Monday, 10 October 2011

Evans Collection: Change Room Post & Reviews...

There seems to be none or perhaps, just little fanfare from Evans at the moment. As a blogger and fashion girl, I have noticed little noise from Evans in recent months. Even the latest, Evans Collection, was released without any real bang...

I tell you though. It's flipping fabulous. So. I am gonna try and create a little of my own BANG for Evans, right here.

When the last Evans Collection was released some months ago, I couldn't see much in it for me... so I didn't go in and check it out, for me, it was a little bland. But not this time!



Evans,Collection,Review,Reviews,Dress,Top,Pants,Palazzo,UK,Plus-Size,2011This is beautiful! When I put this on, I felt so comfortable and warm and fashionable... immediately. This is one of those items, you can wear through Winter, with many different items underneath and feel chic and sexy EVERY time!

The large hook-eye closure on the jacket is a little fiddly so it took me a couple of goes to get right - and then keep done up... But, once done up, the included belt wraps around you to keep you snug and happy. I love the position of the belt too - that it allows for a high empire waist, encouraging the bottom of the coat to fall from your high hip. Love this one!

Oh my gosh. I mean WOW. This dress blows my mind. I put this on and felt fabulous, immediately. The fabric is a lovely soft jersey, the detailing is cute and creates a sexy, feminine "Pirates of the Caribbean" feel. This dress ticks a whole heap of boxes.

I adore the neckline, puffed shoulders, breast rouching and detail, as well as the loose sleeves which are banded at the wrist. The fall of this dress, from the high waist creates a lovely, soft shape. I would wear this to work or out with my friends on the weekend,and I am sure, with the right heels and jewelry (maybe in deep green or blue), this would look beautiful on a night out.

Evans is ABSOLUTELY on to a winner with this dress.

In the photo below I am simply in a change room. Effortless. Not even a smile. I felt beautiful.


Now from absolute glamour to, well... The next photo shows one of those outfits that was good for me in THEORY. I'm looking at this photo now and can see fab clothes but really little of my usual style. I really just bashed these pieces together to grab a photo in the change-room. I don't think these items quite go together, I look okay, if a little ditsy... so because I know this pairing doesn't quite work - I'll just nip STRAIGHT to talking about the pieces themselves!

These Rose Trousers are lovely... Do they feel a little like silky pajamas? Yes. Are the much more fashionable, better tailored and sexy to wear? Well YEAH. I thought I would hate these when I put them on, but no - I found them comfortable and sexy. The elasticated waist, is comfortable and wide, meaning the pant sits nicely and the waist doesn't cut into your torso. The drape of the pant from just below the waist line (in the low hip area) is well slung and falls well, creating a lovely smooth shape... you can KIND of see these line distinctions in my photo above... the waist band cuts to the leg drape around my mid-crotch area from an attractive u line.

I left my leggings on under these pants and the wide leg fit means that in Winter, you WILL be able to layer them. This means you can look slinky - but not suffer due to how light the fabric is.

This cardigan, for me, isn't quite there. I wish Evans had had a white singlet top for me to wear under this so I could've tried the cardigan open...

Now, done all the way up, this cardigan made my F-Cups look like Gazungas, so I unbuttoned the top couple of buttons. It's okay. I imagine some of you will make this look amazing either done up OR with something subtle and slinky underneath - but to me, this is a tad bland. The construction of the knit is comfortable but not thick (unlike the Beth Ditto Collection Heart Cardi which was amazing). 

I do like the colour of this Collection Cardi and the texture does feel nice on the skin. I do want to give props to Evans for a cardi that DOES do up pretty well over my large bust. There was a little pull in the buttons, but nothing to fret (too much) about. ALL in all - a decent piece and I think it would have done better with me, if I'd been able to access a white singlet top to try it with, in-store.


This change room post was really enjoyable. I really like what Evans has done in their current Collection and was surprised by how nice every one of the garments looked and felt on my skin. I have tried a few more items from the Evans Collection and will post again towards the end of the week to share the rest of them with you. For me, this Collection is pretty special. I really think that it is worth you taking a look at.

More soon.

Em. x.


  1. Tried to post a comment on FB there but it won't let me! :( The coat is lovely on you! :) Helen S. XX

  2. cool post, I too have noticed Evans being a bit quiet in the past six months or so, although I have bought more from them in the last six months than the previous two years put together, so I think generally they're on the up! Love the fur coat it's great on you.

    Is there any chance you could try on the pleated pink trousers? I'm so curious of the style and your take on how they feel on/how the fabric is.

  3. I really love the jacket and the dress, with the dress I love the little details around the bust and shoulders - very cute. I have F cup boobs as well and it can be so challenging trying to find clothes that not only fit but flatter. I've also ran into the issue of showing too much cleavage when it was not appropriate but these suckers are hard to cover up.

    Very lovely choices!

  4. I recently blogged about how gorgeous this range looks, and now seeing it on you, I really need to get my hands on a few bits! coat looks fab on you!

  5. I will not buy that fur coat, I will not buy that fur coat,... lol ;) Everything looks great on you but I have to say that the dress looks like it was made for you! You need to get it!


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