Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elena Miro's Milan Catwalk Spring Summer 2012

I always enjoy showcasing the latest from Elena Miro. In Milan the other week the Elena Miro Collection stormed the Milan fashion catwalks and was a flourish of red, pink, silver, bronze and gold (with a little black and white for good measure).

All these pictures are reproduced via Elle Online so that I could show you more of the beautiful plus-size fashions available by High End designers - if you want to see even more (and there are MANY more pieces) just head across to Elle!

Black and White 
(Classic Elegance).

One of the main prints Elena Miro is using in the current collection makes it look like there are petals floating across the fabric! I like these first two pieces as they take simple concepts (stripes, dots, sparkle) and blend them. 

I love the elegance on show!

Pink and Red 
(My absolute favourites).

This dress above, took my breath away. I like the look of the construction, the flowing fabric and the colours. Such colours! The one below is the same kind of breath taker! I adore boldness in fashion and not shying away from the beauty in colour. I LOVE these pieces!

This next dress isn't one I would wear myself, but is totally stunning. I love the vibrant energy of this...

The following dress is an example of what I meant about Petals seeming to float across the fabric. We can see the flowers on the top, while the skirt here seems a mess of petals and flowers in the wind. So lovely!

Bronze and Gold
(Make a Statement)

The dresses below in Golden and Broze fabrics from Elena Miro all seem like such statement pieces. There are some which were shown on the catwalk that could easily form part of a very stylish wardrobe, also... but the pieces I want to share - my favourites - all seem to make a statement. 

Look at me... I AM FIERCE!

You all know how much I love fashion. You all know how I love colour and print and construction and care. I have never worn Elena Miro, but I always like to showcase pieces from the Milan show. It is important for us to know, that as plus size and curvy women - we are not constrained within boxes or fashion rules.  Things are exciting for us, fashion wise.

How wonderful!


  1. I was at the fashion show last week, have a look at my blog ans scroll the pages, there are 2-3 post about the brand:


  2. Love the sexy black and white bands - and that striking white white and gold one should number - seems like the perfect pick to turn heads at a holiday party.


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