Friday, 30 September 2011

Anna Scholz Black Label Reviews AW 11-12 continued...


PhotobucketI don't own many straight down the line tunics. I think many of you know, I am partial to quite a heavy structure through my dresses and clothing. Lately, I have enjoyed clothes which are a little more flowy and roomy. I think it's working in the West End. The tube is a killer for heat and I like to feel a little more movement through my clothes at the moment.

Just like the Anna Scholz Cape Coat that I tried in the last post, the Ponte Jersey Frill Shift Tunic is a gorgeous, bright red. Red is such a stunning colour and through autumn and winter it will look just fab as the skies turn grey and people get out their black coats.

PhotobucketAs soon as I put this tunic on, I felt its immediate Ponte Jersey warmth! It was nice - not toasty, just warm and comforting. I like the drape from my chest and specifically enjoy how this garment just skims off my breast and then flows down my body. I could easily layer thermal underwear with this tunic OR belt it OR throw on a jacket... This is versatile!

The detailing on the neckline and cuffs is also pretty adorable and because the detailing is the same fabric as the body of the tunic, it kind of blends really well and then POPs to life as you get closer to the garment. Beautiful!


This shirt dress... honestly? I can rarely stand to try a shirt dress. It's the buttons. I feel like clothing that's done up over my breasts (42F and supported fabulously by the Gok Wan Banger Booster) will pop open and I'll be some sort of busty pirate wench...

NOT the case, here!

PhotobucketI am thrilled to report that for the first time in a LONG LONG time I have found the shirt dress to reboot my frame of mind. I put this dress on and looked at myself. In my USUAL size 20 - there was no pull across the bust, no strain on the buttons, no threat of popping... just a perfectly closed shirt dress, and there were my boobs, covered and safe, under a shirt dress that fit - just as it SHOULD.


My Mr. Darcy was like, "Buy It".

I love this. My new found love of shirt dresses aside, I like the shape created thanks to the waist-high belt, I like the 3/4 sleeves and I particularly enjoy the playful, yet strangely intriguing beetle pattern.

The material is crepe jersey meaning the garment floats on your skin, but is also soft and has a little stretch in it. So, SO comfortable.

This one really surprised me. I really thought that because of past experiences with shirt dresses, that I'd put this on and dismiss it. I was wrong. Anna Scholz has nailed this dress and style. AND it just goes to show me: as a fashion lover AND as a consumer, that trying new things every now and again - or indeed REtrying things previously dismissed, is well worth it.


I love this one.

More soon!

Em. x.

PS - IF you aren't quite into the beetle pattern, another Shirt Dress is also availble, in a different pattern - HERE!


  1. that shirt dress looks so awesome on you! really enjoy your blog!!!

  2. Love the post Em! I wondered if you know about My first order a lovely retro dress has just arrived. You might like it...
    Siggy x

  3. Both are so cute!!


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