Monday, 11 July 2011

Naturally Beautiful.

Torrid,City Chic,Simply Be,Anna Scholz,Travel,Malta,Gok Wan,Shrug,Dress,Plus size,Plus-size,Curves,Curvy,Women,Women's FashionI wear makeup almost every day. I wear it because I love it. And these days - as part of my "every day" look - I like subtlety. In fact, as you can see from the photo on the left (the dress is from Simply Be) -  I like natural, tinted moisturiser, mascara and gloss. I am actually enjoying getting older and am finding my face - with its baby eye wrinkles, forehead furrow and little freckles interesting and quite pretty.

I used to like a heavier look (indeed, when I was a goth I liked black EVERYTHING - hair, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick!!) but now, I save heavier makeup for special occassions, girls' nights and ... date nights.


City Chic,Plus size,Blogger Em,Boombands Em,Fashion,dress,Roxanne Rhinestone Dress
Heavier makeup on a date night - I am wearing City Chic.

While I was away, I woke up one morning and my hotel had had a burst pipe. No water = no shower.

I needed a shower. To be honest, I was working such long hours, I NEEDED a shower to wake up and feel alive. When I work so hard, I also find rituals like washing my hair, dressing up and putting on makeup a refresher each day. BUT NOT THAT DAY.

Luckily - I know how to solve a problem. First I stood in the bathroom at the hotel and did a flannel wash in the sink so I (at least) felt a little clean... then -

I popped on a swimsuit.

Evans Swimsuit,Plus-size,Curves
Swimsuit from Evans.

Then, I put clothes on over my swimsuit and I ignored my normal rituals in favour of going without makeup or combed hair. I decided to look gorgeous - absolutely NATURALLY. Just as myself.

City Chic,Dress,Bolero,Natural,Plus-size,Curves
Dress and Bolero by City Chic.

I ended up getting to work early and going for a swim at the beach outside my workplace. I felt refreshed and happy and let my hair dry naturally and my skin dry naked.

Natural. Fresh. Beautiful.

And I felt great.

City Chic,Dress,Bolero,Natural,Plus-size,Curves

I pretty much believe all people are gorgeous. We are unique and interesting and lovely. We are put together differently and also are very much the same. I feel good about myself these days, but haven't always felt so calm and happy. You have seen me tell you I DO have ugly days and don't always like myself the way I should - but ultimately - naturally, we are all pretty beautiful. It's funny that a burst pipe in a Hotel in Malta reminded me, so strongly, of that.

Smooches. x.


  1. Awesome swim suit hun! Very flattering. I have found myself wearing less make up as well.. Goes with swimming in the ocean more and not wanting constant panda eyes. It takes a bit of getting used to, some times its scary as you say I do notice my face changing as I get older. But I find as long as your smiling you look great with or without makeup!

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress over your cossie. Great post, I have days where I'm just nicely satisfied with my natural look too - but mostly I'm all for the natural look with makeup x

  3. I think you always look gorgeous--but thanks for the reminder. Everyone DOES have beauty; we just have to believe in it :)

  4. You are always beautiful Em inside and out! Great post lovely.

  5. :D So prettyyy. Honestly I think makeup kind of hides the natural beauty that we all have (and that might include blemishes, freckles etc.) Whenever I see girls under layers and layers of makeup 1. You can it's a bit pointless 2. I wonder what they'd look like without it. Probably not that bad. Oh well...You look lovely :)

    Castle Fashion

  6. I want to hug you again... you just GET it x

  7. Em, what an inspiring post! Love it! And you are absolutely beautiful--with or without makeup! I love the swimsuit as well as your practical spirit! :)

  8. You look awesome in the swimsuit! I also love the City Chic dress, really feminine.

  9. you look great in that roxanne dress! i own one as well... doesn't it just make everything feel more special?? must be the sparkles!


  10. I love the idea of having a swim before work and then being so chic to just throw your dress back on and go...that is effortless glamor! Debbie

  11. No offense, but you're naturally very pretty :) So even though makeup does help to emphasize your nice facial features, I still think that you're one of those people who look wonderful without any makeup. You should cherish it, you'd be surprised at how tough it is for some women as they age, or when they want to hide things like blemishes and scars.

  12. Thank you all for your beautiful comments. This post meant a lot to me and is very close to my heart - so thank you.

    I do want to clarify one thing to commenter - K -

    My post is to do with the fact that I wouldn't be surprised by how tough things are for women. In fact - me knowing that is why I posted. I love people. I love how different we are, and I know how lucky I am to have found a place where I feel good and confident. Thank you for mentioning my natural beauty, I haven't always believed in it and I certainly don't believe in it every day. As a child I had massive issues and skin problems (all over my body) due to hyper allergies that I have been fortunate enough to mostly grow out of... I still get eczema and have other issues not needing to be discussed here. But my knowing how hard things are for women - is the exact reason I made this post.

    Thank you for helping me clarify that. x.


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