Wednesday, 6 July 2011

OOTD: Let Your Colours Burst - Little Miss Firework

Torrid,City Chic,Simply Be,Anna Scholz,Travel,Malta,Gok Wan,Shrug,Dress,Plus size,Plus-size,Curves,Curvy,Women,Women's Fashion
I am in Malta. Work flew me here and despite my strong desire to hang out by the pool and be fabulous and relax - I have mostly been stuck in a transformed hotel suite - working and working and working.

Torrid,City Chic,Simply Be,Anna Scholz,Travel,Malta,Gok Wan,Shrug,Dress,Plus size,Plus-size,Curves,Curvy,Women,Women's Fashion
A pool in Malta, I WISH I was swimming in!

The thing is - despite the fact that I am here and completely snowed under - when I have a moment, it is so important for me to feel good and refreshed and like I could wander about the city and blend in happily and beautifully - without LOOKING like I am here working.

At the moment, apart from being in Malta, I am also obsessed with the Katy Perry song firework, it makes me feel GREAT about life and possibility. One of my fellow bloggers, Hope, recently posted on her "Firework" dress at Inside Chic. I have a really fabulous Firework Dress for Winter in the form of my Anna Scholz Digital Print dress... And, I recently re-found and therby are re-wearing a dress which I am now defining as my Summer Firework dress... no where near as bright as the Anna Scholz print, but I think - in the summer haze here in Malta, the faded subliminal tattoo print works - it is an active print but not too assaulting colour wise.

Don't mind my little black bra! I forgot my beige one.

Seriously cute, right? I got it from Torrid about two years ago. I actually don't wear this often enough - considering how much I like it. 

Torrid,City Chic,Simply Be,Anna Scholz,Travel,Malta,Gok Wan,Shrug,Dress,Plus size,Plus-size,Curves,Curvy,Women,Women's Fashion

For me, this dress means comfort and a subtle, interesting style. With a banded Empire Line and back ties it also rocks my curve. OH YEAH. 

I love Curve Rockage.

Smoochies Loves. x.

PS - Thanks to all you girls who commented on my last post about breast support and swimsuits. It is to do with confidence, but also such a massive comfort issue. I loved your amazing responses, and just wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciated them.


  1. This dress is utterly gorgeous!!! looks fab on you. x

  2. Love the Torrid dress! Gorgeous and perfect for Malta.

    Can you talk me through your thoughts on the Anna Scholz digital print dress only being winter-appropriate?! I've worn this to two weddings now (South Africa in March and Ireland in June) and felt like it was great for the sunny days we were lucky enough to have. I'm also considering wearing it in August in France?! I love it because it covers my arms (not brave enough) and I don't have to wear any tights. So much stuff I love from ASOS Curve is super short so I need tights or leggings, which I don't think are appropriate for a summer wedding.

    Also, my AS digital print dress looks different in style to yours. Do you know if they changed it after the initial first run? I had to get it taken up because it was coming to mid-shin and now it falls just on my knee. Just wondering!

  3. Thanks Mhairi. x.

    Hi there LJ. So great to hear from you. I never meant to imply that the AS dress is only winter appropriate. Not at all. I was more saying that it is my "Winter Firework Dress", to do with the fact I bought it and wore it more through winter. For me, summer means I become a sweaty betty - particularly on the tube, so I always need to ensure that unless the weather is cooler, I have shorter sleeves.

    I can totally see the dress working in Summer (in fact you are right - it would look gorgeous at a wedding) - I mean, the material is beautiful and light, but for me, in Summer - I need short sleeves and prefer a shrug... at most, if nights are cooler, I might carry a long sleeve cardi - but I just can't cope with longer sleeves when the sun is shining. I heat up terribly actually and as I use the tube a lot - I avoid longer sleeves in Summer.

    That post I have linked to with the AS dress actually talks about "breaking rules" so I would never then reference it saying you should only wear that dress as a specific time... I think people should just wear whatever they want - whenever they want.

    As for the style of the dress having changed - I am unsure. In that picture, I am at Anna's studio and am wearing a sample size which was an 18. I bought (and am) a size 20 - so the body was a little tighter on me in these pictures as I was doing a preview series on my blog... it might be that. x.

  4. Oh and LJ - Thank you for complimenting the Torrid dress too. xxx.

  5. You're the most beautiful girl that google launch to me. I feel sorry to know that you live in other continent.


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