Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Asos Curve Keep Post: Playsuit.

So clearly, I have just popped this on and taken a photo like I would in a Change Room style post. My blackberry has overexposed my pale skin on both pics, sorry!

Better ones, next time - Promise!

This is not a bad garment. It isn't a keeper though, so I'm not glamming it up and making it wild for you... Like my last ASOS post, I am trying this garment to see if I keep it, rather than putting it on to style and wear out (like I did here). I actually think I may start to do that sometimes...

I'll call them ASOS Curve Keep Posts!

This is the ASOS Curve Exclusive Playsuit In 40s Floral Print - RRP: £40.

I don't mind this... On sizing, there is a little too much room in the bust, and if I kept it, I would need to pin the cross-over section of fabric across my chest (I believe in the power of safety pins and so, am fine doing this). The fit across my bum and back is fine and there is a smidge of pull on the side of my hip. My roomy thighs have lots of room, and the fit on my arm is lovely. As you can see, there is a hint of belly at the front, but not bad. I adore the pattern and I love the fabric. Both are delightful, actually. I also think that just putting this Playsuit on, has sort of brought me round to the notion of Playsuits. This is a very pretty concept and it would look really perfect if the fit was a little better on me.

I know loads of girls have vented about the fit at ASOS lately. Last night - at the end of my last ASOS Curve post (which ASOS has read), Marie Denee asked me what I think the issue is... it MUST be fit model. Very publicly, a while back, ASOS called for curvy girls in the size 20 garment range to put up their hands and apply to be the fit model. I have no doubt that ASOS is aware there is a problem and are seeking to rectify it. Indeed, they are doing a "group call" trouser fit session in London, just next week (for ALL sizes they offer, not just Curve).

Two gorgeous women have recently written both here and on Facebook saying that they've had some great fitting clothes delivered by ASOS Curve lately; this is fab news. This playsuit isn't too bad, perhaps it just isn't for me.

Fingers crossed, things keep getting better... certainly with dresses like this ASOS Curve Lace Dress with Long Sleeves - (seen here, in RED) there is certainly stuff to keep buying!

Meanwhile... how hot is the model, Bree Warren, in this picture?

I mean, Zounds!


  1. I'm personally adoring the fit of ASOS Curve items at the moment - every single thing I order (and I've spent $1400 in the last month) has fit me absolutely dreamily, like nothing ever has before; but there is a reason why nothing ever fits me well; quite simply - I'm not a common size and shape. My measurements are pretty uncommon. So it's a dream come true for me, a nightmare for 99% of Curvettes. I'm just going to continue mad spending until they get a new fit model and the bubble bursts.


  2. I think I've mentioned this before but I've only ordered two things from ASOS Curve before, both things are gorgeous and well made but yes the fit is a little iffy but nothing too major. Tiny spaghetti straps that dig into your shoulder and leave a mark is a bit annoying though.

    The model they use for ASOS curve is very lovely but I hardly look at the fit on her and expect it on me - maybe with my ideal figure - because 12 is the perfect size for my body. I personally don't see a size 12 as being plus sized or "large" but I know the fashion industry does not agree with me.

    I've seen that particular jumpsuit on ASOS and was like "I wonder who that would work on" because the fit did seem a little odd just even on the model.

  3. I love ASOS... in fact my "Lucky" black dress is from there. I have ordered about 10 items from them... the pants are not a good fit for me. I loved the red long sleeve dress you posted here, but I like it in blue. The only problem i had with it is that the back it too open... how do you wear a bra with it? LOL... I need to wear a bra. Trust me.

    I love these Asos posts! Good job. :)

  4. HE could you tell me about the l;ength of the playsuit if you can! I love the look of the ASOS ones but I'm 5 11" with a long torso! Let me know xx

  5. Hmm. I am 5'5" and remember a slight tightness through the crotch for me... That might have been because of pull from my boobs. The short hit, kind of evenly, between my knee and thigh.


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