Wednesday, 27 July 2011

We Love Colors Review: Colour and Subtlety...

We Love Colors,Review,Stockings,Plus-size,Curvy,Fishnets

There have been some amazing reviews for We Love Colors online lately - I particularly loved the review over at Pocket Rocket and the shot of Lauren in the Navy Tights is DIVINE. One of the things I have always loved about We Love Colors is the fact it creates CURVY hosiery as well as a non-curvy range. A company like We Love Colors helps make tights, leggings and stockings far more accessible to women with curvier calves and thicker thighs. I am such a woman!

When approached by We Love Colors about doing a review, I was very keen. I have always wanted a pair of great fishnets - and luckily for me, fishnets are part of the We Love Colors Curvy range. Fishnets in all kinds of colours. Not just green (the pic on the left is from the We Love Colors website), but about five different shades of green. Oranges, Reds, Blacks, Yellows.. I could continue.

I decided to buck trend though and try the Light Tan. I wanted subtle fishnets - the kind that I can wear and that will draw intrigue before someone realises - I have the hotness that is FISHNETS wrapped around my legs.


We Love Colors,Review,Stockings,Plus-size,Curvy,Fishnets
The tights, once out of the pack look like any other tights. The Fishnets, unlike a lot of hoisery do not come with a "control gusset" around the waist or thighs. In fact - the elasticised top is great - subtle, doesn't hurt and completely stretchy around my round midriff. In fact - on the site it states the fishnets will fit a 48inch waist. Mine hits about 49.5 and these babies fit me comfortably.

Once on, these Fishnets were comfortable and easy to wear. There was a seam in the crotch that I had to move about for comfort, but once in the correct place (manouvering took about 32 seconds), these were like a dream.

Now. I did have a little weird sensation in the first five minutes of wear. I wear tights. A lot. The different texture of the fishnets between my thighs and on my skin WAS a little different, but, after swooshing about for five minutes, this different feeling had almost no effect. Comfort reigned.

The design of these tights is lovely and I DO love my skin peeping through. I have gone for direct skin and leg pics due to the subtelty of the colour I selected to review - I bet though (indeed as you can see from the green fishnet product shot, above), in colour - these babies would also totally rock it.

We Love Colors,Review,Stockings,Plus-size,Curvy,Fishnets
Light Tan fishnet on skin shot.

But for me? I love the subtlety of this. The ability to feel unique and original without being overt. I can be very OVERstated, so the understated feminity of this hoisery, CERTAINLY appeals. When I wear these out on a night, it will be with a curvy black dress (for straight up sex appeal), or perhaps with the dress in my last post - the Joe Browns Lively Tunic, mix pattern with pattern and feel flipping fabulous.

Behold my sexy pins:

Smooches - Em. 


  1. I kid you not, they're what I'm ordering next! LOVE x

  2. These are so cute, I have to get a pair!

  3. Heck I LOVE how these look! I own some We Love Colors already but need to grab me a pair of theese!


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