Thursday, 7 April 2011

City Chic OWNS the Catwalk.

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Everyone knows I LOVE a runway. In recent months I have featured the looks of Elena Miro and the amazing Alexander McQueen... well - let's look at City Chic.

Most of you know (and were excited by) the fact the during L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival City Chic had a show in Federation Square as an OFFICIAL part of the show. This is amazing.

City Chic has long been my favourite brand. In the early Naughties, City Chic allowed me, as a chubby girl who wanted to avoid tent wear, to start looking chic and feeling sexy and feminine. City Chic is where I ventured BACK into colour after years of only ever wearing black... City Chic helped me create my current look - moving into dresses and feminine edge. I HONESTLY don't know what plus-size fashion in Australia would have been like without the emergence of City Chic - and for me, the brand was a revolution and a REVELATION. I STILL have items branded with the old logo and wear them with pride to this day. I LOVE them.

The clothing I buy from City Chic remains my favourite and so, I felt so proud to see the designs at LMFF featuring stunning models including the Australian International Plus Size Super Models Bree Warren and Laura Wells.


Laura Wells in the Showstopper.

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The show had the face of City Chic; the completely stunning and inspiring Courtney Maxwell.

BGM Model Sakina looks STUNNING

So many sexy models from BGM were on board - I mean, seriously - what stunning women. I LOVE Jessica (this model) AND am spellbound by the dress!

city chic,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,lmff,plus-size,curvy,fashion,boombands,em,bree warren,laura wells,courtney maxwell
American competition winners Lola and Sommer flew into Melbourne from the States and had blast. You can read their diary on the event at the Curvy Fashionista!

The fact is you can see from all these pictures - as well as the ones on the City Chic blog that these women have been styled, with curves in mind. City Chic is presenting clothing which is on-trend, but also completely innovative, sexy and empowering.

That really is one of the things I love most about the brand... it is empowering, and things like having models walk at fashion week - completely reflect that.

Bree Warren looking completely Va Va Voom in an upcoming dress from the Damn You Alexis range for City Chic.

To see more from City Chic at Fashion Week and watch the girls own the runway - head to the video on YouTube. And for an amazing write-up and comprehensive look at the fashion on show - head to Madison Plus!

What phenomenal, sexy and EMPOWERING stuff!

city chic,citychiconline,melbourne,fashion week,lmff,plus-size,curvy,fashion,boombands,em,bree warren,laura wells,courtney maxwell



  1. Hi Em.
    I recently found your blog through the Anna Sholtz blog and can I just say your fabulous! I have hated my body for a long time and I am just starting to see I can still dress in beautiful clothing and feel good about myself.

    I know you live in the UK now so can you tell me is the clothing from city chic hard to order into the UK I know stuff from the USA can cost a fortune in taxes over here, but never ordered from Australia before.

    Mhairi. x

  2. Hi there Mhairi -

    I am glad you are stopping hating your body. It is wonderful to hit a point and think - I am OKAY. My blog is always a positive celebration of curves and us as women. I think we can ALL dress beautifully and I hope everyone feels good or can (at least) start to feel good about themselves.

    Ordering into the UK is pretty standard as far as customs etc. is concerned. It is such a pain. City Chic have a US site now - and prices come in lower due to Australian taxes being so high...

    I am glad you found my site. Welcome! x.

  3. This is such an awesome post. I wish I had been at this fashion show!!! So gorgeous. I really love all of the looks. I am really glad that the fashion industry is finally starting to realize that curvy is beautiful as well. Thanks for being so inspiring, Em!

  4. I have a friend who was just complaining yesterday that she can never find anything on fashion relating to plus sized women. I'm so happy to have found this. I'm posting this link on facebook :)

  5. Thanks Karen - I wish I had been there too. Such amazing images. I know that a lot of work went into this show too. I was very impressed.

    Hi Aqui - Welcome to the site! Let your friend know there are lots of really wonderful sites about now. Mine is VERY MUCH about positivity and celebrating plus sized fashion. Depending on what she is looking for there are also great sites that deal with fatshion as well as a mixture of straight and plus-sized fashion. My blog roll reflects the ones I love the most.

    THANK YOU for the link love on FB! xxx.

  6. Lovely post
    Congrats on making the IFB weekly roundup too

  7. Great post, thank you for the inspiration! Love when I am inspired to rock my curves instead of working them off ;-)

  8. Do you have any idea what that white dress is called? It's STUNNING!

    I ordered my first ever pair of skinny jeans from City Chic and to this day, they're the only pair that have fit my body type. I love that store!

  9. Loving all the clothing and the models in this post. Im a big fan of celebrating fashion in all shapes and sizes and people with a good positive attitude (which I think you have)! Found you blog through links a la mode today, looking forward to reading more! :)


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