Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Contextualising Ugly Days...

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands EmYou know the days. The bad days. The days you wake up and just don't feel yourself, don't feel pretty... As a woman, I think this can happen to any of us at any moment (plus-sized or not). It might be that time of the month, we may not have slept well, we might not be enjoying our body or we might just feel down in life.

Ugly days are the worst. In fact any day that you wake up and feel crap about the way you look, the way your mind is working or the way the world is, is a day to try and re-invigorate yourself.

These photos... these photos were taken on one of my ugly days.

I decided to try something different on my Ugly day. Instead of wearing a true and trusted dress, or indeed, pulling out my Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac and going for a makeup confidence boost... I decided to try shorts for the first time in years. YES. I decided that if I feel awkward ANYWAY - why shouldn't I just embrace it, try a new style and see how it fits. Why not risk feeling awkward on a day where I ALREADY feel awkward. Technically - that's not really a risk at all.

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em

I liked this outfit when I put it on, but that didn't mean I felt confident or good about myself. I spent the day with Mr. Darcy (who was very complimentary of me through the day) and just tried to focus on having a day... midway through, I asked him to take photos of me... I wanted context. I didn't FEEL good about myself, but was the image in my head, the same image I was projecting to the world?

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em
The answer is NO. I did not feel great or anything like my usual "confident self" when taking these shots. BUT - looking at them now, outside of my Ugly day issues I can see I actually look great. YES. Even in the photo on the left... I am sprucing up my hair. I look great. I did not feel great. I felt just awful really, but looking at myself now, I can see that I did look pretty and despite my "UGLY" day woes (which included me berating myself about my "ugly face", "wrinkly hands" and "weird knees"), I looked good.

On an Ugly day...


I am so pleased that I wore my new shorts, put on my Macrame top (another first-time wear) and decided to ante up and try a new style on an Ugly Day. I am so pleased I got Mr. Darcy to take photos because they give me context and show me the facts.

Plus Size,City Chic,Fashion,Shorts,London,Macrame Top,Cami,Curves,Boombands Em

The next time you have an UGLY day - whether it be body image woes, age woes, clothes woes or indeed - any kind of woe that wakes you up to negative self-image assessment - I hope you remember this post. We all need a little context sometimes. And I bet, on those days - you are looking good.

Really. Really. Really.


Shorts, Macrame Top and Cami by City Chic.
Leggings and Boots by Evans.
Sunglasses by Accessorize.
Bra by Gok Wan for SimplyYours.
Necklace by Hot Diamonds.


  1. I have these days all the time, but i have to say, you look stunning in these pictures, if i looked even half as good on a bad day i would be a very happy girl :) xxxxx

  2. Thanks for this! I am having a bit of an ugly day myself. But really, I am in my jammies and my ugliest hoody and studying my butt off for a huge 6 hour PhD exam on friday. But that's okay. I am allowed to have off days like this. I am headed to fffweek in three weeks and I know I will look fab then! Lol.

  3. Well my dear I've never seen you in shorts and you look completely cute and amazing in them! Your blog is so inspirational you know, for everyone. Always makes me smile reading your posts. x

  4. Thanks for your post Em, you did look lovely, and it just shows that even though you may feel like crap, its a psychological thing rather than a physical thing!

    I look at photos of me at school when I was called "ugly" and "fat" all the time, and believed it, and now think, how I wished I looked that good now and wished I could have seen it at the time!


  5. Em, what an inspirational post! I read this blog with my younger sister who had a baby 18months ago and is still getting her body confidence back. We both LOVED it! She wanted me to tell you that you look gorgeous as well :) xox

  6. I am so pleased that you all like my post so much. I wrote it to remind me that maybe on those off days - I am doing okay. I DO have a pretty face! I wanted people to know that those days, they are completely normal - but in the context of who we are and what we REALLY look like - it is just one bad day. One psychological day!

    Like KayTee, I have previously looked back at some photos from when I was a teen. I felt so awkward at times and thought I was really horribly overweight and frumpy. Now I can see that I look great in so many of my old photos.

    Context is a strange thing, huh?

    To you girls who are having "ugly days" or weeks. Or to anyone, like Hope - your sister - who is working to get her body confidence back - I bet you all look amazing. I bet you don't even realise. It is an easy thing to look back and think "I looked okay", but very hard to do that in a bad moment, or week, or month...

    I might report back next time I have a bad day. Let you know how I do with context when I feel down about myself in some way. The photos actually helped me see myself AMAZINGLY. We are so critical of ourselves sometimes. And funnily, the photos helped. Massively.

    Big loves to all you beautiful girls. x.

  7. This hit right on the spot for me this week. I'm definitely having a hard time with self-confidence for some reason, and you worded this perfectly to snap me out of it. I'm going to have to bookmark this for those "ugly" days.

  8. Gosh this is all so true! Why do us women beat ourselves up so much? I totally have "Ugly Days" and reach for ugly clothes on those days. Even though I probably look just fine. The ugly outfit helps reinforce the negative mood-so silly! I was actually planning a similar post on lazy day style too.


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