Sunday, 8 May 2011

A little piece of Prada.

I wanted to share my latest love. My new Prada sunglasses. These were a GIFT. My closest girlfriend here in London, Bex, gave these to me.

They are clear, only lightly tinted... and honestly - ONLY suit me in particular situations. If I wear TOO much colour with them, I go a little Dame Edna. But I love them...

I wanted to talk a little about some gorgeous strides happening in our lovely Plus-size fashion world...

Australia is lucky to see some great things happening down there. Embody Denim, the brainchild of model Natalie Wakeling has just released a limited clothing range. Embody Denim covers a size range from a 12 to 26 and the new clothing range runs from a size 12 to 26 (depending on the piece - some stop as a 20). The pieces look quite simple, but the silhouettes are looking devine - the Osmosis Cape Silk Dress is particularly exquisite.

Also doing great, is Damn You Alexis... I don't have a blog post for you quite yet - but I ordered The Bandage Dress and the label's shipping from AUSTRALIA to LONDON took FOUR days. That is amazing. The item is just gorgeous and I am so pleased I bought it.

Love, love, love!

To be honest, I bought the dress in the sale Damn You Alexis had recently and I feel like I got a bargain. Blog Post soon, Promise!

I plan to buy more items too - it is literally a lovely garment and if you feel like trying something exquisitely tailored, I suggest you try Damn You Alexis.

In London, as ever, I am loving UK based street wear with ASOS Curve. I am so impressed with the range recently and think the prints and cuts are looking gorgeous. In fact, I am not really a person who is ever going to buy a playsuit, but heck, ASOS Curve make them well. The Exclusive Apple Playsuit just looks wonderful and fun.

Carmakoma. Whoa... have you seen the dress below? The LA: 2 in 1 Dress is just exquisite. I liked this garment as soon as I saw it come online. Carmakoma's latest collection is on-trend, while still being interesting and innovative. The designers, Heidie Lykke and Angelica Weiss are just going from strength to strength... next time I am off work, I actually want to head to Denmark to visit them - that would be amazing.

In fact, next time I am off work, I am going to see my Designer LOVE - Anna Scholz Fashions AND I have been invited to go see the crew at Yours Clothing as well. I predict some WONDERFUL blog posts out of those trips!

One thing I will say... Last week in London, I had the amazing fortune to meet up with a couple of my fellow (and indeed two of my favourite) bloggers... Gaëlle-Vanessa and Val and we went into Monsoon... I just want to remind everyone what beautiful clothes there are at Monsoon... take a look!

In any case - this blog post was about my little piece of Prada, as well as some of the things EXCITING me in fashion at the moment.

What are you feeling excited by? I bet you love GORGEOUS things! My next round-up of fashion and love will look at North America. xxx.



  1. Looks like some great things going on in plus size fashion! I love that gorgeous cape silk dress, just perfet:)

  2. I am so so happy we finally met! That was an awesome day!
    Well, because of YOU, I have took a look at Damn You Alexis website!

  3. Wow, you have a nice friend - lucky you. The Prada glasses are very cool on you. I for one happen to LOVE Dame Edna! LOL. (not that I believe you could ever look like her in the slightest!)

    Looking forward to seeing your new bandage dress in a post!

  4. I've just seen this one. So glad I gave you the sunnies, they look MUCH better on you. True you know how to make things work for you though. Completely agree about making them the feature and keeping the outfit simple. The red lippy tops them off well, its all about the attitude!


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