Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wedge Welly Curve: Review.

Fashionable? Check.
Comfortable? Check.
Heel? Check.
Waterproof? Check.
Wide fitting calf and foot? CHECK.

OMG. Wedge Welly!

Thank Goodness I met you, Wedge Welly Curve, before winter starts. 
I am so impressed. 

Recently, I was sent a pair of Wedge Welly Curve Boots to review. I tell you, I nearly had to squirrel them away and hide them from the courier - because having to return them this morning was HARD.

I LOVE these boots. I almost don't want to write anything else.

But here goes.

I wear a size 7EEE shoe usually. I had a pair of size 7 CURVE style Wedge Wellys sent to me to try and I tell you, they fit like a dream. They fit my foot - AND they fit my calf. I have NEVER had a pair of Wellington Boots fit my calf. Indeed, I have bought two pairs of Wellys in the last few years and for BOTH pairs, I have had to cut the boot from just above my ankle so that they fit me properly. These were comfortable, fit OVER tights and there was plenty of room for my wide feet.

The comfort of these Wellingtons is also really amazing. The shoe is cushioned and your foot feels supported. I actually wondered how I would go with the WEDGE and I think the shoe actually works far more comfortably and naturally than a normal Wellington thanks to the curve of the base and how well it works with the natural contour of your foot. These shoes are easy to walk in and feel really natural.

I love how fashionable these Wellys are. I admit it. In Winter, more than once, I have thought how nice it would be to have really lovely pair of Welly's to wear to work. ESPECIALLY since my lovely leather boots could do with a break on those really torrential days. THESE are the Wellys I need. These are fashionable. The ones I tried came in a crocodile leather print (and are awesomely named MAN EATER) but they also come in plain black as well as black with a smudged pink design. I like that they look good, HAVE a heel and CAN pass as fashionable street/work wear. These are Wellingtons you can wear to festivals - but could ALSO wear on a day or even NIGHT out.

Wedge Welly has a UNIQUE range based in "normal" foot sizing as well as a FLEX range for wider calves. I am so impressed that the company makes a CURVE range for wider feet and calves and I think it it innovative in design as well us right up there for comfort and style.

Wedge Wellys Curve boots are available to buy through the Wedge Welly site and UNIQUE and FLEX designs ALSO have limited availability at ASOS. They are amazing AND with Winter coming I am going to buy a pair, I plan to be fashionably waterproof, comfortable and READY!

Em. x.

PS - In Australia, we always called Wellington Boots, GUMboots!
Oh, AND - the Wedge Welly site has music playing... I wasn't sure where it was coming from (I always have so many windows open), so - heads up! x.


  1. I love these! I want a pair... I can never fit wellies either for the opposite reason, long thing feet and no calves at all, so they're all loose. I hope they make some for me too! You should definitely get a pair of these x

  2. OMG I think I am in love with these, I need them in my life!!

    I have finally gone for it and with you and a few other bloggers as total inspirations, I have created my first blog, Just getting up the courage to post my first pictures of myself!

    Let me know what you think if you can. xxx


  3. OOOOOOOHHH those are super cute!! I so have the calf issue too. My sister and I call our calf 'calfzillas' :-D

  4. Cute boot!

    You sound very British in this vid!



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