Saturday, 9 April 2011

Seriously Great Links


There are so many fabulous blogs about. So many of us stunning girls sharing our fashions, thoughts and indeed, our fatshion thoughts... I wanted to start doing occasional blog round-ups. I don't always have time to surf about reading all the words and looking at all the pictures, but I've had time lately and feel so excited by so many of the posts I've seen. I've chosen EIGHT to share this week. The ones that took my breath away. Every couple of weeks - check back for my latest round-up. I plan to feature lots of different blogs!

There are so many other great ones. I have a blog roll, if you scroll down - on the right of this page, you'll find more links to click through. 
I am a big believer in our little fashion corner being curvy and beautiful, whether you are a reader or blogger - it would be great to hear WHO inspired YOU this week... 


PS - My latest post for City Chic went up on Thursday - check it out here: SEXY is the word!

All images in the banner of this blog were sourced from the links above... check them out!


  1. Wow, Em! Thank you so much :) Great feature, I will be making your list a regular read! How are you? Back in London? xx

  2. I am back in London. I am working hard and loving life. Very happy. Loved that post with all your looks for Spring. I always look at the things you put together and marvel at your creativity. That was a great post looking at so many of your looks. xx.

  3. Wow, great idea Em! Have you had a chance to check out my blog yet? I would be SO honored if you featured me on here. I love being part of this great community and seeing everyone's fab fashion!

  4. Hey there kward! I have seen you blog. I love how you enlarged the pics in your last post - they were fantastic shots.
    So, what curvy blogs did you feel inspired by this week?
    I think Teer did an amazing and sexy post last friday! Check it out -

  5. :D Thanks for the link love :D glad you liked the post, Tara looks like a goddess indeed, so gorgeous! <3 also great idea, ill be sure to check out your next list next week :D

  6. You! LOL! Seriously, though. You're blog is always inspiring. Especially this post, since you're giving so much love to this great community. Other than you? Musings of a Fatshionista had a post about French Elle's size issue that I loved. They did a great spread! And I was really loving tooMANYsequins' black striped midi skirt outfit - gorgeous (

  7. Awww, I love this! Thank you so so so much for featuring me! <3 you!!

    xo Allison


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