Monday, 5 September 2011

A question of confidence...

I get waxed. I love to get waxed. I have always loved it. I love the process, I love the feeling, I love the result and I mostly love how aftwerwards I feel all pampered. Truth be told? For me, waxing is a major stress release.

That all being said, waxing, is what I like. I know some ladies don't like waxing, or indeed shaving. But - for the sake of conversation in starting this post - it is relevant that I like getting waxed (and before anyone asks -  when I get waxed, it is something I do for myself).

A few weeks ago I was chatting to one of my good friends about the fact I wanted to get waxed but didn't feel I had any time. She asked me, where I go - so I told her... (to London's best Salon - Strip. Seriously - it is amazing). My friend, told me she doesn't wax... I asked her if she'd ever wanted to try it and she told me, yes, but that she didn't feel comfortable... 

That's fair enough. But you know, if you did ever want to try it, you could just get a little bit done to see how you feel. Like, maybe the lower half of your leg... below the knee, or your eyebrows! You don't have to get your bikini line done...

It's not that. It's not about my bikini line or them seeing my girlie bits. Or the pain. It's my thighs. What will they think of my thighs?


My friend, who I was talking to - is a size 12. Her leggy-pegs are much smaller than my size 18-20 pins. That being said, what she said, struck me.

Body confidence is such an important thing ladies. Feeling OKAY about your body, or even LOVING it -  as well as liking your personality is like LIFE MAGIC.
Body confidence is not something that came to me easily - I was very lucky though, in that I did have a good start... I grew up in a very loving environment where we were all taught we were beautiful and okay in our different bodies - indeed, with five kids - we were ALL different shapes and sizes... BUT positive start aside, like may of you, I did still struggle with myself and my image for quite a few years. Body confidence and the struggle to have body confidence is not something unique to plus size people - in fact, I think most people - at some stage - struggle with image.

An image from when I started blogging. It was not easy! And many of my photos were taken without me looking at the camera as I felt so shy. My blog has affirmed me... Thanks to YOUR positive feedback. x.

If you are someone who struggles with body confidence at the moment, all I can say is that you are not alone. These days, I personally feel good in my skin, but as your friend and as a fashion blogger, I want you to know, I do know how you feel if you don't feel so confident.

I hope that if you are struggling, you find confidence in the plus-size blogs you read and clothes that are available for you to buy. I personally believe in my personality and in my heart and I think both of those things helped me realise that I am okay as a size 20. There were moments as a younger woman where I wished for a smaller figure, but, that seemed to melt away as I realised I am allowed to feel good about myself. I am healthy and happy and I have a nice body that lets me do a bunch of stuff, like walk everywhere and wear fancy clothes and enjoy delicious foods. I LIKE my body - it lets me enjoy perfect snuggles(!) with Mr. Darcy,  hug my friends and it helps me catch my nephew when he runs all about.

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands EmI wrote a post a while back about body confidence and contextualising ugly days... I wrote about how even now - when I feel really great in my skin and happy and confident (almost 100% of the time) - I can still have bad days. We can all have bad days.

I DO hope that if you are one of the people who has very few days where you feel good about yourself, you can cut yourself a break. I think people are beautiful. Really beautiful. And I am sure you are too. I would also go odds on, that if you are having confidence woes, you are much harder on yourself than anyone else will ever be. Because I am confident, actually, that YOU ARE beautiful.

Now. I have a blog recommendation for you on this exact theme. One of my good friends, Danimezza has done one of the bravest things a girl could ever do. Ever. She has shown a confidence that I'm not sure that even I could achieve. Danimezza is a size 20. She is body confident and she has just posed NAKED in a national magazine. It is amazing, inspiring and I reccomend you get to her site and take a look.

Smooches my loves. Smooches and confidence.


PS - Last weekend, I had the good fortune to preview some of the Autumn Winter Collection Pieces by Anna Scholz for 2011-2012. YEAH YEAH YEAH! I am so pleased to let you know I will be blogging the collection towards the end of the week. x.

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  1. I love what you said here, I'm a bigger girl and have been feeling less than stellar about my looks and figure lately. I see myself as generally pretty confident but the past month or so have been really rough. Pictures are always tough for me, always. I'm taking steps to get healthier but ultimately, I don't want to change too much, I just want to get to a point where I feel more happy with myself.

    You are beautiful and I love your blog.



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