Saturday, 24 September 2011

Visiting Anna Scholz Studios to look at Black Label - Plus a Discount Code! x.

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Anna and I. I am wearing the soon to be released Snake Gathered Siren Dress.

Last week, I was invited to the Anna Scholz studios to see some of the latest styles, meet her (AMAZING) team and chat about clothes and fashion.

The Anna Scholz Studios are light and airy. I felt so excited to be invited along and lucky to be able to try the Current Black Label Collection. I sat and chatted to Anna for a while and enjoyed our easy conversation. Anna LOVES fashion and clothes... We talked about current trends and styles, as well as her upcoming direction. I caught a sneak peek of her upcoming collections for Spring Summer 2012 and loved the vibrant tones and stunning designs. Anna loves Colour and Prints and seriously, the collections she creates - which combine rich blacks and block colours with diverse print choices, are amazing. I met Anna's fantastic team - a group of people who are dedicated and love what they do. Such a treat.

I always talk to you about how well fitting I find the clothes from Anna... well, I learnt more about the tailoring process, as well as how seriously they take fit sessions at Anna Scholz. The fit model is a size 18 and they work and work and work to ensure a great fit. It works!

Today and in a couple of posts over the coming weeks, I will look at more from the Black Label Collection. This Collection is beautiful and I am sure one of the reasons I get invited to try these clothes is so that the shapes can be seen on my plus size body... So let's get started.

The Anna Scholz Black Label Collection for 2011-2012 has sexy silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and interesting shapes. I will try a couple of pieces I wouldn't usually wear and talk to you about how the garments feel on my skin as well as how the pieces MAKE me feel when I wear them.

If you find something that tickles your fancy, I have an exclusive discount code for you: ANNAS10 will give you 10% off full priced items on the Anna Scholz website until September 30th!


When I put this dress on, I had to look at myself in the mirror a BUNCH of times. The black side panels of this dress, teamed with the spotted centre panel nip in at the waist and then follow the curve of your hip and leg down the line of your body. This dress made me pay real attention to my shape and I was surprised by how much the dress gave me a really smooth sleek-looking figure.

The ponte jersey material of this dress is lovely and thick while still feeling soft on the skin. This is a dress you can wear and feel confident in... it will keep shape well... the fabric and tailoring ensure it!

This is one of those "it" dresses you could buy for winter and wear on a gorgeous night out, but also wear for a "power day" at work. I found this garment really empowering and I like that it could be worn, subtly and sexily on a "normal life" day too - just to give you that extra "I'm awesome and sexy and female" kick. This is a really great dress and certainly - worth looking at very seriously!


I adore this. I have NEVER tried a cape on my body and have often looked at stores or blogs with Capes and thought - I wonder how I might look in one of those.


Well... in this Bright Red Black Label version - I'm going to say - I look pretty amazing. As you can see - even in this size 22 (which was the size I picked up, usually I am a 20) - this Coat is beautiful, tailored well and just such a stunning colour.


This coat is luxurious. The lining of the Cape is amazing and soft and I LOVE that it's the same vibrant red as the wool exterior. I put this on and felt warmth but also enjoyed the movement through the piece. The swing nature of this jacket is cinched in at the front by the belt which creates a lovely feminine shape.

I am very tempted to buy this Wool Cape Coat. It feels warm and pretty on my body, but is also unlike anything I own... I can just imagine this over my dresses in Winter keeping me warm but still allowing me lots of movement. Argh! Why are clothes so pretty and wonderful!!!


  1. Great post! Love the red cape, the shape is just beautiful. Red really suits you!

  2. WOW! You are so lucky!! I love that snake gathered dress, and if I had the money, and the confidence to wear dresses, that would have to be mine!! The cape is gorgeous, I was never sure how capes would look on a real person, but it is lovely, and the red is definately your colour! xx

  3. The Ponte jersey dress is just beautiful, and you look bloody amazing in it! I also love the cape like kaytee said, I wanted to know what they would look like on a real person, and on you it is utterly gorgeous!

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments. The Cape was a real favourite and something I tried on and was really wowed by!

    More to come over the next few weeks. x.

  5. The red cape looks absolutely stunning on you!

    I haven't been able to comment much (due to computer problems and lack of time), but I wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your Anna Scholz posts. :)


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