Monday, 3 October 2011

Anna Scholz Black Label Reviews AW 11-12 concludes! x.


This has been an amazing month. I LOVE sharing Anna Scholz fashion with you. It is lovely to be able to talk to a designer about her clothes and then have her let me "showcase" them on my blog. I am just a normal female, like most of you (ha ha, hello to any male readers!). I like that I can try all these pieces, talk about them and share how they feel on my skin, as well as how they make me feel. I bought a couple of pieces from the ones I've tried, but apart from those couple - it all gets packed up and sent back to Anna. That is such a sad day for me... giving up the beautiful fashions! I LOVE the beautiful fashions.

When I try the clothes, I try to look nice, but effectively, for me it is about the clothes doing the talking... they say a lot. 


I have read loads of feedback on Anna's facebook page from people wanting this Coat. It is lovely and warm and fashionable and snug!

PhotobucketThe button-down front consists of "popper" buttons and the cute bow adds a sweet little feature at the front. You can't quite see clearly by the way I am standing, but the Coat (on my 5'5" frame) hits on my knee and sits in a lovely swingy A-line. I like the retro feel of this coat.

Another perfect thing for me about this coat? It's interesting. I LOVE that it isn't just black, I love the grey colour block which adds style to the piece. The design of the colours on this coat feels very modern, but also has a lovely mod feel. This is the kind of coat you could wear every day, or on a Winter night out. Thanks to the beautiful simplicity in the colour lines - this would work with a black dress, colour block look or glaring prints underneath!

The make up of this coat sees it consist of 50% wool which means it will be LOVELY and warm in Winter, the lining feels lush on your skin and the pockets are lovely and warm.

Such a smart coat.

Anna Scholz Black Label Drawstring Cardi


I'm a bit of a stubborn mule when it comes to cardigans... I wear them short. I often actually look at other bloggers or plus size women on the street and feel curious about how they seem to nail longline cardigans. Like the shirt dress I tried in the last post - they are something I rarely even try these days... such a fool!

PhotobucketThis Drawstring Cardi by Anna Scholz is so soft and comfortable on the skin... it is easy on and felt lovely to wear. This specific cardi has gorgeous silver beads all over it, meaning it could easily glam up every day wear, or look sleek on top of a slinky dress.

You can see from the pictures I have worn it with my own cami, shorts and tights - so simple. And it works.

This cardigan has a drawstring at the front which allows you to wear it long (to the knee), or cinch it up as high as the neck line if you want. This is a clever garment - it will allow you to try shapes which makes it wonderful and versatile. The drawstring can also alter the look of the garment as it ruches the fabric together. Just lovely.

While I can't see this lovely cardi available on the Anna Scholz site right now - there are some other silk drawstring cardis in the Black Label Collection in Blush, Lime and Grey which are online for you to look at!


Okay. Okay. I admit it. I am SO BEYOND TOTALLY BIASED for this dress. Last season, I tried Anna's Jersey Digital Print Pleat Dress and had to have it. I was so excited to try this current style, with it's leopard print in red, black, white and grey colouring.

This dress has an asymmetrical neckline which is sexy and interesting. To be honest - this is one of the dresses you put on and think - I couldn't feel more like a WOMAN right now. Sexy, empowering, strong and confident are all things I feel when I put this on. This dress will hold your body in such a fabulous way. There is an off-centre line that runs from the asymmetrical neck down to the hem line - this is a serious design feature! Side pleating gathers into this line creating such a stunning shape that feels like it elongates your body. There is a centre line at the back of the dress that has this effect also. The clever, sexy tailoring of this dress creates a shape and feel that inspires confidence. It makes me feel EFFORTLESSLY beautiful.

I mentioned in a previous post that I adore the Anna Scholz Jersey Fabric. This stunning dress is created from that same Jersey fabric, so for me - again - this is a massive draw.


I can not emphasise enough how much I love this dress. The shape, fabric, style and print ALL appeal to me. I bet all of you could totally rock this one.

Truly. You would ROCK IT.

Thank you to everyone at Anna Scholz for the opportunity to look at and review the latest collections, as well as letting me come and visit your studio. I have had the most fabulous time!  

Em. x.


  1. I absolutely adore that polka dot cardigan!

  2. <3 <3 <3 The leopard dress (she's done alot of different variations of that print)--and as always, looks fab on you!!!!!!! xxx

  3. The coat is soooooooo cute!!!!


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