Monday, 13 June 2011

Link Love for June

Image comprised of TWO pieces of link love from Curious Fancy and Curvy Girl Chic.

I have been offline a bit lately. I have been around, just not blogging. My work is like crazy town and I am about to jump onto my third film in three months... This one is a keeper though and I will be on it until Christmas (at least). This should mean more stability, so more time to blog. I hope so. I am missing you and I am missing blogging. Incidentally, if you guys want something to see this coming month, Captain America, which I spent a lot of last year working on is due for release soon. Honestly?  This film is a lot of fun - I would love to hear if some of you do go see it. x.

This post is to shower some love. While I am a little away - let's look at what my fierce, fellow bloggers are doing. I have divided Link Love this week into Three Little Parts...

1. Bloggers Looking Good - Block Colours & Sexy Stripes:
  • Curvy Girl Chic: You look Like Summer. This post is gorgeous and Allison, certainly looks like summer. I could have sworn she was wearing a dress in this post it looks so beautifully and seamlessly put together.
  • Fashion Hayley: Parting Ways. Wow. Fashion Hayley always looks good and in this post one simple hair change nails this post. She looks flipping gorgeous.  
  • Blog To Be Alive: My take on Prada S/S 2011... Val had he own baby blog hiatus this last month and she has come back looking colourful and gorgeous. This post is a reminder why Val has blogged successfully for FIVE years.

2. Bloggers From the Heart:
  • Return to Sender: A Quiet Mind. Sarah has been through a lot this last year. I love her heart and soul, ever present in this post. Comfortable in her skin, but not in her mind. Sarah, you have my heart. x.

3. Bloggers Doing it For Themselves:
  • reizende Rundungen: First Dress. I love that following a simple internet tutorial can help someone make a dress. Katrin makes the outcome look so good, I might have to try this.

Lastly, I want to share the love for one of my fellow bloggers over on the City Chic site. I have popped this at the end, lest I get accused of being a little bias. You see, I would include Hope's personal blog - if she had one. She does not. Hope is ten years younger than me, but both of us blog for City Chic. She and I went to a photoshoot in Australia back in February and picked the same outfit to wear. Hope is creative and interesting and gorgeous. Hope's posts for City Chic focus on music and fashion. Her posts featuring fashion inspiration drawn from Lady Gaga, Pink and Rihanna and lately Hope has been interviewing curvy, inspiring women from within the Australian music industry... Am I bias? Maybe. But Hope's posts are great. She has very little self promotion going on, because she doesn't have her own blog. I love her posts so want to promote them - please - Take a look.

Smooches and see you soon. x.

PS - If I have missed your favourite link, let me know... but please don't just post your site link and say "link to me" because this just ain't what "link love" is supposed to be about! 


  1. Thank you so much for the link! :)
    It's funny because I have finally blogged about the dress I bought when I met you in London!

  2. Em,

    Thank you so much for the link love! And now I have lots of other posts to read!

    My, your career sure does sound exciting! xx


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