Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ASOS Curve Lace Waisted Dress Review.


I am in LOVE with the ASOS Curve Lace Waisted Dress. I must say - I LOVED this dress on release a couple of months ago and was SO tempted to buy it immediately... BUT - ASOS have killer sales. They always do. ASOS moves items to clearance pretty quickly and then, very often, throw an EXTRA discount code on to boot (right now the ASOS discount code is EXTRA20 which gives an extra 20% off clearance... I have also heard it is working when you combine clearance items with full priced ones...).

In any case - I bought THREE of the ASOS Curve Lace Dresses. Yes. I love them.  So,  I bought THREE.

To be honest, I bought the dress in RUST colour first and when I pulled it out of the plastic, I was very skeptical. I thought it looked like something a fashionable mother might wear to a wedding... THEN, I put it on. It feels GREAT. The lining is soft cotton and the lace overlay is really gentle and smooth on the skin - no scratchiness. I was worried about fit, but thanks to the banding around the waist, it gives a lovely shape and curves smoothly around my breasts, before skimming over my waist (it isn't clingy) and then floating over my hip. The rust colour is also absolutely divine.


In fact, the rust colour is so divine, I bought another to store away for loving once the first is worn. I plan to wear it a lot!

Now. I did try the dress with a belt - but for me... the shape of the dress works on its own.

Hmm. I also bought the dress in the other available colour - Coral. I have taken the shot below under the same light and circumstances as the "Rust" shot above so you can get a fair idea of colour difference.


Now. This is nice. BUT - I DO feel a bit of a watermelon in this brightness! I prefer the rust. I'll WEAR the coral too, but probably not quite as often. At all.

Mind you... still pretty!


For an extra 20% on ASOS Sale items right now - use code EXTRA20 at checkout... and, as I mentioned - it is worth trying on full priced items too...

Smooches! Em. x.


  1. You are so ridiculously cute. I love the coral the best, though you're right, you definitely need sunglasses with it. Still, so cheerful it just makes you smile.

  2. You look awesome! I love reading your posts, you're always so upbeat :D Is it me or do your bangers look absolutely smurftastically enormous in the coral?!
    I used the 20% off code on a sale and non-sale item and got discount on both last week.. win-win!!



  3. Gorgeous dress! The lace and rust color complement each other beautifully. Looks amazing on you!


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