Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Anna Scholz Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Reviews... Part TWO!

I am so excited by this post. Excited, because I am going to talk about one of the most stunning dresses I have ever worn...

AND - Excited, because I am going to share ANOTHER stunning dress with you, the one I just HAD to own!

You all know the Anna Scholz White Label Double Silk Cowl Neck Dress, in the Check Print. This is what I would almost classify as THE DRESS of the current collection. Model, Tanya Gervasi looks completely stunning in this dress as part of the "La Dolce Vita" campaign and her image has been displayed on many websites, helping to solidify the dress as a defining Autumn-Winter, White Label garment.

I had to request this dress to try... I rarely wear such full length dresses, or indeed similarly high (or indeed cowl) necklines, but - I had to see if I would look good in this dress... I wanted to know if my body would work in such a definitive piece.

It certainly does...


This dress is designed for beautiful, natural curves. I am wearing a UK size 22 in these photos and you can see my body looks absolutely gorgeous, with a defined breast, waist and hip line. This is an amazingly comfortable garment too... when I put it on, it immediately felt good and right and feminine.

I love that this dress has such a beautiful shape, the slightly ruched 3/4 length sleeves are lovely and for a little extra warmth through Winter, this dress could easily be worn with a layer of thermal underwear and beautifully tailored jacket. The shape of this garment sees the dress fall with off centre pleating from the high waist line, skimming the hip and then draping beautifully down the leg.

In looking at these photos, I am still gobsmacked by how pretty this Cowl Neck Dress is. I felt lovely in the double silk fabric and it also made me feel confident and held... That may seem like a funny word, held. But what I mean, is that I felt like this dress was made specifically for me - as opposed to being made for plus-size women, generally. I felt like this dress was literally made to hold on to MY body - it feels unique and special and designed with my curves in mind. That's amazing and it says loads about how Anna designs.



Before I even managed to get my little paws on this dress, I knew it was going to be something special. The pattern of this V-Dress, defined as "stained-glass" on the Anna Scholz website absolutely took my breath away - online and in person... I adore the muddied colours and to me, it looks almost like a jewel colour painting that someone has spilled water across. I adore this.

PhotobucketThis dress has an amazing shape, with pleats from the hip and across the breast, as well as a thick, high empire line which cuts into a tulip style skirt. The shape AND drape of this dress completely wooed me, and I had to buy it. You can see the neck line is a beautiful, slight cross-over v-shape and the skirt runs to just below my knee (I am 5'5").

I put this on and felt sexy. Feminine. READY for the world.

My OTHER draw for this dress was the fabric. I swear... all the good people at Anna Scholz have to do is say "Jersey" and I am there. Anna's Jersey material is of such a high quality, it feels soft and supple against the skin. I seriously love this fabric and I think it works so well for my (or your!!) plus sized figure.

In this dress, I opted to review a size 20 which I then ended up buying. I LOVE this one. x.

Tomorrow morning, I will be saying hello to Anna at her design studio... if you have any questions, or if there is anything you'd like to see from the Black Label collection, let me know asap!

Loves. x.

PS - Someone emailed me and asked how I manage to get such fabulous access to Anna Scholz's garments to review them... Well - about a year or so ago, this little fat girl walked into the (now defunct) plus-size section at Harrods and went fairytale crazy, trying on all the gorgeous Anna Scholz fashion.. I videotaped it and also posted photos to this blog. My enthusiasm seemed to strike a chord with Anna and Co and since then, I have occasionally been lucky enough to have access to the clothes, so I can show them to you on my enthused, plus-size figure! YEAH!


  1. Wow both of these dresses look divine on you, the colours are amazing. xx

  2. Looking great ! Thank you Em for another superb review. See you tomorrow Anna x


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