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Anna Scholz Autumn Winter 2011-2012 Reviews... Part ONE!

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It is always a really special time here on the Boombands Blog, when I have my Anna Scholz weeks. Many of you are aware of the fact that Anna is my favourite high-end designer and that I love the innovative looks, prints and cuts she gives us - CONSISTENTLY with each new collection. These Anna Scholz previews are always a little dangerous for me too. I always fall in love with the pieces I am sent to review so returning them is HARD... Too hard! I'll show you why!


I was really looking forward to trying this item, last season when I tried the Digital Tunic, I was TRANSFIXED. I am so pleased that this season, the Double Silk Frill Tunic has taken my breath away.

Firstly though, as regards this collection - I have to mention the prints. I love Anna Scholz. I love the fact that she embraces and GIVES us interesting, vibrant and sexy prints. I love that her collections give us options for block colour, but also - and possibly MOST wonderfully - creates a situation where, as plus-size women, we can choose blues and pinks and oranges and purples that Anna has specifically worked at creating for our bodies. THIS was my favourite print when I saw it online. I loved the colours and how well the blues and oranges worked together. In real life, this print is JUST as vibrant as I wanted it to be.


The Double Silk Frill Tunic is light and floaty. Before Anna, I had never really worn tunics, I was unsure of how the shape would work for me, but she does this so well - I ADORE the empire line waist which is nipped in with a little line of elastic, it affords looseness but also shape - the neckline is both flattering and sexy and I love how loose the sleeves are. Looking through my photos, I can see how easily I could kick this up a gear with a thick black belt and some heavier eye makeup... That being said, I'm sure you can see from my photos that the colour, shape and vibrancy of this dress really works all on its own!


When I picked this item, I picked it for two reasons. Firstly, I thought it looked stunning on the model... Secondly. Well. I was curious. I have never worn anything like this dress, so I was really curious to see how it might suit my body and whether I could pull off the shape, cut and style. It really is lovely.

This dress is made of Anna's luxurious jersey material. I have several dresses (by Anna) in this fabric and I am always struck by how soft it feels on the skin. It is also a LOVING fabric... it holds your curves, but has generous movement to it. When I put this dress on, it was clear that it would be compatible with many different shapes thanks to the self tie belt that comes with it, as well as the stretch in the material.

This T-Shirt Maxi is actually a perfect Autumn/Winter dress thanks to the warm colours, maxi length, 3/4 length sleeves and high(ish) round neckline.


I never wear shapes like this. I've mentioned before how I love structure... but I appreciate the detailing here - how a simple belt can afford me structure. The neckline is also a smidge higher than I am used to - but it is flattering and would be lovely and warming through the season.

One final important detail about this dress: It is comfortable. Really comfortable. I don't wear t-shirts or tops too often, but when I put this on I was struck by how this garment is defined as a T-SHIRT Maxi dress... It felt soft and lush on my skin; REALLY comfortable and as Winter approaches, I can see that it would feel soft and deliciously warming under a coat, with a pair of tights and nice black heels.


My Anna Scholz Reviews will continue through next week as I showcase more from the White Label Collection. I am also catching up with Anna at her studio next week, so if you have any questions - send them through!

Big Smooches! Em. x.

All items in this post are a size 20 and were sent for review purposes only. 
Please note that the grainy nature of some of the shots is representative of my camera, only. xxx.

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  1. You have a great eye for picking new things that will look great on you. The TShirt maxi dress my favourite on you!


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