Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Apple Mac Virus Warning and Screengrabs.

Hey loves - This post is completely unrelated to anything to do with my blog... however, as I get thousands of you clicking in each month I wanted to share my latest experience with a piece of possible Mac Malware. I seem (hope) to have avoided this little piece of crap but thought I might help you to, too...

Click on the images to get a higher resolution via my web photo host and be careful. My blog will be as normal, next time I post. x.

If you get this warning... be very careful:

The warning comes up over this screen:


If you try to force quit this warning (with such delightful grammar and spelling errors) then appears:


However, if you click the original OKAY button... you go through to this screen:


And then the computer AUTOMATICALLY starts downloading software:


Which is where I halted the process. 

Now - these error messages are full of grammatical errors and you can see in the last image - the "viruses" and "Trojans" I apparently have on my computer causing problems include .exe files. PC files. As in... BOLLOCKS.

I would never usually post this type of thing to my Ultra hip, Totally sassy, Sexy fashion based blog - BUT when I found myself in this trap, I googled for more info and got none.

Remember. DON'T allow downloads UNLESS you activate them, this virus didn't ask for my password - it was smart enough to bypass that... Don't be afraid to force quit and NEVER give your credit card details to sites that are randomly offering to rid you of viruses... They are usually the culprits.

I got to this virus through clicking a GOOGLE search result. The page redirected to a virus.


And again, sweet loves - apologies for the misplaced post. This is my one little corner of the web and with so little info on these viruses, I had to share. 


  1. No thank you for this, I have 2 macs and a few people have mentioned this but i didnt know what I was looking for, so thank you! xxx

  2. please excuse spelling and grammar mistakes from me im dyslexic and it has always been a problem for me :) xxx The mac catches most of my spelling mistakes but not the grammar ones :) xx

  3. Oh hon, no worries. And please don't apologise for any grammar or spelling errors. I only mentioned them to help people identify the malware. Big hug. Em. Xxx.

  4. Aww i know you did hun, i have to laugh when i get scam emails, i know the spelling is bad when i can spot it, lol xxxxxx


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