Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Simply Be Stores launching THIS WEEK...

This week, I was invited to attend the Liverpool Store opening of Simply Be.  Due to work (and living in London!), I am unable to get up there for the day. Although I am jealous of all you gorgeous Liverpudlians.

Because why?  Well...

At 1pm, on Friday the 23rd of September, Simply Be's FIRST EVER STORE opens in the Liverpool One Shopping Centre at 1pm. Seriously. Get there. Simply Be Fashions - available for you to TRY and then BUY. This is SO exciting.

Meanwhile, in Bury on the 7th October, you have your very OWN store opening at The Rock Shopping Centre.

Alan White, the CEO of N Brown (parent company to Simply Be) has stated...

"We wanted to have our first stores in the North West because all our managers and distributors are in the North West, so we can give the stores a lot of close attention. We want to open two or maybe three stores in September or October this year, then three or four next spring. Then we’ll evaluate it in 2012.*"

PhotobucketThis is such a fabulous week for plus fashion. It is amazing that another High Street retailer will exist, specifically aimed at plus-size women and fashion... So many of my readers from Australia come across to the UK and lament the fact that there aren't actually that many stores for them to walk into and buy clothes... Simply Be, in opening stores, is committing to another side of their business...  In the last year, they have opened "online" in the States and clearly, from what Alan White has said above, there is a strong commitment to open more stores here in the UK. Simply Be is one of my favourite places to shop... It is where I have got some of my favourite dresses (like the one pictured), most loved bras, sexy lingerie, gym gear and even winter boots. How exciting to think a store will open on Friday in Liverpool - or indeed, more stores will open in the future.

On behalf of plus-size curves: all the thighs and hips and bums and tits: Thank you Simply Be!

*Alan White quote taken from the Liverpool Daily Post.

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