Monday, 1 August 2011

Simply Be Model Competition BACK for 2011

I have literally JUMPED on this announcement - Ladies, the Simply Be Model Competition is BACK for 2011 - for details and terms, head to the facebook site - HERE.

Last year competition finalists were a range of sizes reflecting the women and fashionable babes that the online site caters for. So check it out and apply! You are beautiful and you have a shot - DO IT!!

I feel so excited. I wonder if blogging this so quickly is a little premature - like there may be more information to come, but I can not help myself. I love positive steps in fashion and I think brands like Simply Be are at the forefront of this positivity.

In the last year there have been so many strides - City Chic expanded into the States, Evans is about to expand there too, Asos Curve arrived(!), Simply Be is about to move from online and open three stores, Anna Scholz opened a standalone store in Berlin... and so much more is happening.

This is an exciting time - to be embraced. 

I have pulled/nicked/grabbed this image from the facebook page, so please head there for more details.

This is exciting news and is wonderful for all us gorgeous plus-size girls. If you want to have a shot at modelling - this is your wonderful chance - so, come on LADIES!



  1. Are you going to enter? I think you should.


  2. Oh Michelle, Thank you! I am not entering, but will support everyone who does. What about yourself? x.


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