Monday, 4 April 2011

Style me Sexy.

Haircut,Floral Workwear Dress,Biker Jacket,Beth Ditto

How hard is style sometimes? You all saw how AWESOME I rocked the ASOS CURVE Floral Workwear Dress, but honestly? I didn't find this the easiest dress to style with a Jacket. I have a couple of leather jackets, baby boleros, shrugs, cardigans... NONE of them were working. And then I had a thought.

Recently, via my facebook, I sold a brand new First Release Beth Ditto Piece - the Cropped Biker Jacket. On Sunday, I realised I had not seen MY version of that jacket in AGES (I originally bought two and sold the one I had not worn yet). So I hunted for it. Hunted and hunted.

FINDING the jacket was a triumph, in moving in with Mr. Darcy a while back I'd changed wardrobes, the jacket lay at the bottom of my closet - having fallen off its hanger in the early days of settling in. I have to say, the Beth Ditto Jacket looks KICK ARSE with the dress. Darcy wasn't around to take my pics - but you can see from the shot above, it works. I LOVE this jacket and had forgotten just how amazingly it was made (I seriously feel the First Ditto Collection kicked arse over most (but not all) of the second Collection).

And where did I go looking so fierce? Haircut! You all know I have been growing my hair, right? Well, Belinda - my hairdresser at The Painted Lady suggested a little softness and style now that the length is coming along. My first months of growing have seen me ache for length without too much regard form shape.

She gave me some shape. I LOVE IT.

Haircut,Floral Workwear Dress,Biker Jacket,Beth Ditto

Quickly - A big thank you to EVERYONE who gave me such positive feedback on my Anna Scholz posts last week. If you would like to refresh your memory and see the curvy, sexy styles I was rocking - head HERE!


  1. Em, First of all, your hair looks fabulous! Secondly, so glad you found your jacket - it totally works! It accents and flatters your waist & figure perfectly. I love how you always looks so feminine -- even rocking black leather! :)

  2. Joy! That is actually how I'd identify my style. Feminine with a little rock chick thrown in. I used to be a goth (!!) and actually only started wearing dresses about four years ago. I live in them now. Before being a bit goth, I was a bit grunge and before that TOM BOYish!
    It is amazing how style changes... this is my favourite version of myself yet!

  3. Looking great honey! I adore that jacket soooooo much wish I had it!

  4. This jacket is phenomenal and so is the dress. I've been looking for a leather jacket, one that's about waist length or maybe cropped, too bad this one is no longer available. I like that the dress has sleeves, it looks fantastic!

  5. Em, How interesting to hear about your style history! Would love to see some photos from your goth and grunge periods! :)(some of us have never been so creative and adventurous fashion-wise). That's terrific that you have changed your style as you've grown and matured. I love your style! You're so pretty you could wear anything. :)

  6. izzygetsbizzy@gmail.comJune 04, 2011 1:45 am

    if ever u fall out of love with that jacket please let me know....seriously....

    *kicks self for missing your fb post about it...
    *sad face*


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