I didn't buy them is because I have an anti-trouser situation in my head... I am very tempted though.

Collection Butterfly Kimono - £55.00

Hmm. This item, for me, is much better left OPEN. Undone, as you can see from the picture above, this Kimono Top looks kind of slinky. For me, doing this baby up isn't particularly functional - and it doesn't look particularly great:


This item is a weird one. I don't understand the construction. I understand the nature of a kimono, but as this top has been promoted tied up (right) - I wanted to share the reality... It doesn't quite work done up. It IS lovely, but the only thing you can use to fasten this top, is the silky high waist tie which matches the silky Kimono material. Let's just say all the silkiness creates a lot of slipperiness - so it doesn't quite hold tight.

Also, if like myself, you sport a lot of boobage, you really will need a singlet top under this one (done up or not).

I like the top and really adore the butterfly print, but if you want to wear it, it is better undone. It looks quite drapey and fashionable undone. If you do want to wear it done up - well as you can see, on a figure like mine, it looks boxy. I would also recommend that if you wear it done up you use a singlet top and safety pins to compliment the look.

I have tried this tunic on with the Wide Leg Trousers (from above) in this photo.

Collection Rose Tunic Top - £45.00

This is great. Floaty. Pretty. Ethereal. I put this tunic on and immediately liked it. I actually love its shape and movement, this is flowing and billowing and kind of sexy. The fabric is lovely and soft on the skin and I put this on and felt dreamy and light. This actually comes in the butterfly print from the Kimono Top, above, which would also be a lovely option. The little features on this piece are really lovely, I particularly adore the elastic arm bands with the little bow string ties, as well as the neckline.



Collection Pleat Skirt - £50.00

This is a fabulous skirt to wear and is comfortable. The elasticated waistline is simple and breathable and the high hip drape is lovely. As you can see from the image on the left (above), with the Rose Tunic tucked out, this skirt is especially lovely and the combination makes me look slightly taller thanks to all those long lines. I LIKE this look very much.

Tucked in.

I think with my breasts, I need a heavier construction to make this look work. For me, high waisted dresses are seamless and look lovely, BUT those looks have been constructed for me... I'm not sure if it's my gazungas or just my lack of ability, but I rarely make a high waisted skirt / tucked in top combination work (you know who does - VAL from Blog To Be Alive, she nails that look).

The promo materials (left) do make this look work though... so let's take a more detailed look at me anyway, because I know some of you will need a little more info. Mind you,  I think you can tell by the look on my face, I'm not sure I know what I am doing, here!

It IS pretty. BUT, it's not me. Maybe I needed to tuck the top out more? You can give me your thoughts on this one, if you like!

Now, one of my readers asked me to try on the Collection Pleat Trousers which are similar to this skirt. Unfortunately, I had taken these photos by the time that request came through. What I will say is that this skirt is lovely and the jersey material is supple and soft. Further from that, my two posts on the Evans Collection have BOTH featured trousers. I was completely impressed with both pairs.

I did take two other garments from the Collection Range into the change room... The Collection Stone Tunic Dress, which (in my usual size 20) I couldn't navigate over my boobs (although it was the right size, I was worried I would burst the beading) and the Collection Pleat Dress which was tight on my arms in the 18//20... Combined sizing irritates and frustrates me so I did not bother to try the piece in a size up. I HAVE heard from women who've bought the Collection Pleat Dress and LOVE it, so definitely keep it in mind!

And finally - from the wider Evans Range...


Spot Jersey Dress - £45.00

I picked this up on impulse on seeing it in-store. This is fabulous. I love the shape, the fabric is a nice soft jersey and the print is a refreshing take on a regular spot dress.

The construct of this dress is my favourite kind, with the drape coming from right under the bust at the empire-line waist. This dress is great for any bust size, really, but if you're like me and have a large chest, this dress accomodates them, but also - keeps them a little discreet, even with the cross-over neckline. The skirted area of the dress is slightly pleated and falls really lovingly down the curve of your hip, bottom and thigh.

I love this one and while I find it frustrating that Evans sizing seems to be heading more and more towards combination sizing (14/16, 18/20, 22/24 etc.) this was a great fit in the 18/20. Great fit comes down to great design and THIS is great design.

I am so chuffed that I have taken some time with Evans clothing lately. It has been a while and I certainly noticed in-store that things were looking good and there were some really lovely pieces to try. 

The Evans Collection is an absolute delight. I enjoyed trying the clothes, wearing them and I liked LOOKING at myself in them. Go take a look.

Smooch - Em. x.


  1. Definitely like the last dress on you best. You're rocking it and you can tell by the look on your face. x

  2. Have to agree, you look fab in the last dress, the Kimono is such a pretty print, but done up it looks like a dressing gown, but undone it looks very pretty. xx

  3. The kimono does look a little off. :( I can kinda see it as sleepwear/loungewear.

    I am tempted by the pleated skirt but not sure if it'll be long enough for me.


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