Sunday, 22 May 2011

And the winners are...

As you all know, this last week I have run a competition on my blog to say a THANK YOU to the people who have been regular readers and followers of my blog.

This blog, which I update only ever once a week, really has a strong set of supporters and I really appreciate it. I love blogging. I love getting emails saying how much you appreciate my ideas and writing... I ask you for advice, I trust your opinions and I love our supportive world... To win my competition you needed to follow my blog (especially since this was a competition for my 200 followers) but also had to pop your email address in the comments section of the post.

My two winners were found using the device and are...

LumpsAndBumps and Anika.

I am really happy for both of you and will send you through your £50 ASOS vouchers at the start of this coming week.

For everyone else who entered - rest assured that when I hit 300 followers, I will sponsor another competition for you all.

Thank you so much, beautiful people. xxx.


  1. It is not often I am speachless Em, but now I am. Thank you so very much. And you bought this your self. That makes it even more special. I guess I am going on a first date with Asos thanks to you! I love your blog, you know that. You are so inspiring, and freaking georg. Mwuah! Big hugs and kisses.


Hi there! Thank you for leaving your post. Due to some blatantly obvious spammers I have had to turned comment moderation back on with word captcha for older posts. Hopefully the spammers will bugger off and I can take some of the settings back to normal quickly! Thank you and smooches! Em. x