Friday, 21 October 2011

Animal Prints & Discount Code with Anna Scholz

Anna Scholz,Autumn,Winter,2011,2012,plus-size,dress,corset,tunic,AW,11-12,Black LabelFrom back in September,  some of you will recall this photo of myself, with Anna Scholz after I visited her studio...

You will recall, also, that I had a lovely time last month telling you a lot about her latest collections. Well - the dress I'm wearing in this image is now available online, so I thought I'd love to let you know what it's like.

AND - to anyone who loves the cut and/or look of Anna's Jersey Pleat Dress - this is another design to make your heart go WOW.

Jersey Gathered Panel Dress - £189.00

I LOVED this dress when I tried it with Anna. LOVED it. You know how sometimes you put something on and everything inside you screams YES!! This dress, for me, was like that.

And it's a funny thing. I've mentioned to you a lot recently, about how I've been re-trying clothes I would usually dismiss, or indeed, trying things I wouldn't usually - well, this dress is a little like that.

Animal Print!

ANIMAL PRINT is new for me.

I adore the abstract styling of the snake print on this dress and think the purple, taupe and white mix together and create something sexy, alluring and empowering.

This snake print totally charmed me! (I couldn't resist that pun).

This dress is made of lush jersey and the detailed ruching of this dress is just amazing. I put it on and it felt like a really soft glove. It fit like a dream, but wasn't clingy and I had room to move. I can't resist the tapering at the hem, the long sleeves and the sexy but discreet bust - all of it. I will wear this dress in the next couple of weeks, because I couldn't resist it - and it's living with me out in Budapest right now.

This post was actually inspired by an Anna Scholz email I got in the week featuring some of Anna's new prints... this aren't pieces I got to see when I went in to see Anna, and the pieces nearly blew my mind...

I am obsessed with Peacocks. I love Peacock statues, cards, prints and patterns. I think they're stunning and beautiful and effectively - I'm addicted to anything with a Peacock influence. I have to buy it...

So, when I got an email last week featuring the Jersey Gathered Panel Dress in a Peacock Print, my head almost exploded and I immediately bought one (which I won't see for three weeks until I get back home... BOO!). Love it. There is a blue version of the print also in different dress styles, but for me, deep pinks and fuchsias are my favourite and then teamed with a Peacock influence? Well, the choice was a no-brainer.

Do you want one? Well, because the good people at Anna Scholz are so lovely - I have a discount code for you.

This is probably the last Anna Scholz discount code I will have for a while, so if you want anything, I suggest you use it!

The code to cut and paste into your basket is: ASO10 and it will give you a 10% discount off all full priced stock until the 31st of October.

Seriously! Click HERE to go to Anna Scholz now!

THIS Wool Tulip Coat was just released in the last week too...


Smooch! xxx.


  1. You look so fabulous in the first dress. Wowza! You seem to look fabulous in everything though <3

    I too love peacock patterns and this dress is divine! I hate being broke or I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. I look forward to your pictures once you get it.

  2. Anna is on fire this season her designs are sooo good I need a lottery win lol

  3. Thanks for the code! I'm off to buy the Wool Shift dress for work.


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